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Cool Photo

This is from Peter Van Rossem and Colin Duncan, somewhere in Montana… look at the shadow and look in the rear view…. nice….

Sights From The Road

Oh sure, when you do these long trips you see all kinds of wildlife, scenery, stars, weather, people…. that’s one thing.

But you are sure to see these too. Nothing like a fresh hotel waffle to start your day….

Not Massachusetts

Jeff Kent sends this photo from somewhere south of Rapid City, SD. Big Country indeed.

Jan 18 PM Update: Twenty20 DN Championship Called ON for Fort Peck, MT – DN North America

It’s ON! Take a look- even if you aren’t attending you’ll live Dan Hearn’s prose…

Meanwhile Back In NJ…

…we see Jim Hadley training hard to blaze off the line at the next event in our time zone!

Go Jim! Drive with the knees! Give those kids a ride they won’t forget!

Jan 15 PM Update: Twenty20 DN Championship – DN North America

Hello All- Here is the latest on the DN NA champs- the weather is making things interesting to say the least….

One thing I like about IceBoating is it’s a good excuse to see places you’d otherwise never think of visiting; seems like we may be doing a bit of that!

Click for info and stay tuned…

Latest Word On DN NA Champs

DN National Championship: What’s Up? – DN North America

DN National Championship: What’s Up? – DN North America

If it were easy, everyone would be an ice sailor! Mother Nature is doing her best to throw us curve balls, but w…