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2021 Western Region Championship Update #3 – DN North America

If racing gets your blood going consider this option for this weekend- keep an eye on the IDNIYRA site for updates- Think ICE!

A Glimpse Into the World of Ice Boating – YouTube

Check this out gang, it features a bunch of our NEIYA gang and some great footage of good old Quaboag Pond.

Happy Viewing!

2020 Central Lakes Champs Photos

Hello All-

Sailing is happening here and there- It will be our turn soon…

The 2020 Central champs were held on Houghton Lake in central MI before Christmas and the one and only Gretchen Dorian was on hand to get the shots! She delivered as usual- Take a look here:

2020 DN Central Region Championship – gretchen dorian

Block Island Back In The Day

Always fun to take a walk back in time….

The Four Roses | Block Island Times

The Four Roses

Who knows at the time what memories will stay with them all their lives? Arriving on the island one morning just…

Deep Creek MD Showing Signs….

Hello All- In case anyone was wondering what the Deep Creek gang is up to…. Take a look!

DCL Ice Report #4

2020 – 2021 Ice Sailing Season


Yes! We have beautiful clear black ice this morning on the mountain top! See pictures

Positive LRT this morning! Ok, ok! I know the BRT (Big Rock Test) was negative today, but hopefully the cold temperatures will build the ice plate. See pictures. Sunrise at DCL this morning, Positive LRT, Negative BRT, and the IceMan patiently waiting in James Hillyer’s finished sidecar, strapped to Mark Haraway’s newest ride… waiting, waiting and more waiting.

The IceMan will be at the lake for the New Years weekend so stop by and get those last few items ready for sailing on the ice. Remember the conditions are tricky so when all the snow balls align we need to motivate and get out there and sail and enjoy each other’s company in the clean, cold fresh air. Together, we will sail on the ice, because it’s twice as nice!

Keep those weekends open for the next two months so we all can get out to enjoy the ice! Now we REALLY. REALLY, REALLY have to start wishing hard for hard water!

Now, please! Repeat after me…. “Ice, Smooth, Black, Beautiful Ice, Let’s Go…with Ice, Wind, and No to Snow…” Hey! Who out there isn’t chanting… let’s get with the program folks… grab your socks, break the locks, pull out the gear and head on over here!!!!!

Think Ice!

*LRT = Little Rock Test **BRT = Big Rock Test… stand by you’ll see….


US 5576


Merry Christmas Gang….

Central Region DN Champs Are ON

Up for a road trip? Michigan is an option…. Check IDNIYRA site for all details and updates-

2020 Central Region Championship Information – DN North America (

2020 Central Region Championship Information – DN North America

Via Central Region Commodore Rob Holman: The 2020 Central Region Championship has been called on for Saturday, D…

Maine State Champs DONE

The Maine-iacs are at it again- They sailed the Linc Davis regatta on some sweeeeeeet ice up there- Congrats to these guys for bringing in the season’s first regatta!

Hope the snow doesn’t bury everything- stay tuned….

2021 Linc Davis Regatta in the Books | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club


Read this and keep it in mind- If you see some iceboats (Renegades) or parts and or a trailer like this for sale give Ron a shout- his email is in the post.

Click and read-

3 Stolen Renegades & Trailer in Michigan –

3 Stolen Renegades & Trailer in Michigan –

Ron Sherry’s trailer with 3 Renegades was stolen near Detroit, MI over the weekend from a locked storage facilit…

Ice Sailing Calendar- Last Call!

Hello All-

If you enjoyed the photos that Sean Heavey took at the DN NA and GC last year you might want to grab the calendar he put together-

Don’t put it off- the order cutoff is in a few days-

Lots of great shots and New England is well represented, as we darn well should be!

Click the link and take a look- makes a great gift and Christmas is on the way….

Think Ice!

Sean R Heavey | 2021 Ice Sailing Calendar

2021 Ice Sailing Calendar

Hello all and welcome, 2020 has been a year that will go down in the history books. For myself it has been a ye…


Richard and Dideric were able to sail a lake in Sweden last week…

Doesn’t look bad at all.

Think Ice!

Sailing In Canada

Mike Madge was out on Whitefish Lake, just west of Thunder Bay in Ontario the other day…. how much closer to perfect can you get???

