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Hey Folks- The NEIYA Swap Meet is coming up on October 29 but there are other meets to attend if you don’t live in NE- Click the link and take a look!

Attend Your Local Iceboat Swap Meet – DN North America (

Attend Your Local Iceboat Swap Meet – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Looking for a DN or DN parts? Have questions about DN sailing? If you are new to the sport or looking for your f…

Get Started!

Have to love this guy- Be sure to share these vids with anyone you know who may be interested in getting out this winter!

Well done, Sam

VIDEO: Time to think iceboating >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (

VIDEO: Time to think iceboating >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News


Harken Marketing Intern Samuel Bartel is obsessed with ice sailing. To him, hard water yachting is the pinnacle …

September Runner Tracks

Hey Folks- The latest edition on Runner Tracks is out and is required reading whether you are in the DN class or not-

Look at it online or shell out a few bucks and get a paper copy-

And congrats to Pete Van Rossem and J.R. Francis on making the cover!

Runner Tracks Newsletter September 2022 – DN North America (

Runner Tracks Newsletter September 2022 – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Runner Tracks The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association September 2022 September …


Hey Folks-

This summer heat will pass and we will be out in the cold soon enough….

In the meantime take a look at the new rank list, see where you are, where your friends are, where your rivals are…. Start setting goals and making lists!

Fire up the inspiring “Rocky” soundtrack music and hit the gym or just go in the garage and give your boat a pat, doesn’t matter. Just get ready to hit the ice!

2023 International Ranking List Published – DN North America (

2023 International Ranking List Published – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Another sign that the ice sailing season is approaching, the 2023 International Ranking list has been calculated…

America On Ice: Let’s Go Ice Sailing – Mystic Seaport Museum

Hey Folks- Take a few hours to listen to Henry Bosset and Deb Whitehorse talk all things iceboating-

Great way to learn a few things, beat the heat, and get fired up for the coming season!

Here is the link:

Runner Tracks, May 2022

Hey Folks, there is some good reading available to help while away the coming summer months- Get your copy today!

Runner Tracks May 2022 – DN North America (

Runner Tracks May 2022 – DN North America

Runner Tracks May 2022 The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association The season-final…

Notice of Electronic Ballot for 2022 IDNIYRA Elections – DN North America

Hey DN people- don’t forget that we have this class ballot to fill out- It’s easy and quick so get to it!

Remember, vote early and often!

Bill Mattison, Fair Winds…

Hey Folks-

Apologies for being a little late on posting this but the sport lost a legend awhile back-

Bill Mattison embodied everything a person and an iceboater should be; likeable, competitive, smart, and helpful to rookies and experienced sailors alike.

He also had a thirst for adventure.

You know how we say “he ran off and joined the circus”? He actually did.

A lot of us want to build big Skeeters and spend a lifetime ripping it up on one of those babies. He actually did.

Many of us think it would have been cool to be involved in a big America’s Cup campaign back in the 1980’s and 1990’s when the Cup was really cool. He did it.

Fair winds, Bill. We are all better for having crossed tacks with you.

“Nothing Fickler” –

“Nothing Fickler” –

Bill Mattison Obituary Celebration of Life & Time of Sharing 2 PM – 4 PM Saturday, May 7, 2022 Gunderson Funeral…

Ice Options For Wednesday!

Hey Folks, good news is there is sailable ice up north if you can take Wednesday off-

Option one is Umbagog Lake in NH- Local knowledge tells us the surface is re-frozen snow and is ice-boat-able. Launch from the Umbagog Public Boat Launch in Errol.

Option Two is Moosehead Lake in Maine- Launch and sail out of Kelly’s Landing In Greenville Junction. Miles and miles of sailable ice, it was cruised extensively by the Mainiacs today…. Call ahead, rooms may still be available at Kelley’s Landing.

Ice on both lakes is refrozen snow, some snow machine tracks, maybe a 5 out of ten but hey, it’s almost April, how picky are you gonna be?

Tomorrow looks like a good day at both places- as always use caution and never sail alone!

Think Ice and Sail Safe

No Racing Today….

Well the big storm didn’t fizzle as the die-hard optimist would have hoped…. It’s a bit on the breezy side today, shall we say.

Not sure what the rain/snow combination did to all the sailable ice but the good news is there is a really good base on several lakes, large ones at that.

Saratoga, Winni, Damariscotta, and a few others still have plenty of potential so don’t pack it in yet- last year we sailed into April and with a little luck we can do it again-

As always stay tuned and if you know of sailable ice let me know at

Think Ice!!

Racing This Weekend March 12-13

Hey Folks-

As ever the weather is making things interesting but we are still hoping to get some regattas in the books-

This weekend has potential with ice on Winnipesaukee and Damariscotta- They are being scouted further and if they are in decent shape following the snow and rain forecast for Saturday we could have a quick and dirty regatta on Sunday.

