The 2023 ‘Vintage Challenge’ is on!

As temperatures start to fall for the season we are officially calling out for the vintage fleet to return to the ice. If you own or know of any boats that have been tucked away for too long this is the year to dig them out and get them up to speed once again. Normally it just takes a little help from your friends to pull a boat from storage, assess it, make a few repairs and then prep it for easy trailering. The best time to do that is now when it is warm and colorful – it’s a GREAT time to be outside! If you know of anybody that might not be aware of our special ‘Year of the Vintage’ and has a craft that seems appropriate to sail please encourage them (call them out!) and offer the help they might need to bring their kit to the ice. A reminder to all that at our 2023 primary event there will be many willing hands waiting to help those in need for launching, set up and removal. We want to see as many vintage boats as possible. No matter the design, condition, or builder. At this time it looks as though the main event will be held on Lake Winnipesauke in central NH. The most central venue we can work with.

NEIYA would like to thank Frank Pratt and Randy Rice of the NH Lakes region for coordinating the donation of a D class stern steering ice boat. The boat sat idle for decades in a garage gathering dust and getting buried deeper with each passing summer. As you can see in the photos below, the first wipe of a cloth reveals a beautiful boat that had been long forgotten. The boats name which is stenciled on the original sail bag is “Blue Streak”. The age of the boat as with most other details has yet to be determined. Is it possible this small stern steerer is the forefather of the Bluestreak class ice boats? The Bluestreak 60 class eventually changed its name to the DN60. How many boats might have carried the name Blue Streak back in the days? Bringing a boat like Bluestreak back to the public eye is exactly the goal of this years event. Seeing the old varnished wood sail again, taking and offering rides, regaining knowledge of our vintage history. Who knows…. we might even hear some vintage “winter thunder” roaring down the lake. Keep in mind you have to be there to witness it. Just like to ‘ole days.

Ice Report!!

From the CIBC site…. Time to dust off the iceboat gear and get going on the worklist from last season!

Site logo image billbuchholz posted: “First ice of the season reported yesterday in Ste Aurelie, Quebec. This is the little village just across the border where we have had many nearly season sails on Lac Jolie and Lac Abenakis. Denis Guertin reports that this particular plate in on neither o” Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club

Ice Report

5d3ce55746ef6b686a587c665a866a4c?s=96&d=identicon&r=PG billbuchholz

Oct 4

First ice of the season reported yesterday in Ste Aurelie, Quebec. This is the little village just across the border where we have had many nearly season sails on Lac Jolie and Lac Abenakis. Denis Guertin reports that this particular plate in on neither of the lakes and probably didn’t survive past lunch time.

But according to Denis it was an honest 1/4”. Not bad for October 1.

Stand by for CIBC and NEIYA iceboat swap meet and meetings weekend of October 29!

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Hey Folks- The NEIYA Swap Meet is coming up on October 29 but there are other meets to attend if you don’t live in NE- Click the link and take a look!

Attend Your Local Iceboat Swap Meet – DN North America (

Attend Your Local Iceboat Swap Meet – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Looking for a DN or DN parts? Have questions about DN sailing? If you are new to the sport or looking for your f…

“Year of the Vintage” planning continues…

Charles Silfvenius with his 19’ early 1900’s stern steerer “Cyclone”. Wolfboro bay. NH
Drone photo courtesy Ebben Whitehair

As we continue in the planning stage of our 2023 “Year of the Vintage” regatta I wanted to share this wonderful article by Paul Goodwin about the origination of the Blue Streak 60 class which eventually became the DN 60 in the 1950’s. It’s an excellent starting place for us jump back into our history. I assure you more articles will follow soon.

Click here for the link:

The main focus of this years special regatta is to bring out the old wood! There are no requirements or class limits to worry about rather, we just want to see as many old boats as possible show up for all to enjoy. There will be plenty of hands to get boats up and running so this is the event to dig it out from deep storage, load it onto a trailer and see if we can make it go. Big speed isn’t the focus this round… showing up is. Support, good company, a pot-luck meal or two, a few prizes and a ton of laughs will meet you at the ramp and it is a family friendly venue. If your old kit moves on runners, has a sail, and you consider it vintage please join us and bring it along. Encourage your friends to do the same. This is THE event to get out the old wood. If you don’t have a vintage boat bring something more modern for a good view of the old boats at speed. Stay tuned with the NEIYA… more to come!

Get Started!

Have to love this guy- Be sure to share these vids with anyone you know who may be interested in getting out this winter!