Stay tuned folks, our turn will be coming soon….

Vendee Globe Start 0545 This Morning

Hey Folks- It ain’t iceboating but it is fast sailing and who doesn’t dig that?

The start coverage starts around 0545 and if you stay tuned you should see some very interesting, very cool looking IMOCA 60 sailboats foiling over the horizon.

Enjoy the coverage and then get back to work on iceboat stuff! Lakes will be ready sooner than you think….

Think ICE!

[EN] Start of the Vendée Globe 2020


[EN] Start of the Vendée Globe 2020

Iceboating Season Is ON!!

The party has started! Some lucky soul up in Alberta has popped the cork on this season!

Won’t be long for the rest of us….

Think Ice!!

Ice Tease….

Fresh Ice in Norway Today – DN North America

Fresh Ice in Norway Today – DN North America

Black ice, the holy grail of ice conditions with miraculous powers treasured by DN sailors, made an appearance i…

And don’t forget the annual NEIYA Swap Meet is right around the corner-
Come on out and bring anyone you think wants to have a taste of the Kool-Aid….

Swap Meet and Event at the Thompson Motor Speedway Golf Course Next Saturday, October 24th. 10:00 am. We will have lots of outdoor space for the swap meet, Lunch, and our Annual Meeting. You don’t have to come inside if you are not comfortable doing so but everyone should meet up in the parking lot. You do not have to be a member to attend the swap or other activities.

For a preview of items for sale check out the Classified Section and remember to reach out to the individual seller via their published contact info. Replies like “is it still for sale” and other questions will not be published so send the seller an email or pick up the phone.

Thompson, CT. 205 E Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT 06277. Use the Golf Club entrance. Map Link We have a big parking lot for boats and other stuff and plenty of space. there could be a couple landsailors too.

Sign up on the NEIYA website


Raceway Golf Club

★★★★☆ · Golf course · 205 E Thompson Rd

September Runner Tracks

Hey Gang-

Better late than never I hope…. The September issue of Runner Tracks is out and as ever is a good read!

Take a look here:

September 2020 Newsletter Runner Tracks Published – DN North America

September 2020 Newsletter Runner Tracks Published – DN North America

Runner Tracks The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association Current Issue: September …

Wanna Join A Gang?

If you are a DN type be sure to click the link and join the IDNIYRA-

It’s easy, cheap, and good to be part of the crowd. Plus you get to do the big regattas if you want- And you earn some good karma points for supporting a good organization!

Click and sign up here!

DN Ballot On The Way-

Hello All- If you are a DN class member there is another set of proposals that need to be voted on coming up-

Click the link and read up. Keep an eye on this site for some opinions and editorializing in the next day or so….

Ok, ballot stuff here

And details in this issue of runner tracks

And if you have a DN but aren’t a member of the class join up! Good to be part of the gang and it doesn’t cost much at all:

Good DN Article

Hey Gang-

This is an article that noted DN sailor and Harken engineer Steve Orlebeke wrote for Seahorse magazine a month or so ago-

I could not find the text online but if you can blow the attached pics up it is well worth the read!

And for those of you who haven’t heard of it be sure to check out Seahorse magazine- THE BEST sailing magazine out there!

Online at: and use the code TECH20

Or via email:

Or for iPad simply download the Seahorse App at the iTunes store

Iceboat Exhibit- take a look!

The Oyster Ponds Historical Society in Orient has a display of iceboating photos and memorabilia. The late 1800’s Orient Stern Steerer “Red Bird is on display with many OIYC and earlier photos. Doug Hardy, Richard Gluckman and I participated in a Q & A session this morning and were able to talk iceboats and iceboating. Richard had his DN set up outside. It was a nice way to get back in the swing of things. Mike


Take a moment, folks.

Spare a thought for the victims, responders, survivors….

Ice In Duluth…

….kind of anyway. Mike Bloom sent this photo of frost on a windshield out in Minnesota…. tune up, kids….

Canadians At Work….

Must be getting cold up there…. Andre, Robin and Jacek have their boats out and we can only guess at what they are up to….

Time to get cracking!

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230

Labor Day Video

Hey Folks- Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Labor Day. Winter sailing season is right around the corner, and this video should get you fired up if you aren’t already- click and enjoy! T