As always if you have some ice to report let me know at

Stay tuned for more….


Quaboag Saturday

Good day on Quaboag Pond today- The ice was rough in places but stayed solid into the afternoon, when the breeze faded out anyway-

There was all manner of craft; a Lockley Skimmer, a Pocket Skeeter, a Gambit, several DNs of all vintages, and probably more.

Lots of miles were racked up and at least ten DNs went around the marks during the course of the day- A few ice fishermen from Worcester were thrown in a DN and the after a few runs up and down the lake one stated “I’m buying one TONIGHT!” We hope he follows through!

It might be possible to squeeze in a few runs in the morning if anyone wants to try, although the forecast doesn’t look great.

As always stay clear of the eastern side of the lake- Where the creek comes in east of the launch is to be avoided as the ice is thin or non-existent…. Use caution and never sail alone!

Stay tuned…. Rain is on the way, could be the wet-out we need to have some big spring ice….

Think Ice!! T


Hey Folks-
Quaboag Pond was sailed today- the ice is decent in places and full of frozen ATV ruts in others- Some of these ruts have developed drain holes here and there and should be avoided. The eastern shoreline and the area east of the parking lot should be avoided as well-

Bantam also being sailed now, is described as “6 boats, grade 8/9 ice, good breeze, and a big portion of the north bay is solid 6 to 8inches. Hazards are all on the south side”

Check the weather, talk with the locals, and see if you can sail tomorrow-

We will be scratch racing on Quaboag tomorrow if anyone is interested-

Stay tuned!

Quaboag 3-4-22

Hey Gang-

Got a report on Quaboag yesterday, sounds like lots of slush and water on top of the base, lots of ruts from various craft, etc….

That said it was pretty cold last night and we will take another look today- Hoping to have a look at Bantam as well.

With a little luck we can scratch race and cruise over the weekend-

Do keep in mind that at this time of year we need to exercise even more caution than usual- warm days and more direct sunlight exacerbate the normal risks. Err on the side of caution.

Stay Tuned…. T

Weekend Ice

Hey Folks-

As you may have guessed things aren’t looking too promising for the weekend- Quaboag Pond in MA is a possibility but we are waiting for the latest report later today-

Eagle Lake on Mt. Desert Island in Maine is a possibility but we don’t have a recent report.

Some people are headed to Chatauqua Lake in NW New York State, that may be the only game in town.

If you know of any sailable ice anywhere please let me know at

Stay Tuned! T


While we wait for all the snow to go away take a look at the latest Runner Tracks- Always a great read! Thanks as always to Deb Whitehorse for putting it together-

Runner Tracks March 2022 – DN North America (

Runner Tracks March 2022 – DN North America

Runner Tracks The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association Latest Issue: March 2022 …

Good Article From Erin Bury

This is a good read no matter who you are, how you’re built, and how long you’ve been sailing on the hard stuff… Thanks to Erin for writing it and Scuttlebutt for putting it out there!

Ice sailing: The frigid equalizer >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (

The first article:
Iceboating bug can be dangerous >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (

Weekend Regatta Chances…..

As we all know there is a bit of snow on the way- That’s the bad news.

The good news is it could track a bit north or south of what is predicted- If it stays a bit south northern Maine could still be in play, if it tracks north maybe southern NH or even MA could still be an option.

Either way get your best snow runners ready, if there is sailable ice in New England we will try for a regatta, even if we can only sail Sunday-

Stay tuned to this site and the weather channel for updates!


Shifting To Hard Water

Good article here, offers an interesting perspective and some good pointers!

Making the shift to hard water sailing >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (

Making the shift to hard water sailing >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Rooted in Midwest USA, Skip Dieball (above) is best known as a sailmaker and multi-class champion, with his expl…

Meanwhile Out In Maryland….

The gang out on Deep Creek is busy! Read and see what’s up- could be worth a drive at some point-

DCL Ice Report #14

2021 – 2022 Ice Sailing Season

Olympics wraps up in Beijing… comes to Deep Creek!

No kidding! There was an Olympian turnout Sunday at the world’s best, most inviting and welcoming Ice Sailing venue south of the North Pole! Fifty-three people showed up to sail and watch the action! Eleven DNs rigged, twelve sailors tried the “Twice as Nice, Sailing on Ice” for the first time. The boat owners were all generous lending their rigs for others to try.

We even had an Ice Skating show! Lynn (Coraor) Troutman was doing twirls and other fancy skating stuff and got a 10.0 from all of us spectators. Her two side kicks Clara and Deke spent the whole day playing on the ice and learning all they could. Gold medal to Lynn. AND an ice boat T-shirt!

Talking about the rare and highly desirable Ice-T-Shirts, Scott Hollander, Sue Wolffe, Ed Brzytwa, Rob Pumphrey, David, Karen, Emely Meehan, Keith MacMillan, Dan Rubel, Will Feisley, Ralph Kemp, Jill Bennett all earned their shirts by sailing! Come by next weekend to collect your Olympic Day award!

