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Chill In The Air

Anyone else feel the chill and start thinking about the upcoming season?
Here’s a vid from the Polish Champs that might get you thinking….

Bojerowe Mistrzostwa Polski – Bojery 2019


Bojerowe Mistrzostwa Polski – Bojery 2019

Międzynarodowe Bojerowe Mistrzostwa Polski Seniorów klasy DN 2019 || International Icesailing Polish Champioship…

Skeeter Build, Latest Installment

The latest from Dan Hearn’s basement shop… Read and enjoy!

“Left Alone With Big Fat Fanny” –

“Left Alone With Big Fat Fanny” –

Previously: “A Space for Cowboys: “The Inspector” “Building In The Big City” “New Ways to Shave” “Heavy Metal Li…

DN Western Challenge. IT’S ON.

Mark your calendars, start the countdown, get this Labor Day Weekend nonsense out of the way, and start getting ready for the big season kickoff! It’ll be here before you know it….

If you haven’t done this one, make this the year. The scenery out there is amazing, the food is good, and gettin’ there is half of the fun!

Info here:

2019 DN Western Challenge: December 6-8, 2019 – DN North America

2019 DN Western Challenge: December 6-8, 2019 – DN North America

North America’s most famous early season DN fun-regatta will take place December 6-8, 2019 on the best ice in Mi…

Skeeter Taking Shape In Wisco…

Hey Gang- Here is the latest installment from Dan Hearn, who has been spending his summer building a Skeeter and writing great reports about it….

Click and enjoy!

A Space for Cowboys –

A Space for Cowboys –

After a short break, Daniel Hearn is back in the saddle, so to speak, with his C Skeeter basement build. Previou…

Happy Epoxy Day

Big day for Gougeon/WEST a little while back!

Jan and Meade were two extraordinary guys- They built boats, planes, iceboats, and a giant glue company among other things.

You could not chat with either of these guys and not walk away with a whole list of lessons learnt.

Anyway read the article, get to your shop, mix a batch and start building!

Celebrating 50 Years of What Holds Us Together – DN North America

Celebrating 50 Years of What Holds Us Together – DN North America

Skeeter Build- Read This!!

Hey Gang- As this long, hot summer grinds on I hope everyone has been pecking away at the to-do list for the upcoming season- it always gets here before most of us are ready…. Every spring Eben Whitcomb loves to joke that “This summer we will have PLENTY of time to get everything done for the winter season!” He also claims to only like coffee for the taste and not the buzz. But I digress….

Out in Wisconsin Daniel Hearn has been building a Skeeter and has been writing a very entertaining series of reports about it- if you need some inspiration to get into the workshop and get cracking reading these reports may do the trick!

Read and enjoy-

Celebration Of Life For Roger Livingston Friday, August 9

Hello All-

The family of Roger Livingston will be holding a celebration of his life on Friday, August 9th 3:00pm to 5:30pm, The Manor, 42 West Boylston St, West Boylston, MA 01583.All who knew and loved Roger should attend. Bring your stories, bring your pictures and mementos, and more importantly bring your love and compassion of Roger to share with everyone. Read Roger’s obituary here.

Think Ice, Think Roger and Celebrate the life of an Ice Boater!

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