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Well In Case It Wasn’t Obvious

The NEIYA New England Championship regatta is once again postponed. We will keep trying for this winter (Moosehead? Champlain?) but looking more like next December.  Anyway, be ready to travel far. Think good ice!

Keep hope alive…

Steve Madden


NEs and Eastern Postponed 

Hey All,

Steve Madden went full out for us and got up to Lake Memphremagog, VT this afternoon and assessed the launch and plate. Unfortunately it is not to be for course racing as the surface is already soft with some large crystals and some other limiting factors of the venue are not what either Steve or myself would consider championship worthy conditions. The NEIYA New Englands and IDNIYRA Eastern Regional Championships are postponed once again. Thank you Steve!! 

Best, Chad

And from Lake Memphramagog ON for the Weekend. Check 

Posted on March 1, 2018 by billbuchholz

Newport, VT. The cooling temps in the forecast suggest that the ice will remain hard. We will be getting there around noon on Friday and plan to sail all weekend. Accommodations at Newport City Inn and Suites, 802-334-6558.

Big iceboaters dinner party planned for Saturday night. Hundred Mile Race to be called on if conditions allow. Good winds will give times in under three hours. There will also be an attempt to sail north to Magog, but big pressure ridges often prevent this. Come prepared.

Launch at 44.998n x 72.197w. It’s just south of Eagle Point, where the road skirts the lake, about five miles north of Newport. Ramblin Roger drove his van on yesterday, so it should be fine for trailers. The ramp softened a bit at fifty degrees, but he still managed to drive off. (Ice fishermen use this access so be sure to keep it clear.) Temps aren’t supposed to get above mid thirties so that shouldn’t be a problem this weekend. Based on what we’ve been sailing on around here in marginal temps, the nights below freezing should give us a splendid surface on the twenty-four inches of ice.

Sail safe and heads up in conditions. 

DN Worlds Done!

Three races yesterday with some drifting snow and shifty breeze to keep everyone on their toes- Some folks had it figured out better than others! Congrats to Karol- Well done! European Champs start today, stay tuned. Good time being had by all!

DN Gold Cup Day 1

Day one in the books- Ron hanging in there pretty well, the rest of us doing what we can! Fleet is deep and talented here but we are learning a lot…. Ice is good, light to medium breeze, and cold temps- everything we love! Click here for results:

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840


DN Gold Cup!

Hey Folks- DN Gold Cup starts today in NE Poland; for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what town we are in or what lake we are sailing on. Typical American tourist. Anyway it’s been an adventure as always, lots of laughs already and the regatta hasn’t even begun yet.

Good handful of US sailors here- Berger, Cummins, Hearn, Thieler, Nethercoate (close enough), Sherry…

Lake looks good! Stay tuned for reports- In the meantime enjoy a few photos of road signs, Jorg Bohn’s van, Warren, lovely Polish countryside, and the lake. Think Ice!!

James “T” Thieler

​Hey Racers 

Looks like above freezing temps again starting Friday around noon thru the weekend.  Scouts have reported today drain holes on potential regatta lakes from Maine, NH to Vermont. With that in mind and likely softening ice, its a crapshoot for a safe and fun regatta. So, I regret to say postponed again.

Steve Madden

P.S. Some will find some sails. Remember sail heads up on these changing conditions and have fun. 

Update – Eastern’s, New Englands and Just Plain Fun


This just in from Chad Atkins and Steve Madden.

  1. Eastern’s are postponed another week. More on this early next week
  2. A suitable venue for the New England’s is currently being sought New on that later today or tomorrow.
  3. Sailing fun to be had in Maine check They are sailing today but weather is coming so stay tuned.

The incoming weather has some cold into next week so could create perfect conditions. This has been a very challenging year but rewards were had for those who were ready for last minute travel or just happened to live nearby.

Think Ice we are not done yet.




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