Regatta This Weekend

Hello All-

Just wanted to let everyone know there is a good shot at getting in a regatta this weekend-

There is ice to be had, possibly in several places. When we zero in on the best one we will make an announcement. Could be in MA, ME, or NH….

As always three or more of any class will get their own start and a thorough knowledge of the Racing Rules is a necessity. Note that there are some differences with the conventional soft water rules so review them here: Rules & Safety – DN North America (

In addition, each sailor must provide proof of $300,000 personal liability at time of registration. Print a copy and keep it in your toolbox and/or take a picture of it and keep it in your phone.

There will be a Classic/Vintage award given out at the discretion of the Regatta Chairman so don’t hesitate to show up even if your boat is a little less than cutting edge!

Stay tuned to this site for details- Will make a formal announcement ASAP.

Line ’em up!!

T Thieler DN US 5224 NEIYA Regatta Chair

Quabog Pond, Massachusetts – Ice is IN

This news is just in from Bob S who we are all so grateful to for his dedication to scouting ice for all of us. This picture is from today at Quabog Pond in Massachusetts. Bob S. reports 4" of ice and he plans to sail tomorrow, Thursday, 1/13/2022.

REMEMBER: Use Caution! There are always hazards! Talk to people who have gone out before you head out. Never sail or scout alone. Sail Head’s Up!

Thanks, Karen

Ice Checking In Progress

Bantam Lake CT

It’s been cold. True ice building cold. The people in Maine were indeed sailing in frigid conditions yesterday ( ice checkers are out this morning at several locations. Stay tuned we will have more info later in the day. Remember even though we are all anxious we are in the early stages of the season and many areas still have snow on top which prevents proper scouting.

With a little luck, we may be sailing this weekend in MA (Quaboag), and a couple other locations are on the scouting list. Of course, Damariscotta in Maine is being sailed now check for details and we will recap tomorrow or Friday.

Be safe when checking and report your findings. Organize your own scouting parties. Report initial findings via our forum and let people know.

See something say something…

Think Ice,


Take Notes Any Way You Can!

When you are on the phone with a multiple DN North American and World Champion and riding shotgun with a DN North American champion one should ALWAYS TAKE NOTES! Not having a pen and paper at the ready, the sharpie and my right hand had to suffice.

Yesterday, T and I were driving back to RI after three days of great sailing on Walled Lake in Michigan. The ice was HARD and the wind was UP! I am pleased to say I did really well. No one was taking scores, but I am pretty sure I won every B fleet race. My starts were spot on and I was really focused on my body position in the boat. Yet, the fear factor remains high when coming into the leeward mark at a high rate of speed. I was definitely slipping more than I wanted to and in one race I almost spun out. Sunday was even windier with monster puffs in the upper 20s. I had little traction during my tacks and gybes.

I used my heavy 90-degree max inserts all weekend and my front runner has a 95-degree profile. The bigger and more experienced sailors were using 95-degree side runners and still maintaining control and going incredibly fast. Impressive! It’s truly these little things in DN racing that can make all the difference in terms of speed and your position in the fleet.

Mid-day on Saturday, I remembered Jane Pegel, kindly emailed me last year about big wind and her runner choice. I recalled something about an 85-degree front runner. Today, I just reviewed the notes she sent me. Yes, indeed, her front runner was 85 degrees. She said she rarely used her 90-degree side runners even in windy conditions If Jane was able to go fast and maintain control with her 95s and rarely used her 90s, because they are just too sharp and dig into the ice too deeply, should I get a new front runner for better traction? I am definitely considering it.

Then yesterday, Ron Sherry called us on the road. Ron gave me two key tips for big air and they went onto my right hand. Loosen my side stays and lower the halyard a bit. He said both of those small changes will make a huge difference and help you stick on the ice more. Thanks Ron for always being willing to share your knowledge!

I always think I am going to remember things people tell me, but in this sport there are so many variables and scenarios. There is different ice and wind conditions, multiple runner options, rig adjustments, and I am nowhere close to considering the different batten options that exist. I know now taking notes and keeping them for reference will help me make better sense of this sport.

Can’t wait for more sailing soon!

NEIYA Secretary

Near and Sub Zero Temps – Stay Vigilant Credit Damariscotta Lake ME

Here we go again. We had some some last week and the rain moved through over the weekend clearing the way for some sailing. Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club in Maine members have found some ice on the southern end of Damariscotta Lake and are sailing there today. Please check for details. There appears to be some access challenges and we must be good lake use citizens. This applies to all places we sail and we must get along with all lake users regardless of use.

We are waiting for additional reports. Ice in southern New England is building but no where near ready.

As always see something say something. There is a general good feeling we will be sailing this week and into the weekend.

Think Ice,


RI goes West

Seeing as NE was snowed out a few lucky RI sailors skipped town and made a nuisance of ourselves a little further west…. Binder and Thieler sailed with the MI crowd on Walled Lake and Atkins mixed it up w the Madison group In WI.

As far as I know it was all scrub racing in MI and no scores were kept but suffice it to say RI represented well across the board. And of course a good time was had by all.

In Madison scores were kept and Atkins was lit up….

Looking forward to some local ice soon….

Walled Lake, MI

Atkins In WI

Rudi Bauer, Fair Winds….

Sad to hear this…

Rudi Bauer OE39 – DN North America (

Rudi Bauer OE39 – DN North America

The IDNIYRA is saddened to announce that Rudy Bauer OE39 passed away at his home in Austria on January 1, 2022. …


Hey Gang- Planning on going to the DN Nationals? Register today and claim a sweatshirt- today is the final day for this so get on the computer and sign up! Click below for the details.

Think Ice!

