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Spring ICE!

Hey Folks-

Don’t throw the towel in just yet-

As you may have heard Pushaw was in fine form last weekend and we are hearing rumors of the ice hanging in there around Kingston / Montreal, Pushaw Lake and also Moosehead Lake a little further north up in Maine.

Don’t forget that we sailed Moosehead in early April last year… It was a blast! So get your taxes done, keep the boats loaded and ready, and stay tuned to this site (and the CIBC site at Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club) for the latest info.

Could be cruising, another Century Race, scratch racing, or even a regional regatta. You never know!

Think Ice and stay tuned…. T

Century Race!

Hey Folks-

Last Monday several sailors were able to complete a 100 Mile race up at Pushaw Lake in Maine.

Looked like a good day for it- good breeze, hard ice and a big lake….

While I didn’t participate I did pick up at least one tip for anyone trying this; Make sure to have a reliable way to count the laps! When each lap is over 12 miles it’s easy to lose count!

In any case congrats to all the finishers, especially the folks in the smaller boats. Well done!

Check out the video here: Thanks to Herb Crosby.
Century Ice Boat Race – YouTube


Century Ice Boat Race


Hey Folks-

Getting some good intel for anyone that wants to get on the ice Sunday;

Schroon Lake in NY was sailed today and preliminary reports are that there’s a good sized, sail-able plate. There will be enough DNs there Sunday for some scratch racing. Launch at 40 Dock St, Schroon Lake NY. at,%20Schroon%20Lake,%20NY%20%2012870,%20United%20States&ll=43.834927,-73.760477&q=Dock%20St&t=m

Also getting reports that Damariscotta was good but was suffering from a lack of breeze…. Check CIBC website for details.

If you want to venture further north Colonel By Lake just north of Kingston was sailed today and was rated a 6-7. Not sure where launch is, but stay tuned here to find out.

As always exercise tremendous caution as the ice is less trustworthy as we get into the tail end of February. Talk w locals and people who have sailed there recently before heading out. Wear your picks and spikes and NEVER sail alone.

Sail safe tomorrow!


Weekend Options

OK, so no racing on Hay Bay.

BUT there are options around the area; Be advised that all of this ice has been subjected to warm temps and possibly precipitation so be extra cautious if you do venture out. Wear your spikes and picks, don’t sail alone, have safety gear, talk with locals about hazards, stay in one area etc…

Option 1 is Hay Bay. It will be scouted again tomorrow. Low temps tonight could make it sailable. Stay tuned to this site for details.

Option 2 is Maine. Keep an eye on the CIBC site for what is cooking up there. Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Option 3 is NY. Here is the only report I have from the Central NY gang; this ice will be scouted and hopefully sailed tomorrow. Be extra cautious as there are some hazards and thin areas….Schroon Lake DEC launch in Village behind Stewart’s

10″ ice. Top 1/2″ already refrozen, another 1/2-1″ slush, then granular black ice(not as porous as Great Sacondaga Lake but some)

Talked to ice fishermen – 4 wheeler broke thru near shore in front of pink camp (red X on map) they reported a fisherman farther south reported 4″ black ice

Some water at ramp on ice but also have ice bridges for access.

Stream inlet just south of ramp is cutting ice out from shore a little way. Can easily stay away from it.

Going to be colder at Schroon (25 deg at 4:30) than GSL. I think we should sail Schroon tomorrow. Parking curbside, also a lot available for trailers

Be safe, send reports, Think ICE

Canada Postponed….

This in from Kingston/Montreal…

Hello All,

Bad news. Upon sailing at Hay Bay, Peter went thru the ice on a snow patch. Looking at the photo he sent, there are other snow patches. Since we cannot know if this an isolated incident or there are other weak spots,

WE ARE HEREBY POSTPONING the regatta to a later date .

Any sailing there is very risky until more is known on the situation in general.

Please advise your respective groups.



CANADA UPDATE: Hold your horses….

Mother Nature being cruel again- some hazards have been found at the lake and the ice may not be Regatta-worthy after all. Dang.

Final decision coming within an hour. Scouts are still out looking.

Hope for the best….

Racing In Canada Update

The latest from the gang up in Kingston:

Good Afternoon All,

Peter van Rossem just called me after inspecting the ice this morning at Hay Bay.

The report is positive. The Kingston gang will definitely sail there this weekend.

The issue is whether or not it is a regatta as we are very short notice on getting volunteers. Montreal had them lined up but none can come to Napanee for the weekend.

