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A Walk In New Hampshire…


Dave Clapp demonstrates his “glass-half-full” attitude in this little video from last spring.   It was a great day to be out on the lake, even if the ice was a bit soft and the breeze didn’t fill in…

Think Ice

James “T” Thieler

P.S. We did a good deal of boat pushing and pulling that day as well as a now infamous strip down footrace.

Oliver_newfound_3-6-16On the same day as Clapp’s video and as seen on IDNIYRA Runner Tracks




Sunken Iceboats, Cont’d

Read this and give the guy a shout if you can offer him any clues!

Hello All-

I am a diver, sonar operator and history buff. While I dive all over Mass, NH and the CT River, I have for some time had a keen interest in Lake Winnipesaukee.

I have found about 70 wrecks there in the last 7 years or so and have found that when I post side scan sonar images, videos and commentary on that people respond well. Of course I don’t post to see how they respond but out of a common love of the water, history and the Big Lake.

People ask me a lot of questions too and one was, have I ever found an ice boat. While I am somewhat familiar with them, I had to say no. The inquirer posted a picture of a very old one he said his family owned. Airplane-prop-driven, heavy timber construction-what a beast but it must have been great fun to pilot it. Picture attached.

My questions:
– Do you know of any old ones that went down in Winnipesaukee;
– How can I learn more about the old ones, such as the one in the attached photo?

Any help appreciated.

Hans Hug
Sonar Search & Recovery
PO Box 580
Exeter NH 03833


Cell: 617-513-2778

Sunken Ice Boats?

Hello All-

Below is an email from a gentleman who scours lake bottoms looking for cool sunken stuff…. And he is currently on the lookout for an iceboat! If you know of a place where he may be able to spot an propeller or sail driven one that went down read his email and give him a shout!

Could be interesting…. Think Ice!

NJ, with pics (hopefully!)

Hey Folks- apologies for the repeated posting- tech issues…. Anyway hope the photos are attached this time!

Here we see Jim Hadley out on the water and showing why fish fear him!

Looks like a great way to kill time between ice seasons- Hope he will bring some fish to the events this year (hint hint)!

Rumor has it that his daughter reeled in the tuna because he was tired out after reeling in the dolphin….

Nice work!

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230


Denis Guertin was featured on the CIBC website with this hot little news item. Check it out!

Ice Wins In July

Posted on July 11, 2016 by billbuchholz

The small village of Lampton is nestled along the southern end of Lac St. Francois in Quebec. Careful readers of these musings will remember this lake as the venue for the first annual CIBC Hundred Mile Race last March [Still kicking myself for missing it…] , and the summer home of winner of that race, Denis Guertin.

Apparently Lambton has a fine community spirit. This from Denis:

“A few weeks ago, I took part to a photo contest in Lambton.

Participants had to submit a picture taken in Lambton. The theme of the contest was: Showing someone doing his sport or hobby in Lambton.

So I decided to send a picture of Bill, Jim, Lee, Karin and me (behind the camera) all aligned with our iceboats, the day before the 100 miles race.

And guess what? I won the first prize… $100!

I guess I will have to pay you all a beer some time next season.”

Don’t worry about that beer, Denis. Your hospitality during those amazing days in March was already way over the top. Here’s to pulling it off again next year!

Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Maine ice boat enthusiasts and friends

IDNIYRA – New Site – New Way to Join

DN North America

Hey Folks-

The DN Class Membership page has been updated-  if you are interested in joining, renewing, or supporting the class it is now easier than ever!   See it here.
The class now offers two levels of membership, Regular and Sustaining, on the Membership page.

The Regular membership remains at the bargain price $25 per year. You now have the option to pay conveniently through Paypal for one, two or three years.

The Sustaining membership is $35 per year and for those who  want to give a little bit extra to help support  promotional, regatta, and basic class expenses. Again, you have the option to pay for one, two, or three years.

There’s also a Donation button on the Membership page for anyone who would like to give an amount of their choice to help insure the future of DN racing.

If you’d rather mail a check, please contact Executive Secretary Deb Whitehorse +1-608-347-3513
See the whole new DN Class Website here:

Think Ice,



We all know that the folks at Harken keep topping themselves by rolling out one amazing new product after another…

But did you know that one of their main engineers and visionaries behind a lot of those items is the one and only Steve Orlebeke, veteran DN campaigner and Skeeter newbie?

Well, he is. Check out this video- get the scoop on the latest Harken innovation from Steve and the gang!

How It’s Made: Harken V Block >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

How It’s Made: Harken V Block >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Harken’s V block features a unique new bearing design that easily and efficiently handles huge loads. The vi…

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230

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