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Racing / Sailing This Weekend?

Hello All-

We are getting some positive reports from the other side of the St Lawrence- Could be some racing up near Kingston this weekend, stay tuned! Details here as they emerge….

Seems that it has been chilly around New England, have to think that there will be some more local options as well- Again, stay tuned, more details here-

If you have an ice report or know a lake that has potential let us know! Sharing is everything….. Email if you have a report to share- Remember, playing with others is way more fun than playing with yourself!

Stay tuned and Think ICE!

Heading Home…

With the Euro Champs called off (dangerous ice, no time, no breeze…) we loaded up and hit the road south. Drove all day through Sweden, picked up a ferry in SW Sweden which will take us overnight to Germany. Saves a lot of driving.

Cool ferry- This bad boy is LARGE….

Here is nearly empty parking deck

One of the hallways

Some boat data

Cheesy decal in shop

Screen grab from my plotter app…

Half of the restauran

2020 European Championship Cancelled – DN North America


Lukasz Zakrzewski P155 Wins 2020 Gold Cup! – DN North America

Regatta done!


No breeze so far today. Taking a nap in the truck…. IceBoating teaches one to make the best of any situation….

2020 DN Worlds: Day 3 PM Report – DN North America

Close One…

If the bronze fleet got one race in today the GC woulda been done and Luckaz Zakrewski would have been crowned World Champ.

BUT… no wind all day, and a teaser of a bronze race that saw two laps completed before the wind faded out again means we sail again tomorrow.

This will add a throw out to the scoring matrix and no doubt some interesting position shuffling will take place- stay tuned!

In the meantime here is Ron Sherry heading in the Swedish sunset.

And some obnoxious American’s DN