Mystery Boat, Cont’d….

We put out the call to identify a mystery boat a week or so ago and I figured I’d just share the responses- Looks like we have a few clues but it sounds like we need more photos and maybe someone can check it out in person- it belongs to Jim Oxenford and it is located on Chaumont Bay at the eastern end of Lake Ontario.

First things first: the barn is a dairy barn- Jim says the cows are long gone! Tom Gloudemans adds that “That’s a milking barn. The metal stanchions separate the cows when they are in their stalls being milked. The trough to the right of the boat is the manure trough, no explanation needed.”

With that mystery solved we can move on to the good stuff- Here are the comments and further questions on the boat- Hope this clears the waters and please email me with any more info or ideas!

Bill Bucholz chimed in first, about two minutes after I put the original post up. He is pretty hardcore!

“My guess is a Palmer. No one else that I know of built those long tapered sterns, and the plank has a reverse curve and should be hollow. The chocks are different, though. There should be a builders label on the forward face of the aft cockpit coaming and on the side of the boom. Tiller steering? If he can get a look at the bulkhead at the foot of the fwd cockpit or behind the aft cockpit seat they should be diagonal planked. There will be a longitudinal in the fwd cockpit to support the mast step. The plank mounts will be cast aluminum and look just like standard Palmer. What’s the white stuff on them?

Cheers, Bill”

Next was John Low:

“I am guessing that could possibly be a Monotype XV, based on the dual cockpit design, but I am not certain. I would also guess that the building was a dairy barn. Where is it located?

As you know, Bill Bucholz had a Monotype built which was featured in Wooden Boat magazine. His was called Fast Piece of Furniture. I am not sure where it ended up, but it could have been Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. Monotypes were popular on the Baltic Sea before the Second World War and made a comeback in Communist Bloc Eastern Europe during the Cold War.


John Henry Low
Nite 430”

And Bill Converse offers this:

“I vaguely remember seeing that boat on the ice years ago(early 80’s) at lake Wequaket in Hyannis when we had a Big Boat Weekend. Large ice boats showed from all over New England. It is what was called an E boat, or E class Skeeter( we were not that sophisticated here in those days) and is obviously a two seater. The local E boats had an 18 1/2″, 6-8 inches wide tapered mast with a 9 foot boom(low rig), about 18′ long with about a 14′ Runner Plank. Some had a short spring board making it 21-22 feet in length. Most of the hardware was either sailboat hardware, or was custom made by local machinists. The most famous of the sailors around here were the Allys from Fall River area. There was Julie, Joe, and Teddy. Julie was a local machinist who made most of the parts for their boats. The only one left is Teddy. I have seen him at Lakeville a few times. He had a boat almost identical to that pictured. They were quite fast in their day. There were a number of E boats from the cape. Unfortunately Teddy is probably the only one who could identify that boat. Leo Healy may, but you’d have to email him the picture. I will keep rummaging around in my memory. Where is the boat now? Bill Converse”

The truth is out there somewhere! Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Jim, if you’re reading this send more photos of the boat- details and close-ups please!

Thanks for sending us on the quest…. Think ICE! T

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Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat And Yacht Club Meeting Tonight!

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Doc fellows postponed

Hello all-due to a less than stellar wind forecast the dock and fellows has been postponed until further notice- Get your gear ready, keep the faith and think ice! Stay tuned, T

James “T” Thieler
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Newport, RI. 02840


Doc Fellows Regatta Update

We are still hoping to do the Doc Fellows regatta this weekend- however a bit of snow in the region and a high pressure system are making it a challenge-

Our team will be scouting sites tomorrow and a final call will be made in the afternoon-

So keep your hopes high and your gear loaded up!

Stay tuned to this site for details. Think ICE! (and breeze)

Doc Fellows Regatta This Weekend

Hey Folks-

We are looking to hold the Doc Fellows Regatta this Saturday, January 5.

Sites in VT, NH, and ME are being scouted and considered. We will see which one looks best over the next day or two.

Stay tuned to this site for updates- next on Thursday evening.

Think ICE!

Mystery Boat Needs To Be Identified

While we wait to see what the weather event will do for / to the lakes over the next 24 hours take a moment to read the following email and take a look at the photo. This gentleman is psyched to have this boat and is wondering what exactly it is! I have to say I’m also curious as to what the building was used for.

In any case email me at if you can identify the boat. Winner gets bragging rights!

Here is the email from the new owner:

“I recently became the owner of this boat below and I was wondering if you have any idea how old it is or any other information on it. It has a wooden mast and the boom and sail is visible behind it on the pipes. The cross brace/leg goes in the rear and the steering runner attaches at the front with a large bolt. Any information would be appreciated.


Jim Oxenford”

Soft Water Action….

…Some hard water sailors would say that is a contradiction in terms but nonetheless this is interesting to watch-

It’s the start of the Sydney to Hobart race yesterday (that’s Boxing Day in Australia)- they have a ton of entrants every race but the focus is on the five giant super-maxis that start first- they have big canting keels, big crews, big sails, big foils, BIG budgets, and not one of them can go as fast as a two-hundred dollar CheapSkate!

But check it out anyway. A good way to kill a half an hour before you go into the shop or out on the road to scout ice or better yet, go sailing.

Happy viewing! The five-minute gun is at 25 minutes into the broadast- THINK ICE!!

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