Fourth of July in January

Courtesy  John Valentine


July 4th in January

From Scott Valentine- An iceboat Fourth Of July!


As ever, take a moment from BBQ, friends, fireworks, traffic, family, and a weekday off and take a moment to reflect on what it took to get this country where it is and how we can make it even better.

Almost as importantly, first ice is about five months away. Get cracking gang!

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Hey Gang- don’t know if any ice-related stuff will be there but the Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport is going on- Some nice stuff to see and a good way to kill some time until it starts getting cold again-

Worth checking out if you are in the area!

More info here:


Joe Meade did a talk about our favorite topic up at the Keuka YC in upstate NY a week or so ago.

He covered iceboating in the Finger Lakes, iceboat theory, types of iceboats, and even included a (static?) demonstration on sailing an iceboat.

Everyone had a great time, it was reasonably well attended despite a massive thunderstorm going on outside.

The photos are of the room before the gig, one is Brent P., who graciously volunteered from the audience to show everyone how to sail an iceboat (I think here he is rounding the leeward mark), and the last is Joe describing a windward mark rounding.

Sounds like it went well! In his words: “Was hoping for a bigger turnout, but we had a decent crowd. Like any good sailor, we can just tell everyone it was rockin’ and they should have been there! Everyone who came (35-40 people) I think had a good experience!”

We are sure they had a blast! Hope to see a few new faces on the ice this winter as a result. Well done Joe!

America’s Cup Final?

It’s do-or-die for Team Oracle in Bermuda today- Tune in to NBC,NBC Sports, or the NBC Sports app (or look around the interweb) to see the action!

Will the kiwis wrap it up? Will Oracle begin the second comeback of the century? It’s the America’s Cup- anything can happen. Races start at 1PM. Happy Viewing!

America’s Cup Racing Today!

Be sure to tune into the America’s Cup races today at 1 PM. The Kiwis did very well in the early races against Oracle last weekend but after a five-day break who knows whether ORACLE have come up with some improvements or if the Kiwis can keep the momentum going.

Will be interesting in any case! It’s the AC, just about anything can happen. And the boats are pretty cool. They sail with the apparent wind forward of the beam and go faster than the true wind. Sound familiar to anyone?!?

Races will be on NBC national, The NBC Sports App and maybe also on NBC Sports. Look around the TV dial (remember those?) and the interwebs.

Speaking of remembering stuff from way back, if you are looking to kill some time before the big match check out this documentary of the 1983 Cup summer in Newport. 12 Meters, shifty breeze, wing keels, standard keels, wire sheets, not-exactly-legal goings-on courtesy of NYYC, Ray-Ban sunglasses, CB jackets, mustaches, sideburns…. A very different but very great era for sure.

Happy Viewing!

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