Well done, Sam

VIDEO: Time to think iceboating >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (

VIDEO: Time to think iceboating >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News


Harken Marketing Intern Samuel Bartel is obsessed with ice sailing. To him, hard water yachting is the pinnacle …

September Runner Tracks

Hey Folks- The latest edition on Runner Tracks is out and is required reading whether you are in the DN class or not-

Look at it online or shell out a few bucks and get a paper copy-

And congrats to Pete Van Rossem and J.R. Francis on making the cover!

Runner Tracks Newsletter September 2022 – DN North America (

Runner Tracks Newsletter September 2022 – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Runner Tracks The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association September 2022 September …

NEIYA Annual Event is ON For Sat. Oct 29th

With the overnight chill in the air, it’s nearly GO FAST time. Time to make ready for ice, blades, and speed. Go FAST ice time is coming and our annual meeting and banquette are on for Saturday, October 29th. We are once again returning to Thompson Motor Speedway in Thompson CT for a third and likely last time. The Venue is near Lake Chaubunagungamaug better known as Webster lake, because none but natives can pronounce it.

So GO FAST — Dig your gear out of the basement, garage, Attic, or wherever it has been stowed. Half my program has been summering in Newport and needs to come home soon. Put your craft(s) together on the hard. Check for worn and broken parts. I always forget to replace or fix something from last season and now’s the time to do it. Have extra parts, masts, sails, blades, full program etc? Lighten your load and help someone else GO FASTer. Put them up for sale in our classified section (instructions below).

The NEIYA annual meeting has been going on for decades. Come out for the camaraderie, tales of spirited competition, and fellowship. Come out and welcome the upcoming 2023 Season. Experienced, novice or newbie all are welcome and encouraged to attend. Always about dreamed iceboating? This event is designed with you in mind. Don’t miss this GO FAST opportunity.

Come join your fellow NEIYA members and interested individuals
When: Saturday, October 29th, 10:00am
Where: Thompson Speedway Golf Course, 205 E Thompson Rd, Thompson, CT 06277

  • There will be door prizes and giveaways for all
  • Swap Meet and outside gathering lower parking lot pre-list your items on the NEIYA classifieds
  • Like last year, there will be a land sailor or two set up in the parking lot.

We need a head count for lunch and now’s a perfect time to reserve your lunch and your 2023 season dues. Hey, whether you are coming or not please pay dues for the upcoming season.

Description Price  
2023 Membership $30
2023 Membership and Lunch $45
2023 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $60
Lunch Only $15
Mail in Form


The Fall Loring Event is schedule for next week. Loring AFB is the the premier Eastern venue Located in Limestone, Maine. Starting next week Tue 9/13 through Sun 18th featuring classes for BloKart’s and Not BloKarts aka “run what you brung” this includes several converted DNs (seek out Steve Duhamel of Northwind Iceboats for conversion parts designed in conjunction with Jeff Kent and Chad Atkins. Don’t have a craft buy a BloKart from BB our Northeast distributor (pop me an email for contact info) or show up we will get you out on the tarmac.

THINK ICE and let’s make it a great 2023 Season,

John Stanton
NEIYA, Commodore

P.S. Reach out to me directly with any questions, comments, concerns, or thoughts.

P.P.S. Please pay your 2023 dues above we can’t keep doing what we do without you…

P.P.S. Old classified ads will be purged next week. If you have something that should stay up or modified ( this is a good time to adjust your price) let me know soon. To post a new ad go here
Sellers Instructions (If you really can’t figure it out, drop me a note)

  1. Enter a description of the item in the “Leave a Reply” box.
  2. MUST include either Email or Phone contact, Price, and Location or it will NOT be approved.
  3. All ads are moderated and will not post till approved. if you do not see your ad placed within 24 hours, email
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  4. If sell does not respond within a reasonable time (give it a couple days) email who will reach out to seller. Sometimes the item is sold and the seller does not have it removed and just ignores inquiries.
  5. If you purchase an item let the admin know at in case the seller forgets to let us know..

Autumn is Cresting the Horizon

Ellacoya State Park 1/24/20

Brothers & Sisters of WIND, ICE, and SPEED, the current is slack but the turn is imminent. In simpler terms Winter is coming. Many of us sail year round but it just isn’t enough and miss the ICE and more importantly the SPEED. Winter will be here in a few months. With Labor Day Weekend coming up fast and autumn looming our thoughts have shifted to ICE and SPEED. It’s never too early to pull your gear out and assess where you are for the upcoming season.

With all the pressures of covid we missed celebrating the New England Ice Yacht Association’s 50th anniversary. Like so many things our official celebration will during this years swap and annual meeting. People have been kind enough to send many vintage pictures in the past few years and if you come across anymore please send them to me.