Mary, Lila, Cora, John and Ellen Brzytwa, came to join the action and watch while daddy Ed took off ice sailing like a natural! Ralph Kemp was sailing his ice yacht and had his daughter Hannah and granddaughters on the ice to watch. IceMan convinced Raylee and sister to get in granddad’s DN for a photo op. Other family members that came out were Charlie and Courtney Williams, Kathy Rubel, Rob and Karen Gerlach, David and Lissa Klueter and two friends.

Tom Johnson, Tom Wolffe, David Tuel, Jacob Feisley, Jill Bennett, Bruce Spinnenweber were lining up and racing on a windward Leeward course and having a fantastic time on the 7.5 Ice, which would have been a 9.5 but for the snow moguls. FYI, Tom Wolffe has one of his DNs for sale for any that want (need) a boat, “Ice Cream” is a great starter DN. Lets get that boat out sailing!

Emily Meehan was out there sailing the ice like a pro! And IceMan and Ed Haley spent some time working on downwind technique and swapping boats. FUN!

Sara Plunkett won a gold medal in the food competition by bringing no less then three pizzas, hot pizza on the ice… lets give her three gold medals! THANKS Sarah, who also gave ice sailing a try… How was it? IceMan didn’t get a chance to ask her.. so let us know Sarah. Gordon Clement was back on the ice with us again. Jacob F. brought his friend Keith along, Jacob demonstrated his teaching ability getting the non-sailor Keith to give it a try… and boy did he learn it fast!

Joni like always was very busy being the Ice Hostess but she did get out sailing twice and was doing great, practicing her downwind technique… no pushing for her, watch out she will be racing with us soon! Melanie Dunham came out but did not try it yet…. Sue Wolffe was sailing to try to convince Melanie… hmmmm… Melanie is a great sailor on the wet water… we will all have to work on her to give it a try… Come-On-Wo-Man give it a try!

Joan and Lee Coraor stopped by, we suspected Joan borrowed a pair of crutches as an excuse to not sail… ok, so Joan twisted her knee badly and was out of commission but IceMan still thinks she could have sailed anyway! Next Year!

Ned Holloway and Will McGill came by… Will said he saw the IceMan on TV the night before… great timing, great advertising MPTV!

The stand-out sailor was Scott Hollander who is no longer a soft water guy having totally succumbed to REAL sailing…. It will be a long summer off season for Scott waiting for the lake to freeze!

Thanks to all that brought snacks and liquid refreshments… 53 people is a big hungry and thirsty crowd! And THANKS Joni for all of your work making it happen!

Rob Pumphrey showed up and sailed his DN ‘Snow Country”. Rob made all this possible by rigging and lending his trailer to allow for another eight DNs to be stored at the lake front. BIG thank you to Rob!

Pictures: New friends (that’s what it is really all about!), Staging area, Ed B maiden voyage.

Next weekend looks iffy but possible… again Sunday looking the best. Stand by for next Saturday morning’s Ice Report.

Think Ice!


DN – US 5576

Style Points

While we wait for the weather to settle down for the weekend take a moment to ponder this gem- best graphic I’ve seen on an iceboat sail ever! It’s up on Merrymeeting Lake in NH and belongs to either Randy Rice or Peter Bodwell, I can’t recall but either way it’s a great boat and a real eye catcher!

And thanks to Randy and Peter for keeping us informed about the NH ice situation- hope we see them again soon!

Weekend Regatta / Sailing Update

Patience was rewarded at Brewster Beach today- Morning breeze fizzled out not long after marks were set and didn’t reappear until about 0430.

And when it did…. All worth it. We did a quick shuffle of the marks to square the course up and rattled off at least 6 two-lap races.

Scores weren’t kept but close racing was had by all. Great to see some new faces mixing it up!

We ended the day on a high note and decided that the President’s Day Regatta can wait- high temps and puzzling wind forecast made us decide to pull the plug.

If you do want to sail on President’s Day, head for Brewster Beach in Wolfboro NH. Lots of boats sailed the inner bay just off the launch today and reported no issues.

Stay tuned!

NH Update

Due to drain holes at Ellacoya we looked at other places to race-

Merrymeeting Lake had fewer drain holes but still enough to warrant caution. And parking is an issue. Brewster Beach in Wolfeboro has more parking and way fewer drain holes-

We will scratch race out of Brewster
Beach tomorrow if possible-

Diasappointed to not sail out of Ellacoya today but the drainholes were significant and we decided to err on the side of caution….

Stay tuned!

Winni Downgrade

We took a scouting trip off Ellacoya and found way too many drain holes to sail safely- Scratch racing is OFF for the day and cruising is highly discouraged. Sorry folks!