Perfect Ice!

Randy Rice sends this shot of some PRIMO black ice…. Unfortunately it’s in Portage, Alaska.

If you know of anything closer let’s hear about it!

Think Ice!

News From Maine and MIT

From the CIBC site- very good news about future ice this season and also about the MIT Iceboating Club!

Base Ice…. Prognosis

Hello All- Welcome To March!

The last round of snow kind of put the lid on things for awhile but the good news is the cold weather has provided a serious base underneath in a lot of places-

This means once we get through a thaw-freeze cycle or two we will be back in business, possibly into April! Don’t even think about putting the boats away yet….

The gang in Kingston is optimistic for getting the Canadian Champs in this season, there are still NEIYA regattas to be done, maybe there is a Hard Way and / or Frolic in the cards on Winni, the guys in upstate NY are still on the hunt for sail-able conditions, Moosehead is probably a whole other story…. So plenty of racing and cruising to be done!

Stay tuned to this site for details and if you know of sail-able, safe ice anywhere let us hear about it on the NEIYA Ice-Reporting network!

Think ICE! T

Between the Snow Flakes

Looks like we will be be dodging the weather once again. There is weather coming so you have to make your own call.

At this time I do not have solid info on anything but Chickawaukie Pond in Rockland ME. The Maine guys are planning to sail tomorrow from the public ramp off Rt 17. Bill has put out the welcome mat on but there is weather coming so you have to make your own call, especially if coming from afar. For those of you who have never sailed Chickawaukie Pond it had been the center of the Maine iceboating community for years but weather patterns have shifted around so we have not sailed it much in a few seasons.

If you are arriving by sea please consult current charts or your plotter otherwise just use Google.


I do know that people were on Bantam Lake in CT this week but they are getting snow and we need to wait to see how that shakes out. All else has been silent Not to sound desperate but we are all hoping for some form of ice boating Shangri La. Could it be just over the Lost Horizon?

Charlie Silfvenius is intending to call the Winni Hardway ON just as soon as the conditions materialize. When that is? Who knows. But the call will go out on all channels so be on the ready. Given the way this season has been I very much expect to see an outbreak of ice flu throughout New England and the mid Atlantic.


Don’t stop Thinking Ice as we are not done yet.


Upcoming Events / Races

Hello All-

The DN Gold Cup and North American Champs are in the books for 2019- Great races, lots of stories and will recap them all when I clear the pile of work off my desk!

In the meantime it’s pretty cold out- I’m hearing vague rumors about a Canadian Championship to be held in Kingston, ON this weekend- nothing definite yet but stay tuned…. If not maybe we can get an NEIYA event together-

Closer to home there must be some lakes in NE that are sail-able- If you have ice get on the Ice Report system and let us know about it!

Spring will be here before you know it so make it a point to rack up as many hard-water days as possible-

Think ICE!!

New post 2019 Gold Cup Championship Photos by Cathy Firmbach

Cathy ain’t sailing but she is shooting up a storm! Click and take a look – think Ice!

2019 DN North American Championship: Lake Wawasee, Indiana – DN North America

On the road again! From the birthplace of aviation to the land of Hoosiers (whatever a Hoosier is. I don’t think anyone knows for sure). Stay tuned!

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