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It’s on! Annual Meeting, Swap & Lunch Saturday 11/5/15

NEIYA Swap 032 a

All NEIYA members, iceboaters and anyone with any interest in iceboating,

The fall meeting and swap meet has been scheduled for November 5, and once again will be at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 17 Willow St, Westborough, MA  01581.

Swap meet starts at 9AM in the parking lot, lunch at meeting starts at noon in the hall. There will be great door prizes

Put it on your calendars folks! Start digging out all the gear you want to sell or trade and start making a list of anything you’d like to bring up at the meeting.

Please pay your dues and lunch online today. Don’t worry you do not have to have PayPal, any credit/debit card will do. Lunch is a club subsidized $10 this year. Yes, the same low price as last year! Our treasurer Bob Haag would appreciate online payment or at least let him know ( you’re coming for an accurate head count. There will be plenty of Swedish meatballs.

Description Price
2017 Membership $30
2017 Membership and Lunch $40
2017 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $50
Lunch Only $10

If you have any extra gear be sure to list it in the classified section and drag it to the swap meet. Your old gear will make someone very happy.

Stay tuned for more info-  Looking forward to seeing everyone-  Be there or be square!

Think Ice and see at the Meeting

Iceboats And More At Greenport!

Hey Folks- The East End Maritime Festival is in full swing in Greenport, NY, Sept. 23-25.

Scott Valentine has checked in and tells us that there are several ice boats to look at-

Mike Acebo and Co. are out there displaying iceboats and waving the hard-water flag. Not only that but it looks like they are building a boat in front right at the scene- see the photo of Acebo working on Bob Boyle’s new boat!

Also on display are lots of wooden soft-water boats built by local Long Island craftsman.

If you’re still not convinced be advised that the entire down town Greenport is loaded with arts and craft vendors as well as local beers from local breweries! This festival usually attracts 7,000 to 10,000 visitors annually and with the great weather forecast this year should be another good one.

Great time is always a guarantee. Head on out, take a look, see the boats and have a beer with the guys!

All the info you need here-

IceBoats On Display!

Hey Folks- The East End Maritime Festival is on the way in Greenport, NY, Sept. 23-25.

Mike Acebo and Ralph Hilbert have checked in and tell us that there will be several ice boats set up for display.

According to Ralph they usually have a few DN’s, J14’s, Skimmers plus some old antique stern steerers. Hopefully this year a bubble boat will make an appearance as well as the famous stern steerer Cold Wave.

Also on display are lots of wooden boats built by local Long Island craftsman.

Entire down town Greenport is loaded with arts and craft vendors as well as local beers. This festival attracts 7,000 to 10,000 visitors every year!

Great time is always a guarantee. Head on out and take a look!

Mike Acebo is the ice boat coordinator for the event. If someone from NEIYA would like to display something unique or volunteer a bubble boat, he’s the contact guy. Give him a shout-

All the info you need here-

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230


Eastern Rear Commodore Chad Atkins is on a mission to find homes for any under-used runners that may be lurking around NE and beyond…..

He writes:
I hope some of these cool mornings are starting to get people fired up for some good hardwater sailing this year and into their garages, basements and shops to start getting ready.

I’ve had a lot of interest in finding insert runners to help people get their programs moving forward for this season. If anyone out there has T’s, 1/4″ X 36″, 3/16″ X 36″ or 3/16″ X 30″ insert runners I am looking to get these into the right hands and get them on the ice if you’re not using them anymore.

Any other questions on getting into racing DN’s this year send me a note and we’ll get you set up and on the ice.

Best, Chad

Chad Atkins- Eastern Rear Commodore 


No sooner did we send Derusha and Co. back to Wisconsin than we fine folks in NE were subjected to another onslaught of iceboaters from out west (and down south).

The A-Class catamaran North American Champs were held in Newport and drew a few DN sailors from around the country.

NJ DN stalwart Dave Clapp got tired of looking for crew to sail doublehanded cats with him so he picked up an A-Class at the last minute and made it to Race 1 just in time. See first photo….

John Harper is another veteran DN campaigner who does the A-Cat thing in the summer. He was in from Detroit and was all smiles as usual- Second photo, hull #24, big grin….

Matt Struble was in from California, sailing a slick looking silver boat. Matt has sailed DNs for years and has had a bit of success on the DN regatta circuit…. by which I mean a pair of World Champs, a few NA champs, and at least one European Championship to his credit. Knows how to sail an A-Cat too it seems, he took this regatta as well. See photos 3,4, 5, sail # 183.

Bora Gulari just did the Olympics in the multihull class and (I think) has a bunch of Moth titles (including a Worlds or two?) to his credit. He hails from the Detroit area as well and sails a DN every now and then so we will claim him too! Hope to see him delve deeper into the DN world… Come on dude! Soft water is over-rated! See photo four, sail # 83, black hulls.

Great to see all of these guys buzzing around the course in one of the few soft-water craft that can deliver DN-type thrills…. Looking forward to seeing all of them at the Western Challenge in (Holy Smokes!!) about two months or so….

To see results click here


We had a little visit from notable Wisconsin iceboater (and smoked fish and pickled egg purveyor) Mike Derusha and crew a few weeks ago.

They were in Mattapoisett MA for the Ensign NA champs and took a little side trip down to Newport to check out the big boat scene and say hello. As you can see in the photo, we certainly found some big boats to gawk at!

Great to see those guys and hang out somewhere besides a frozen parking lot.

Mike is no doubt back in WI getting to work on a DN…. Or a Skeeter…. Or a stern-steerer…. Seriously. This guy has the bug bad…..

Looking forward to seeing them and everyone else when the lakes lock up……

Think Ice!


Former NEIYA Commodore and hard-water stalwart Eben Whitcomb has been up north galavanting around and seeing what the MAINE crowd is up to.

He ended up at the helm of Doug Raymond’s Drascombe skiff, terrifying the innocent people on the various schooners and lobster boats in the area. The TIMBERWND is in the photo, having miraculously avoided this madman.

When I asked Doug if it had been a good idea to let Eben steer he replied that one can only listen to “Can I drive? Can I drive? Can I drive?….” for so long….

Little nip in the air this morning…. Won’t be long now- think ice!

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230

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