Here is the Plan:

We are putting out this call for volunteers. Maybe you are a racer and can bring a friend. Maybe you are just someone whop follows this page and wants to see a regatta in action.

We need you to help find 3 volunteers to do the scoring and starting

Starting = raising the start flag and dropping it

Scoring = writting down sail numbers on a clip board as they pass the leeward mark and at the finish line (same location but we keep track of rounding position for each leg)

The racers will be called upon to help set marks and move teh starting line if required.

If we can find 3 volunteers by 2 pm we will call on the Canadian Championships if not it will be King of the Universe.

Ice Report:

Peter reported a minimum of 8 inches of black ice. The surface is level but not entirely smooth. Meaning that in the areas where there is texture to the ice there are depressions. He indicated thgat they are quite close together so that a 36” runner would touch in 7-10 places. He did not sail he ice so he is not certain how much rattling this will cause but rated teh ice as being from a 6- 8. If the surface texture leads to a lot of vibration a 6 and if the runners provide a smooth ride and 8.

Please let us know if you want to volunteer or can bring a volunteer.

Launch site is the boat ramp at Cuthill Lane south of Napanee. Please do not park on the ramp. Google Maps


Google Maps

Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.



Hey Folks-

Looks like we are going to give it a shot this weekend- Hay Bay near Kingston Ontario has been checked and cleared. Not perfect ice but certainly regatta-worthy!

IF we can get a few volunteers to keep score and drop flags we can call it the Canadian Champs; if not it will just be a great weekend of big-time scratch racing.

So if you know someone who would be ready willing and able to get dragged over the border and onto the ice for the weekend throw them in the car and let me know so I can tell the powers that be up there….

Stay tuned for details- all I have for now is the launch is at Hay Bay at the end of Cuthill Road (I think).

Think Ice- Load ’em up! T

Racing This Weekend

Hey Folks-

Good chance of racing this weekend just north of the border-

The Montreal crowd is optimistic about racing out of Beaconsfield, Montreal, Quebec. The ice on Lac St Louis is looking good and hopefully will stay in shape for the weekend.

This isn’t written in stone yet but stay tuned to this site and the IDNIYRA website and forum for updates-

Tune everything up, dig the passport out, make sure there is no contraband in the vehicle and be ready!

Think Ice, eh?

Maine Comes Through

Hey Folks-

The Maine-iacs have done it! They squeezed in a regatta; informal, spur of the moment, and I think on a weekday. Something to be said for that!

Good time had by all it seems- Newcomers Roseberry and Chamberland nearly tied for top spot and no doubt this tussle will speed them up even more. They are certainly putting in the time and effort-

Paul was able to lend total newcomer (and I mean TOTAL; he had literally zero time in an iceboat) Tristan Lewis his extra boat and it paid off- Tristan made it around the course every race and was even able to take a 3 and a 4. He was even able to take one off Paul in the fourth race. No good deed goes unpunished, eh Paul?

Hope Tristan will keep at it- He must have some aptitude! And the fact that Paul was good enough to hand over a whole boat is a feel-good story that warms even my ice-cold little heart….

Well done to all! Click here for the whole story;
Linc Davis Cup | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Linc Davis Cup | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Dammy Feb 11

Several boats sailed Damariscotta today, the north end was decent. Snow ice, some cracks and barely-healed thin spots were enough to either keep you on your toes or play it safe and call it a day….

A few boats will be back tomorrow and of breeze cooperates maybe some cruising and scratch racing-

Stay tuned- Things could be looking good for next week; we are getting optimistic reports from Kingston and the Central region. NY state may be back in action as well

Keep da faith! T

Bad News

Folks, I just can’t bring myself to call a real regatta on for any of the lakes we checked in NY. Quite a bit of water and slush, a bit worrisome for a fragile little DN.

Good news is there will be scratch racing on Damariscotta Lake in Maine. Take a look at the CIBC site for details.

And don’t give up hope!

Think Ice….


Hey Folks- The weather always makes things a challenge but lately that has hit new heights…. Wind, warm, precipitation, and timing all askew for good conditions…

That said, we may have some options- Two lakes in Central New York may in play; Sacondage and Saratoga. We hope to have eyes on the ground tomorrow and will post a report ASAP. IF we do have a regatta it will be the New England champs as it would be great to get that in the books. Also, there will be a Classics award for the person with the best finish in the least modern boat. So come race even if your boat is and old war horse and not a bleeding-edge thoroughbred. Stay tuned to this site for more info.

