Moscow to Irkutsk to Uyuga

More pics- first look at Siberia from plane, cool plane on tarmac at Irkutsk, cows wandering around the bus on the way to Uyuga. Interesting ride to say the least!

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840


Lake Baikal DN Regatta

Hey Folks- greeting from Uyuga (I think that’s how it’s spelled) here on Lake Baikal! Just amazing here- The terms “wide open space” and “endless horizon” don’t do it justice. Neither do photos but I’ll try anyway!

See below- first is the departure board at JFK, next is Chris and Marci from Chicago brimming with excitement on the plane, next is our first taste of Russian alphabet, and finally some local cuisine available at Moscow airport…. stay tuned for more…..

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840


Speaking Of Moosehead Lake…..

Dave Ross (KC 5203) sends this article in- if you’ve been around that area you might find it interesting- If you’ve had some stuff disappear it might explain a few things….

NEIYA goes to Russia

Hey Gang- Big day for NEIYA members Eben Whitcomb and T. Thieler as we head off to Siberia for the big regatta on Lake Baikal.

The boats were shipped from Oldenburg, Germany a few weeks ago following the European DN champs and are rolling across Siberia on a truck as I write- almost 40 boats in two containers on one big truck. Pretty impressive! Hope the drivers have plenty of coffee and Red Bull…. With a little luck they should get to the regatta site about when we do.

Will try to send updates etc when we can.

See the regatta website for updates and more info here:

For info about Lake Baikal click here:

Here’s a few pics of the trip so far- the shuttle to the airport, NYC skyline, wrapping the bags, and the departure board….

Meanwhile keep an eye on the CIBC site for all kinds of great reports and write-ups and sign on the to LRIBC reports for even more! Sounds like the season ain’t over yet!

Think ICE!!

MAINE State DN Champs ON for Sunday !

Lake Damariscotta Sunday. Launch at Damariscotta Lake Farm. Skipper’s meeting PROPMTLY at 11:00, first flag at 11:30. Conditions are nice, weather should be excellent.

Details at

Maine State DN Championship Regatta ON

Check it out gang! See CIBC site for details-

Doc on Sunday?

So it sounds like there might be some options for sailing this weekend, but it all depends on what happens with the snow today. I’ve heard positive things about Mempremagog, South Twin and the indefatigable Dammriscotta might be back in play. Team Maine is going to be out looking and Dave is going to try to hold the Maine State champs on Saturday.

If anyone finds a regatta level piece of ice on Saturday, tell me and I will call the Doc Fellows on there for Sunday. I know it will be a late call but we are up against it here.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA regatta chair

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