Western Challenge….

Scott Valentine reminds us all that the Western Challenge is 120 days away…. As ever it will be first weekend in December, best ice in Minnesota….

Get the worklists out, clear some space in the shop and garage, and get crackin’ gang…. This is a great way to kick the season off!

Think ICE.

2019 DN Rank List

The 2019 DN Rank list is out. Take a look and see where you and/or your best buddies and/or your worst enemies are….

If you aren’t on the list give some thought to hitting the race course this year- it’s a blast!

AND start making goals and working toward raising the bar this season. December is flying towards us quicker than a Skeeter in a breeze….

Click here and take a look!

Think ICE!


Hello All- The July issue of Runner Tracks is out and ready for your perusal-

Looks like a big issue, with the DN Class at a major crossroads in terms of management and organization. Your input will be important so take a little time and read it thoroughly.

AND it features New England’s own Joe Meade ripping it up on the cover!!

Click the link and take a look- available in free in several formats, and on good old paper for $18.

Think ICE!!

DN For Sale

From Tricia… Take a look, this could be a great boat for someone!

Hello all!
Think Ice!
The Virgo 696 DN is for sale and aside from sharpening runners seems ready to go.
I have fond memories of sailing with my father Larry ,Brother Larry, skating around and getting rides with fellow boaters. I helped my mother bake cookies for all those first meetings that were held at our house. My father was an advocate for re- invigorating the life of the club and served many years on the board.

Larry is moving and would like to sell the boat this week. I’m sorry for the short notice.

**Please help spread the word about the Virgo**

-2 boxes of runners
-complete boat, sail, mast,plank
– custom canvas covers
-many chocks
-home made hand brake
-set of wheels for transport
-a few picks
-an ice boat book
– photos of the boat on the lake and a few iceboat post cards.

Please call me direct 7605046344
Or email triciareina

Thank you in advance for your time and kind attention to help find a new home for the Virgo.

Kind regards,

Barn Find Anyone?

Hello All- Getting to be that time of year…. If you are up for a big project and a road trip to start it read on!

Jane Pegel writes:

Attached to this email you will find photos of a 1930’s vintage open-back

iceboat similar to the Beauvais Skeeters. This boat has only a hull and

runner plank.

It has always been stored in a dry barn near Delavan, WI and is in


condition, waiting for someone to finish the project and get out on the ice.

It is

being offered FOR FREE.

The SIBC has agreed to assist with the transfer of ownership. Persons

interested in becomingthe proud owner of this boat are encouraged to send an

email to

I564 to arrange for pickup.

July 4….

Let’s take a moment and remember those who got us here…. Happy 4th everyone.

Final Volvo Event Saturday Morning

Hey Folks- Saturday AM is the last event in this edition of the Volvo race- Just one In-Port race left, and it has consequences- some of the tail end boats are tied or close to it and this race could determine much more than bragging rights.

In any case it’ll be fun to watch and will have to tide us all over until the next edition. And of course we are all killing time until the hard-water season rolls around again… Which will be soon….

Click here, the race is at 0730 EST (1130 UTC for you nautical types)

Enjoy the viewing- and Think Ice!!

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