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Maryland Ice Boat Fleet

Meanwhile, down in MD this boat sold at a Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum event. Not sure who bought it but at $150 they are gonna get great knots-per-dollar!

Hope to see it and the new proud owner on the ice this winter-

Thanks to our NEIYA Maryland Investigative Team Eastern Shore Division (my folks, Ed and Hel) for this bulletin!

Stay Tuned and Think Ice!

AC Youth Sailing Schedule

Hey Gang-

While we wait for the big showdown between the “US” and New Zealand teams this weekend we can fill the void by watching the AC Youth races-

Root for the Swedes- young Swedish DNer Eddie Klemets is on the boat, that’s reason enough!

Happy viewing and Think Ice!

Link to complete AC Youth schedule:

Bermuda is one hour ahead of eastern time.

Where to watch:
AC Youtube Channel:

or Red Bull TV

America’s Cup- Tomorrow and in 1977

Just a reminder to watch the America’s Cup Finals tomorrow and Sunday at 1 PM on NBC- Should be a good match between Team New Zealand (which actually has a few Kiwis on board) and Oracle Team USA (which may have an American on the team somewhere?)

In any case the racing should be good. The forecast is for light-ish breeze for which the Kiwis seem to have a good set up based around a long, skinny, sexy set of light air foils with special sheep oil coating and polished with the feathers of the last Moa bird.

Oracle, on the other hand, has cool Red Bull helmets, a program that has been up and running for maybe two decades, probably limitless funding, and most importantly flotation foam inside the wing machined by NEIYA regatta chairman Oliver Moore.

This will be interesting….

Following that is a documentary on Ted Turner’s quest to defend the Cup. If you know anything about “The Mouth Of The South” you’ll get a kick out of this!

Happy Viewing and Think ICE!


Hey Folks-

Looks like NEIYA guy and Race To Alaska competitor Joachim Roesler is having some technical issues with his mast- Nothing life threatening but he may be out of the race-

We wish him all the best and whether he finishes or not he has a heck of an adventure under his belt!

See more here:

Joachim’s Facebook Page

Joachim’s race page, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links

Race Home Page

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230


Hey Folks- Be sure to catch Joe Meade talking iceboats this Thursday night (June 15th) at 7 PM at the Keuka Yacht Club, located at 12890 WEST LAKE ROAD, HAMMONDSPORT, NY 14840.
There will be great subject matter and the bar will be open!
Also- Joe started a Facebook group for KEWASA. Maybe we can use this for a better communications medium in the future. The name of the group is: KEWASA Ice Boat Club – Keuka, Waneta, Lamoka. Please consider joining if you are on Facebook.

Check out the site, go see Joe, and THINK ICE!


Hello All- In case the America’s Cup Challenger finals haven’t satisfied your craving for fast sailing action (the summer version of that, anyway…) check out the youth series, happening live right now from Bermuda on YouTube.

There is at least one DNer out there, Eddie Klemets from Sweden. Nice kid, maybe you met him at the Gold Cup last winter.

Anyway we wish him best of luck in the series- Check it out at:

Oliver’s Post about the pitchpole and foam…

Hey Folks- Thought you might like to see the latest from NEIYA Regatta Chair and all around composite and wing sail guy Oliver Moore-

This is the latest from his company Facebook page- interesting stuff and neat to see that he is making parts for the AC boats racing in Bermuda- For more details look up “Moore Brothers Company Warren RI”

Read on!

We never like to see wings in the water, but Team New Zealand’s pitch-pole on Monday leaves the opportunity for learning. The safety rules of this challenge call for foam flotation to fill the tip of each team’s wing, but the main purpose of the foam isn’t actually flotation; the goal is to prevent the wing filling with water. Each gallon of water that ends up in the wing becomes an eight pound hammer, dropping through all the delicate control systems as soon as the wing is righted. While we didn’t cut the foam for New Zealand, we did for both Oracle and Softbank. The foam itself is a super light EPS called geo-fill, and it was interesting to cut. Ninety-six cubic feet of foam block came through the door, and we sliced it down with a hot wire to fit the parts inside a 5 axis machine. THEN we started carving, and the fun began.

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