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NEIYA Goes West

The regatta has been called on and an optimistic group of NEIYA sailors are headed west- the ones I can think of are Demerest, Silsby, Binder, Healy (newbie!), Kent, Zeiger (German but we will claim him for our own), Whitehair, Bishop, Stanton, Thieler, Anderson, and Gordon is already out there. Im sure I’m missing a few.
Here’s hoping we get some good weather- the ice looks really good at the moment!

Regatta prep- Ed Demerest’s boat getting a new plank. Note insert runners for weights….

The dash….

The view from the luxury cabin in the back….

Ice Report for Central MA

I didn’t get back to quaboag since sunday it should be good with all the cold weather we had,last weekend to sail before the lions club derby jan 29.i spent the past two days marking holes in the ice, north pond is a big trap, south pond has not been checked. middle pond has many hazards that i
have been marking. this is on webster. even with the cold weather we still open water.

bob s

Ice report

Massabesic in NH was sailed yesterday. In some areas it was 8. A few pressure ridges and some sections a little rougher but very good plates in a lot of zones.

Remember no ice is 100% safe, dont sail alone.


Making It Happen

Most of you have probably met Deb Whitehorse at some point, and no doubt you’ve read her posts and websites. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things organized and on track which, when dealing with a bunch of iceboaters, has to be a real challenge more often than not!

She recently received some very-well deserved accolades from WI TV, be sure to see it here:

Oh, Baby, It’s Cold Outside >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (

Many thanks for all you do for us Deb! We hope you’ll remember all of us now that you’re famous….


The weather isn’t making it easy on the site selection gang but we have faith…. Stay tuned to IDNIYRA home page for info-

Also it isn’t too late to register if you want to give it a go! Think ICE…

2022 U.S. Nationals Update #2 Jan 20 – DN North America (

2022 U.S. Nationals – DN North America

If you haven’t yet be sure to sign up for the DN National Champs!

The clock is ticking down, first race in three days and change….

Be sure to read the web page and get signed up before registration closes!


Well, we all get an “A” for effort on this one… About fifteen boats showed up for the first NEIYA event of 2022, in fact the first one since 2020. Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson, ME was the place.

We had everything we needed- great ice (thanks to Bill and the Maine gang for scouting it and telling us about it), a great launch area (thanks to the folks at Camp Wavus), and plenty of competitors, from grizzled vets to total newbies (Let’s welcome Luke Ralph and his buddy Jonathon to the cult- uh, I mean club).

The missing ingredient was wind. Light and shifty all day, never settled down enough to get a full race in. Three were started, one completed but not enough to get a regatta in the books so we will give it another shot after the DN Nationals. Stay tuned to this site for details!

Of course the breeze did come up as the sun was setting and a few boats were able to spend some time ripping it up before packing it in and heading home. Plenty of socializing and catching up was done during the slow patches. A few new potential sailors came out and took their first rides as well, we hope they will follow up and get involved!

We will see what the crazy weather has done to the ice- Hope it is still intact as the surface was really nice, easily an 8 or so- As an aside I looked at the weather radar Sunday afternoon and saw that the system that was on the way stretched from Nassau, Bahamas to Ottowa, Canada and back down to Nashville, Tennessee. Pretty impressive!

Thanks to all who showed up and kept the hope alive- And to all the folks who tried out the older boats and would like to get involved feel free to email me at

Think Ice!!


Tomorrow, Sunday January 16, the NEIYA is putting on the Doc Fellows for DN’s on Damariscotta Lake. Launch at Camp Wavus, Rt 213. Drive all the way in, keeping right, and park in front of the lodge. Ice plate will be on your right. It’s that huge expanse of black. Carry down the DN or whatever craft you may have.

Skippers meeting will be at 1030, first start at 1130. Registration will be at the launch- look for the person with the clipboard.

As always three or more of any class will get their own start and a thorough knowledge of the Racing Rules is a necessity. Note that there are some differences with the conventional soft water rules so review them here: Rules & Safety – DN North America (

In addition, each sailor must provide proof of $300,000 personal liability at time of registration. Print a copy and keep it in your toolbox and/or take a picture of it and keep it in your phone.

There will be a Classic/Vintage award given out at the discretion of the Regatta Chairman so don’t hesitate to show up even if your boat is a little less than cutting edge!

For our out of state guests, The Damariscota lake Farm Inn is now open. No restaurant, but check here for accommodations: tracey

That’s tracey “at” The are also on Facebook.
Any questions or suggestions contact T Thieler at 401 258 6230.

Line ’em up!!

T Thieler DN US 5224 NEIYA Regatta Chair

Doc Fellows Regatta Is ON!

OK Folks, we are gonna give it a go- Doc Fellows Regatta will be run this Sunday January 16 on Damariscotta Lake, launching in Jefferson, ME.

Apologies for the short notice but in iceboating you have to just roll with these things at times…

In any case plan on being up there Sunday AM- Stay tuned to this site for a formal announcement and details-

Keep in mind any class that shows up with three or more boats will have their own start and also there will be an award for the best finish in the oldest boat….

Think Ice and look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

Best, T

Sailing This Week and Weekend Coming 1/15

J Pepper Quaboag Pond

Known options for the weekend. Where people will be sailing, skating and boarding.

  1. Bantam Lake, Litchfield CT – On the southern end of the New England range
  2. Quaboag Pond, Brookfield, MA – A little north and east
  3. Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson, Maine – Further North and east people have been sailing

There are several places in between like places on Winnipesaukee that are not quite there and further scouting is required. The cold temps coming in could change things fast.

T our race chairman is looking to get some racing in, probably Sunday, but we have to bob and weave around the coming white crud in the forecast. Stay tuned for updates from T. Reach out if you have any thoughts on this.

(N)ice Smiles Guys. A smile we all know comes from sheeting in and going fast. I am very sure there will be many more smiles come tomorrow

Remember, no ice is ever 100% safe sailors MUST make their own decisions as to conditions. Keep the NEIYA Leo mantra top of mine “There is always thin ice someplace”. Check with people who have been out before heading out. Assume there are unknown hazards when you first set out and take it easy at first.

Respect the lot, shoreline, and lake. Pack all trash out and leave the area better than you found it.

Sail Safe and sail heads up.

Think Ice and have fun,

DN US 5023

1993 DN World Champs Video / Article

Hey Folks- We are still hoping to get some sailing in even though the weather picture is looking interesting…. Sunday will be the day if we can make it happen. Stay tuned to this site for details.

While you are waiting take a look at this video from and featuring our own Jeff Kent and many other NE notables, a very cool trip down memory lane! Be sure to read the accompanying article as well. Good stuff. THINK ICE.

1993 Worlds: A Look Back Through Video – DN North America (

1993 Worlds: A Look Back Through Video – DN North America

Here’s a raw, unedited video from the 1993 IDNIYRA World Championship from Andre Baby, the Montreal Iceboating A…

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