May Runner Tracks Is OUT!

Hello All-

Hope all all doing well and are happy, healthy, and hanging in there….

Need a little reading material? The May issue of the DN class newsletter is out and as ever has some good content-

Check it out and read it online or even order a copy on good old-fashioned paper here:

May 2020 Runner Tracks Published – DN North America

May 2020 Runner Tracks Published – DN North America

Current Issue: May 2020 Thunk! Runner Tracks has landed on your virtual doorstep, 54 pages of the finest ice sai…

Think ICE!

Dry Land….

Not saying who this is or where this is but I will say that the mast is rumored to be a 2×4….

Virtual Wrap-up and Meeting

Can anyone guess when, where this was taken and the photographer? Leave a comment.

Greetings from the dark shadow of the Corona epicenter. Our season really didn’t have a typical last hurrah. Concerns and fear overtook our need for ice and speed.

I for one could have traveled but as a person coming from a high-risk area did not feel right about potentially exposing those in nearly pristine areas. It was a matter of personal responsibility. Taking responsibility is something we as iceboaters know and live by.

Now that I have gotten the grim and foreboding out of the way, it’s time to let the sunshine in and make plans to close out our season on a positive note. At this point our best option is virtual. The Zoom platform is pretty easy and I expect even the low tech or Luddites among us will be fine.

Our first Virtual Meetup will be this Friday at 6:00pm. The meeting info including password has been placed in the member forum which is password protected.

Don’t remember the password or want to just get it directly drop me an email

See online Friday,



Anyone up for trying some land sailing out without going out to the desert? Bill Bucholz may have a plan….

Check the CIBC site to find out how….

Land Sailing

Land Sailing

Is there anyone in Maine who’d like to convert their iceboat to land sailing for the summer, find a venue, and h…

Skeeter Lifting Stands

John Pepper is putting more thought into his lifting jackstands for his Skeeter- The refinement continues!

This new iteration features sheaves that don’t keep the stand from folding all the way closed- this allows maximum lift and looks pretty slick as well. And let’s face it, that is important too….

As Dan Clapp once said of his philosophy of making his Skeeters not only fast and reliable but also good looking: “It’s got to go fast on the race course, but it also has to get ooohs and aaaaahs in the parking lot.”

Well done John, send photos of the prototypes when you have them!

Think Ice….

420 Explained….

Lest anyone be puzzled by the “420” post yesterday I thought I’d offer up this link as an explanation-
All in good fun and let’s face it, we can all use a laugh and a diversion from the regular world these days. And the photo of the Renegade was pretty good too!

Hope it was a good day for all.

Shake out the cobwebs and THINK ICE!

Happy 4/20/20

Sending out a best wishes to everyone on this most auspicious of days- Hope all are well and will celebrate accordingly!


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