2022 U.S. Nationals – DN North America (

2022 U.S. Nationals – DN North America

Sailing In Maine On Monday!!

This just in from the Maine gang- Cancel whatever plans you had and head on up!

Hope to have some marks set up and scratch races will be going all day-

Read on here and keep an eye on the CIBC site for details at Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club | Maine ice boat enthusiasts and friends

Graham Lake Sailing Monday

Posted on January 1, 2022 by billbuchholz

It’s a foggy day in Downeast Maine. We know that fog eats snow, but what does it do to ice? When last checked, Graham had 4.5” of good ice protected with a half inch of crusty snow. Light rain has likely taken care of the crust, now the ice needs to hang in there for another twenty-four hours before it gets cold again. More drizzle and fog is expected tomorrow.But Monday looks to be a stellar day. The entire lake is potentially sailable. Tuesday is looking good as well.

This is looking south, about halfway up the lake, taken last Monday, but a week is a lifetime for ice.

We’ll be launching from the south end boat launch ramp, just west of the dam. Take Eagle Rd off Rt. 180 a couple of miles north of Rt. 1a.

There are two known hazards: a tennis court size hole about 3/4 mile north of the dam, about in the middle of the lower bay. This will need to be marked. The other is a pressure ridge coming off the point on the west side of the narrows, about a third of the way north. It’s been crossed close along the east shore in some rough ice.

Again, all this could have changed but the only way to find out for sure is to show up. Please do not take off up the lake alone. The lake needs to be scouted.

Happy New Year, Happy Sailing!

Graham Lake

It was a good day on Graham Lake today as four boats ( including new guy Luke Ralph) sailed several scratch races on grade 8 ice and in decent breeze.

The plate is an honest 8.5 – 9.0. Pack up and head to the launch at the south end of the lake by the dam. There is a decent sized (tennis court sized) goose hole about 3/4 mile from the dam.

Forecast calling flr wintry mix tomorrow so we will see what happens…. Stay tuned!


Hey Gang- the Maine-iacs have come through again!

Sounds like very good news as Graham Lake is being reported as looking good- Sailors from Maine, RI and CT will be heading that way tomorrow to check it out- Scratch racing will be going on and if the weather stays good we may try to squeeze in the Doc Fellows before the year is out.

We are assured that the launch has plenty of room and the lake is pretty large- Come race, cruise, and get the season started!

Launch area is at the southern end of the lake, just west of the dam on Patriot Rd in Ellsworth, ME. Take Rt 180 to either Eagle or Patriot Rd (different names show up on different sites) and look for parking just west of the dam.

Of course stay clear of the dam as ice will be thin near the current- Also be advised there is a fish hatchery where Green Lake connects to Graham Lake and ice will be thin near there. Avoid this area and of course use caution as no ice is EVER guaranteed safe!

Keep an eye on CIBC and NEIYA sites for details and updates. Hope to see everyone soon!

Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club | Maine ice boat enthusiasts and friends

New England Ice Yacht Association (

From the CIBC site:

Four inches of smooth hard ice, microscopic dusting of snow. Skimmed holes now have 2.25” of ice with a tad more expected by morning. Some of these healed holes have pine branch markers. There is a long semi-healed crack which you need to locate before you can safely sail this lake. Check in before you go out. Excellent forecast, excellent ice. All that’s needed now is excellent company.

On Graham Lake in Ellsworth there is the same plate of ice. It’s been scouted around the perimeter with a few crossings and appears to be in great shape. If there will be DN racing that will be the place; either an NEIYA regatta or scratch racing. As usual this time of year things happen fast. There are two possible launch sites, but the south end near the dam (gulp) is the best launch. There was a little water seeping up around the edge, but the plate is fine. A short plank will be helpful. Be sure you access this site from Rt.180. If you wind up on the wrong side of the dam you’ll need to drive around.

The forecast looks pretty good for a nice stretch if we can dodge a few white bullets midweek.

It’s 12/21/2021 10:59 EST Do you Know Where Your Iceboat Is?

Photo Credit Jackie Mushinsky Spencer Cable Access – Quaboag Pond 2/16/20

As the PSA used to remind us, it’s getting late and something important may be left unattended. Could that be your iceboat?

If you are building get it finished. If you are stuck and need advice ask someone. If you don’t know who drop me a note and I will route you through our network to someone local. Looking for parts post a wanted in the classified section.

We are all waiting on the ice and as most of us know this is fairly typical in the Northeast. We can sail before Christmas but sometimes not.

This past Saturday we had a small group of people gather at Landfall Navigation in Stamford, CT to discuss iceboating with members and quite a few conversations with the usual Saturday customers. The usual questions: how fast do you go? where do you sail? And my favorite, where can I see it and can I try. We successfully got a few local, to me, people out on Bantam last winter. Iceboat intros occurred in all NE states but RI and maybe there too. Each one of us is an ice ambassador. It is up to all of us to shepherd the interested onto the ice. More on this as the season progresses.

This past Saturday we had a small group of people gather at Landfall Navigation in Stamford, CT to discuss iceboating with members and quite a few conversations with the usual Saturday customers. The usual questions: how fast do you go? where do you sail? And my favorite, where can I see it and can I try. We successfully got a few local, to me, people out on Bantam last winter. Iceboat intros occurred in all NE states but RI and maybe there too. Each one of us is an ice ambassador. It is up to all of us to shepherd the interested onto the ice. More on this as the season progresses.

The weather is looking more as it should complete with a system that will move through tonight and into tomorrow. Will this set us up for a post-Christmas sail? Maybe.

In the meantime be ready we may even be able to get the orphan regattas in from last year in the waning days of 2021.

Think Ice,

Commodore, NEIYA

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