There may also be a gathering of Vintage Craft up that way… There have been plenty of people busy in the barn all summer and there should be some boats to show off. Always cool to see what they sailed back in the day…. Stay tuned for info on that too!

As if that weren’t enough I heard rumors of Skeeters being moved around. Make of that what you will.

As always, there are hazards and dangerous areas of these lakes- please stay off them until they have been scouted by locals.

Clear your calendars and load up!

T US 5224

A Race To Remember

Chad Atkins was on fire at the DN NA champs and he gives this account of the final race. It was a wild one!

A Race to Remember: Race 3 of the DN North American Championship by Chad Atkins –

A Race to Remember: Race 3 of the DN North American Championship by Chad…

Deb Whitehorse

Chad Atkins and his travel partner, Chris Gordon, are east coast based but keep their DN and Renegade programs i…

How He Did It….

When I first started sailing DNs twenty or so years ago I was struck at how helpful other sailors were and at the free flow of information from top sailors down to newbies like me.

Since then I’ve heard other sailors comment on that very tradition and what a cool thing it is; and how it is not the case in every boat class out there.

A great example of this is most recent World and North American DN Champ Matt Struble breaking down his tips, tricks, techniques, and thoughts on campaigning a DN. Based on his results he is a good guy to study!

Click the link and take notes….

2023 DN World Championship Debrief with Matt Struble – DN North America (

2023 DN World Championship Debrief with Matt Struble – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Link to video Matt Struble US183 won this year’s World and North American Championships on Lake Kegonsa in Madis…


Things are afoot up that way…. Thinking of a regatta this weekend if things hold up and weather cooperates- Stay tuned….

Thompson Lake 2/6 | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Gold Cup / NA Champs Pics

Hey Folks-

If you weren’t able to attend the DN GC or NA champs you can get an idea of what you missed by checking out Cathy Firmbach’s photos here-

Be sure to buy a few and make her efforts worthwhile!

Many thanks Cathy- was great to see you out there-

Cathy Firmbach 2023 DN World Championship Photos Available – DN North America (

Cathy Firmbach 2023 DN World Championship Photos Available – DN North Am…

Deb Whitehorse

Via 2023 DN Worlds & North American Event Photographer Cathy Firmbach: Thanks for your patience! My online store…


The new Runner Tracks is out, packed as ever with cool photos and informative articles, including one by our very own Chad Atkins!

Take a look here:
Runner Tracks Newsletter February 2023 – DN North America (

Runner Tracks Newsletter February 2023 – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Runner Tracks The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association February 2023 We hope you…


Hey Gang- Sounds like there is sailable ice up in Maine-
Some RI sailors may be heading up this week-

Stay tuned to the CIBC site for details-

IF the ice survives all week it may be suitable for a regatta this weekend- keep an eye on this site for details!

Damariscotta ON | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Damariscotta ON

Given the iffy nature of some lakes we’ve been watching and the open water on Jordan Bay, three clicks of the bo…


Hey Folks-

As you all know we haven’t been doing much racing in NE over the last few years due to weather, COVID, scheduling issues, etc….

That said, the Gold Cup and North Americans are behind us and there is plenty of winter ahead of us and our intention is to get back to a full slate of regattas this year. This weekend may be a possibility, we are looking at sites and printing up score sheets.

We are aware that we all just got back from the Big Show but winter is short! Do your laundry, knock a few things off the to-do list, load all the stuff back in the car and stay tuned!

Think Ice, T

RI in WI

Three RI sailors have established a beachhead on Kegonsa Lake in WI….

Thieler, Binder and Demerest are in town and ready to rumble!

Healey, Atkins, Moore and maybe others on the way.

To follow all the news check the IDNIYRA site at

Think Ice!


Here is the latest and greatest….

2023 World & NA Championship Update for 17 Jan – DN North America (

2023 World & NA Championship Update for 17 Jan – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Via Western Region Commodore Chris Berger US5166 Incoming weather with a snow-rain mix is making site selection …


Hey Folks- It’s no secre that this season has been off to a slow start out this way…. A total bummer to be sure.

Only one thing to do: Torture yourself by watching this video from the ISA regatta out west last weekend. It’s extraordinary!

ISA Skeeter Iceboat Racing – YouTube


ISA Skeeter Iceboat Racing

’23 DN Western Region Championship Called ON for Lake Kegonsa in WI Jan 7-8 – DN North America

Take a look and hit the road if you are interested!

There is a great restaurant/bar right on the lake if that is an incentive….