Want to Try Ice Boating?

Want to Try Ice Boating? It’s all here. Click to start

Pushaw Done…. But Still Hope!

Click the link and have a read…. Still a chance at sailing further north. Will the true incurables sail after tax day? Will you be one of them? Check the CIBC site daily for details and possbilities!

CIBC Spring Meeting This Weekend

Maybe hit the party? Maybe hit the lake? Either way it’s a great way to decompress after doing taxes. Read on….

2017-18 Deep Creek Ice Sailing Season POSTPONED UNTIL FALL!

From the Maryland fleet, sounds like spring has reared it’s ugly head….

Fellow Ice Enthusiasts

Are your ice cleats off? That is your first clue ….. Ok then, Summer is on its way. We need to move the Ice Trailers up the hill to storage. Please come by and get your boat and gear out of the trailers next Saturday so we can put them away…. for the off season.

The plan is to work on the storage racks this summer while we are waiting for the Lake to get back to normal sailable (ice) condition. We had many great days on the ice until we got cut short by the midwinter thaw taking out the ice. If you missed out too bad… we all had a great time!!!!!

So we will have to sail on the melted ice until the good weather (ICE COLD) returns.

See you on the Lake soon!

Think Ice!


US 5576

Sail On the Ice… It’s Twice As Nice!

Ray Gauthier * 4 Annapolis Street, Suite 4 * Annapolis, MD 21401 * 410-320-4823

LRIBYC 2018 Annual Awards Dinner


It’s one week away.
Please let us know so that we can tell the Oar Seafood Grille. Thank you.

The LRIBYC Annual Awards Dinner will be Sunday April 15, 2018.

Location: The Oar Steak & Seafood Grill
264 West Ave., Patchogue, NY
Longitude: W.073 01.060
Latitude: N40 45.3666
Time: 3-6pm
The Oar Seafood Grille – Directions

The Oar Seafood Grille – Directions

Dinner served at the main building in the “CAPTAIN’S ROOM”!
Beautiful view of the water.

Same as last year. NO inflation factor added.

Price: $35/pp which includes 3 entree choices, dessert, coffee,
and tax.

Cash bar.

Please let me know how many sailors are in your crew that

are coming. It’s important that we show a “manning of

the rail” before we come into dock.
“The Oar” needs to know how many are coming.

We have great videos, excellent conversation, fabulous pictures,
all your friends in one place, and wonderful food.
Don’t miss out on our season’s last get together.
Meet your new 2018-2020 club officers.

Please bring exact change for the dinner or a check made out to LRIBYC.


Thank You.

John Ziermann DN5426/Gambit/LS45/Treasurer

From Warsaw

This was on the Internet this morning… . Makes me want to get one last weekend of sailing in even more. And also has me excited about the upcoming summer sailing season. Hopefully the transition will be a long one!

Stay tuned to this site and the CIBC site-we may have some spring sailing of our own on the way!


The Truly Incurables up in Maine are still at it- Could it be that we will be able to cure our Tax Day Blues by going iceboating? Check the CIBC site and keep track of what the gang up there is looking at-

Think ICE!!

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