We have a great season coming up. There will be our usual Fall Swap and Luncheon of course as well as an additional pre-ice event or two. Details for the Fall Swap and Lunch are in the works and I encourage anyone with any ideas to reach out to me or one of the other officers. This event has grown over the years and we can use some help.

This season racing will return, of course, headed up by our Race Chair “T” James Thieler. “T” will also hold the title of Rear Commodore in the IDNIYRA taking over from Chad Atkins who tirelessly held the role for what seemed like a decade. In addition to racing, he will be sharing his, rank-proven, speed and racing knowledge with a series of GO-FAST sessions. Ask about his own QND inc. speed enhancing projects and creations when you see him.

It’s not all about racing and this season we will be kicking off a “Classic” iceboat gathering. This effort is being headed up by our Vice Commodore Jay Whitehair. The intent is to bring together as many stern steerers and other older ice boats in one place. The gathering will be a tribute to the artistry and craftsmanship of iceboat heritage. Individuals from around the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (New England, NY, and NJ) have already committed to hauling their craft to where the ice is. More on this event in the coming weeks. Also Jay will need a hand in making this happen to please volunteer to help and pitch in if recruited.

I look forward to seeing everyone together again this fall and throughout 2023 iceboating season.

Think Ice,

Commodore, NEIYA


Hey Folks-

This summer heat will pass and we will be out in the cold soon enough….

In the meantime take a look at the new rank list, see where you are, where your friends are, where your rivals are…. Start setting goals and making lists!

Fire up the inspiring “Rocky” soundtrack music and hit the gym or just go in the garage and give your boat a pat, doesn’t matter. Just get ready to hit the ice!

2023 International Ranking List Published – DN North America (

2023 International Ranking List Published – DN North America

Deb Whitehorse

Another sign that the ice sailing season is approaching, the 2023 International Ranking list has been calculated…

America On Ice: Let’s Go Ice Sailing – Mystic Seaport Museum

Hey Folks- Take a few hours to listen to Henry Bosset and Deb Whitehorse talk all things iceboating-

Great way to learn a few things, beat the heat, and get fired up for the coming season!

Here is the link:

Vintage Returns

Cyclone making her way past the docks on Wolfeboro Bay 2/20/22 (Photo by Nathan Bryant)

NEIYA 2022-2023 Season

Shout out to all ice boats and yachts dating back through the ’80s and earlier. This is your year! The NEIYA is focusing on bringing back the sights and sounds of the vintage class. Our goal is to empty the attics, boathouses, and garages around New England of any boats that have been mothballed, neglected, or abandoned. Iceboating is always a group effort so we are calling upon our members to lend a hand to others that may need support in getting the old wood back out on the ice – and we are encouraging YOU to gather up your old parts and get those beautiful old crafts up and running again. This is your year. We are celebrating vintage.

Keep an eye on this NEIYA website for more details as they roll out. The highlight of the season will be a full vintage regatta. A full weekend of fun plus all the days in the following week we can muster. Good food, great company, prizes, rides.

To get the ball rolling we are asking you to take a moment and fill out the following survey. the information will be use to help guide the event parameters. Your input is important to us, and we want to hear from you. Please take a moment and answer the quick survey below.

Think Vintage,

Jay Whitehair
Vice Commodore NEIYA

Summer (ICE) Diversion

Photo Credits the author and Peggy Huckel ice boating 2-9-22 Athens, NY (Poetic montage not Summer/Winter @ Chelsea YC)

We are ticking off the milestones till we get on the ice again. The summer solstice is behind us, Independence Day is past and we are nearing the Dog Days halfway mark.

This weekend I was (again) reminded of how close our ice boat community is and the depths it reaches in sailing at all levels. At an after-race party on the Hudson (Chelsea, NY) I was introduced to someone I already knew through email correspondence on a classified ad for a DN. The boat sold and found a new home in Ontario Canada. That single classified ad connected iceboaters across the northeast and into Canada and down to the majestic Hudson. The Chelsea Yacht Club was originally founded as an iceboat club and many members sail classic stern steerers and more modern craft. For a historic view and classic iceboat origin check out Chelsea YC history. Great iceboat history read. If you have never perused the Hudson River Ice Yacht Clubs, site now’s the time.

This BIG iceboat community is exactly what is behind our Vice Commodore Jay Whitehair’s 2023 BIG Iceboat Gathering initiative. We are looking to hold a gathering of all iceboats next season. A parade of the ages featuring crafts from far and near.

Join us for our first preseason call to discuss the BIG Gathering as well as an upcoming summer drysuit demo next month. Pre Ice call is scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday night July 19th, at 6:15 pm and will last under an hour. To participate please drop me a note at for login credentials.

Sail Fast, no matter what the craft,

John Stanton

P.S. Keep cool this week with iceboat thoughts.

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