Looks like Mike Madge has been made into a celebrity by the gang at Scuttlebutt! Thanks to Mike for getting the loaner together and to Scuttlebutt for presenting so many articles about iceboating-

Here are some videos of Madges loaner boat being put to the test- Note that it is temporarily rigged with a sawed-off Hobie 16 mast as the original spruce rig is being glued together at the moment…. These were shot yesterday and the day before!

Just goes to show that you don’t need a bleeding-edge hi tech boat to have a good day on the ice….

We should all make it a point to cobble together a loaner boat and encourage people to try it-

2020 Canadian Champs Video and Photo

Steven St. Clair sent this drone footage and start line photo from the 2020 Canadian Champs in Belleville, Ontario. What a day; Sun, breeze, great race committee, lots of races…. Can’t ask for much more!

See the video here:

Revisit the regatta report here:

LRIBYC Annual Dinner News

From LI….


The LRIBYC Annual Dinner will be POSTPONED and NOT CANCELED
due to the recent NYS and CDC health guidelines.

We are planning to have the dinner take place sometime in autumn 2020.

Just think of it. What a way to start our new season with a get together
where we can honor the past and project what our future will hold.
Not just a closing but a opening that will jump start our optimism for our

upcoming hard water sailing adventures.

Please be patient, since we have never planned our Annual Dinner for autumn, we
need to figure out what date would be best.

We will be in touch so that we can keep everyone abreast of our plans.

Stay safe and God be with you.


John Ziermann DN5426/Gambit/LS45/Treasurer

Rescue Boat

John Pepper writes in with a good idea…. Plenty of food for thought! Feel free to weight in…..

“Here is another concept for the site.

I am needing to upgrade my trailering capacity for a DN and Whizz. I could use a long Jon boat as a lid. At 16 inches deep, it would only need a shallow box below it to cover the boats. It could be hinged from front or side or both. It would likely need a longer box for the Whizz’s spring board. Not sure of mast storage yet.

In case someone needed a flat bottom boat to pull a stuck craft out of the water, pull a few pins, and it is ready to go.

Has anyone attempted this before? If so, any tips? At 150 pounds, its not a light lid, but counter weights or a winch set up from a pop up camper may offset.



Joerg Bohn sent a few photos from Baikal…. Looks like the weather finally got back to normal….
Just an amazing place to visit and sail- Put it on your list!

Repairs And Upgrades, Canada-Style

Bob Crinion of Halifax NS had a good sailing day go wrong a few weeks ago and has been repairing his DN slowly but surely…. As you can see he’s done a nice job on the sideboard but the real upgrade is the new hiking rack made from discarded hockey sticks! How Canadian can ya get, eh? (Sorry, couldn’t resist… hey, I did it again! “Sorry!”)

Bob says broken hockey sticks are readily available up his way if you do a little snooping through the local rubbish bins on a Monday morning….

Light, strong and they look snazzy!

Thanks Bob, look forward to seeing the boat back in action!

How To Be A CHAMP!

Very good article by Nite campaigner Chad Rechcygl. Some good pointers in here no matter what kind of sailing you do-

My Road to Nite National Champ

My Road to Nite National Champ

Chronicled journey from beginner to winner

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