That Time Of Year ?

Chicago DN sailor Chris Berger sends this photo, taken just a few days ago….

Clearly he is itching to get on the ice- I gave him a thorough interrogation in an attempt to get him to confess to knowing a secret lake in the Upper Peninsula that never thaws out. He didn’t crack though, just insisted that he was merely moving his gear from one storage location to another….

In any case the Solstice has come and gone, time to get psyched and get cracking on the work list- Think ICE!!

Art Menard Sails Off Forever

Art Menard, Kate Morrone, Bob S, Paul Zucco and Dave Buckley Ninigret Pond 2014

It is with sadness that I have to share the the news of the recent passing of Art Menard. Art was one of the core sailors that would be out on a regular basis. We will all miss seeing Art in the coming winters. But we will remember Art when we sail in and around Massachusetts.

Farewell Art and may your hand be steady on the helm of whatever craft you choose to sail. I’m sure your choice will be an iceboat on miles of black ice with a steady 12 knts to wind up the speed.

Art’s obituary can be found here

As always please share any pictures or memories of Art, either in a comment or feel free to send directly to me and I will post. The above picture was all I could fine in our archive.

Sail Fast and Think Ice,

John Stanton
Commodore, NEIYA


Nice little article here- a good little short history with a nice painting to go with it. Something to reflect on as we while away the summer months…

Special thanks to my mom for sending this one in!

Inline image

Memorial Day

Take a moment today folks….


Hey DN people, be sure to cast your vote regarding the spring IDNIYRA ballot- your opinion matters!

If you are an active class member you should have an electronic ballot from the IDNIYRA in your inbox, it went out May 15. Voting closes Saturday May 29 so don’t delay- If you didn’t see it in the inbox check your spam folder. Click the link below for details.

As always, vote early and often…. And Think Ice!

2021 IDNIYRA Spring Ballot News – DN North America

Canadian Championship Trophy- Help Needed

Hello All-

I am fixing up the DN Canadian Championship trophy- So far I have filled in a few blanks but there are several to go-

If you can take a look at the attached list and fill in any blanks that would be great- feel free to suggest any corrections as well and send them to me at

Much appreciated- hope spring is going well for everyone- Best, T

What I have so far:

1972 Ed Kraft

1973 Ed Kraft

1974 Spike Boston

1975 Ed Kraft

1976 Spike Boston

1977 John Schuch

1979 Don Walton

1982 Ron Sherry

1983 John Koeck

1986 Spike Boston

2000 Andre Baby

2001 Andre Baby

2002 Andre Baby

2012 Jacek Marzenski

2013 James “T” Thieler

2014 Eric Anderson

2017 Mark Christenson

2019 James “T” Thieler

2020 James “T” Thieler

James “T” Thieler

12 Channing St.

Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230


May Runner Tracks Is Out

Hey Folks-

Be sure to take a look a the latest Runner Tracks- Very well done as always and this time it includes an article by our very own Bill Bucholz- Congrats to Bill for getting the ink!

See it and / or order it here:
2021 May Runner Tracks Newsletter Published – DN North America (

Don’t forget that spring, summer and fall fly by faster than you think they will…. Get that worklist out and get your iceboat projects done while it’s nice and warm in the garage.

Think Ice!

Landsailing at Loring This Weekend

Hey Folks- Big landsailing event this weekend- stay tuned to the CIBC site for details at
Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club | Maine ice boat enthusiasts and friends

First update here:
Eastern Landsailing Championship | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Second update here:

Loring Update | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

I haven’t attended this event but it sounds like a great time- If you have something with a sail and wheels be sure to check it out!

Think Ice (or pavement for now)

Spring CIBC Gathering

Hey Folks- If you are so inclined and need to get out of the house head on up to the CIBC spring meeting- Always a good time to be had with the Maine-iacs!

Details here:

Spring Gatherings | Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

The Prima Donna Has Belted Out Her Song….

Not a bad season considering everything that was going on over the winter. If you were able to get out and enjoy some hard water sailing during it all give yourself a pat on the back. If not, remember to get out twice as much next season!

Of course the official word of the ice going away gives us all reason to utter a few words that aren’t as polite as they should be. If anyone gives you any grief about it, feel free to use the attached retort, sent in by John Pepper. Thanks John!

Think Ice- Get cracking on that worklist for next season…..

Moosehead Lake Video

This drone video shot by Jonne Trees last weekend at Moosehead Lake, ME.

Two days of great sailing, April 3 and 4. Good breeze, good ice, sun, scenery, Just proves that it ain’t over ’til it’s over!

Thanks to Jonne for the video and the Maine gang for scouting it-

Click and enjoy!

Moosehead Lake Ice Sailing Aerials – YouTube


Moosehead Lake Ice Sailing Aerials

Moosehead- Pics And Video

Hey Folks-

For those of you who thought the Moosehead Lake news last weekend was some sick April Fool’s prank, let it be known that there was plenty of ice, plenty of breeze, plenty of sun, and plenty of speed to be had!

Great to sail on April 4, I think that is the latest I have ever gone….

In any case, keep it in mind for next year, just in case we get another chilly spring- Worth the trip!

The picture is from Jonne Trees, the video (I hope the link works) is from Jeff Kent.

Get tuned up, only about half a year until the next ice….



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