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Happy Thanksgiving from the NEIYA!


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with friends and family and give thanks for all that you have.

Thanksgiving is a special time for so many reasons. Asside from the everyday it is a time when our warm weather dreams morph into Hard Black Ice. There will be sailing soon…

Looking forward to carving up some ice this season. Not on the centerpiece but around the leeward mark or on a screaming reach with chips a flying.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to get ready. Haul out the gear from the cellar, the back of the garage or hidden about the house. Check out your gear weekend.

Don’t forget our annual off ice tune-up this weekend.

Saturday Nov. 26th | Arthur C. Lamb Co | 85 Jackson St, Canton, MA 02021 | 11:00 – 3:00 pm Details

Safe travels this holiday weekend and be forever Thankful!

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore
DN 5023



2016 Lamb Tune-up Saturday November 26th

The 2016 Tune-up session is this weekend. Don’t miss out.

Date: Saturday November 26th
Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Arthur C. Lamb Company Refreshments: Served continuously throughout the day

Planned sessions include.

  1. Runner Stoning aka after grind care – presented by Eben Whitcomb
  2. Why We Race and You Should Too – presneted by James “T” Thieler
  3. Runner Straightening Demo or What To Do After an Incident – presented by Bob Haag / Steve Lamb
  4. Boat Surveys – Have an old boat and want to get it on the ice this season? Give it a once over before sailing.  Have a barn boat? Experts will be standing by to help.

If you reserved Boride stones, they will be waiting for you. If not, there are a limited number of additional sets available.

Looking forward to getting together setting up a few boats and learning a thing or two.

Please note, in order to help focus on learning and knowledge transfer, there will again be no runner grinding this year. If you need help with sharpening ask about options turning the tune-up or reach out and we find a way to get it done before first ice.

Ready your gear the ice is near,

John Stanton
DN 5023



Tune-up Time Saturday Nov 26th


It’s that time of year again. People are dragging their boats down from the rafters and rigging up. Checking to be sure that things are in good working order.

You don’t have to go it alone. If you have questions on tuning your boat or just want to learn a new skill or two, come on down to the NEIYA off ice Tune-up. Novice and expert alike will be there to share and or learn. See you there.

When: Saturday November 26th 2016
Where: Arthur C Lamb Company, 85 Jackson St, Canton, MA 02021

We will once again be making a club bulk purchase of Boride Stones. Last year we sold out quickly. Please send me an email if you would like a set,

See you there and Think Ice,


Tragedy Stricks CT Ice Boater

As posted earlier on by Bill Buchholz.

Ailing Iceboaters

… Down at the Connecticut Ice Yacht Club, Joe Kolodej was seriously injured at work and a fundraiser has been organized by George Neysson. Lots of us build things and use tools, so its always useful to try and understand how these accidents happen. All the best from Maine, Joe!—CIYC Dave Danielson fills in the details:

I spoke with Joe for about 15 minutes the day after he got back home. Joe was at Cedar Island Marina in Clinton, CT. working on a Silverton 42. The boat was out of the water. He went below decks to do some welding believing the boat had been vented. When he began there was an explosion. He told me he wasn’t sure whether it was fuel or propane that caused it. He was able to get back on deck but the ladder had fallen away from the boat. Someone heard the explosion and came to help him. His right arm was badly damaged. He told me his hand was just hanging, his thumb wasn’t in the right place (his words) and blood was pulsing out of the arm. He was immediately wrapped up with boat yard shrink wrap to contain the flow and rushed to Yale/New Haven.

He told me the emergency room was full of doctors and nurses to stabilize him. There were 2 more surgeries: the first to determine the extent of damage and another to do skin grafts. He has pins in every finger on his right hand and has a pump hooked up to take care of drainage, I assume. He has a nursing service coming to the house as well and is on 2 kinds of pain killers and still not very comfortable.

I haven’t talked to him again yet; thought I’d let him settle in a bit. I don’t think he’s very comfortable recounting the incident. I know I wouldn’t be either. It sounds like he’s worried whether he will be able to use the hand and arm. He also sounds like he’s not sure what will happen from a legal standpoint, if anything; it’s still being investigated by the local police dept.

He’s guessing it will be at least a 6 months recovery period; probably what the doctors told him. That’s all I have at the moment. I’m really grateful to George for setting up the fundraiser. Joe might have rejected such a thing but I’m sure he’s going to need some backup funds down the road. I’m hoping that we can raise a large sum to take that worry out of the equation. And, at the same time, let him know his friends are with him on the way to a full recovery, if possible.


This Saturday 11/12 – Finger Lakes Region NY Ice Boating Swap meet and Gathering



News from our ice boating friends and brethren in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Sounds like they have a great venue and a good number of activities.

KEWASA 2017 Season & Meet

Welcome to a new season!

Now is the time to start thinking of moving the iceboat out of the back of the garage to get your lawn furniture in.  While you are at it – if you have anything that you don’t want any more, plan on bringing it to our annual meeting and swap meet at the Finger Lakes Boat Museum and sell it to someone who may need it!

Annual Swap Meet / Tune Up / Workshop
Saturday, November 12th 2016

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Finger Lakes Boating Museum
Hammondsport, NY

The Great Western Challenge

With the election done it’s on to other pressing issues-  just after the NEIYA tune up clinic on November 26 will be the Great Western Challenge. 

This is held first weekend of December (Fri-Sun, 2-4 this year) on the best ice in Minnesota.  If you own a DN start planning to attend!  Long trip but worth it….

Would be cool to have a big eastern group this year-  to help with logistics I’m going to ask anyone who is going or wants to go let me know if you are looking for a ride, have a seat available, trailer space, whatever…. Email me at and we can try to get people hooked up.

Look forward to hearing from everyone!


It’s a Wrap – Swap & Annual Meeting – A Well Attended Success


This year’s annual Swap & Meeting was a great success and a good time was had by all. The day started before 9:00 with cars and trailers pulling in and setting up boats and equipment for sale. The came form CT, MA, NY, RI, NH, VT, NJ and ME and beyond.

For those in buying mode there was plenty to choose from. Boats were transferred from one trailer to another and moved from the ground to roof racks. Couldn’t make it or on the fence there are still quite a few ready to go rigs still up on the classified section.

The day moved on to the eating and the hungry hoards were all satisfied. No one was turned away and everyone was well fed.

Commodore James “T” Thieler opened the meeting with a colorful summary of last season full of Tisms, humor and more than a few innuendos. The momentum carried us all through the business parts of the meeting.

With the business end done it was time recognition time. Recognizing those on the race course with freshly crafted keeper trophies from Oliver’s new composite specialty company Moore Bro Co. Oliver, great job, awesome original design and a great conversation piece. Care to share the deflection numbers on that mast? For those not present Chis Miller is holding his trophy in one of the John Ziermann’s pictures below.

Off ice awards were awarded to officers and key club volunteers in recognition for their tireless efforts. These are the people who step up and get things done for all of us. Speaking of stepping up Henry Capotosto has once again answered the call and was elected Secretary (again).

As promised, something for the rest of the audience was handed out. Club mugs and a couple gift certificates from Landfall Stamford, CT and of course online.

The meeting was adjourned and the conversations continued for a couple additional hours in the parking lot.

Next up. The Lamb off ice tune up Saturday November 26 at Arthur C. Lamb Company in Canton MA. Take a break from post Thanksgiving shopping and come talk ice boating. Where would you rather be, the mall or trading sail fast knowledge? Details to come.

First ice is coming haul out your gear and be sure your ready.

Think and see you on the ice,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

P.S. If you haven’t paid your dues, please click on the links to the right. Do it today.