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Quabaug Checked yesterday

Sorry for late notice but figured someone people may be able to sail last minute on a Tuesday.

Bob S reported this morning. “checked quaboag yesterday 5 to 6 inches sailed the north end for 3 hrs. going back today check south side wind permitting.
Quaboag lake Brookfield ma.

Be sure to check with Bob or locals before venturing out. Quaboag has know hazzards that must be respected.

Can this survive fri and saturdays thaw? Who knows get it while its there.


P. S. Bob thanks for sharing!

Quaboag Sunday Coming Up

quaboag 12 25 2016

Quabaug Pond in Brookfield MA was scouted from end to end but the wind just didnt cooperate. There will be a group returning tomorrow morning.

See you there.

Come on down rig up and sail.

There is bound to be a good crowd out there so sail heads up!


Please let us know you plan on coming in the poll below and leave your fellow iceboaters a comment below.

Think Ice,



Sailing tomorrow Sabattus, ME

Glommed from cibc and facebook

Lee Spiller sent this photo of the ice he found on Custer Pond maine (AKA Sabattus Pond) in Sabattus. Lee skated the lake top to bottom and reports 3 to 4 inches of ice mostly grade 9. The lake has not been sailed, as always caution is to be used. The boat ramp is located on the southwest side of the lake just northwest of the town of Sabattus at Martin Point off Lake Street. Lee plans to sail tomorrow as do I. Winds are forecast to 5 to 6 MPH with possible rain starting around 4PM. Info on the lake can be found at search for town of Sabattus.

There are reports of some rough spots but worth the sail.

Its early in the season, be careful.



P. S. If you are planning on going leave a comment below.

Annual Tune-Up Saturday December 14th


He came at me from there…

The First Ice award once again goes to the CIBC gang who sailed Plymouth Pond yesterday.  Is NH and VT close behind? Time will tell. In the mean time get ready get ready get ready.

This year’s Tune-up will be in December and eventhough some will have sailed by than many will not have been lucky with local ice. We have a full agenda planed. Make plans to be there.



10:30 Paul Zucco – How to build a fast and durable DN Plank
Paul will share secrets learned over 30 years of plank building

11:00 Eben Whitcomb – Runner Prep
Eben will take you through the steps necessary to hit the ice with Sharp, and Fast Runners
He will demonstrate sharpening and Honing

11:30 Steve Madden & Greg Cornelious – Safety On the Race Course
Right of Way rules to keep us all safe and discussion of what to look out for at the weather mark
and Leward mark.

12:00 James “T” Thieler & Jeff Kent – Rig tune and trim secrets
Two of the BEST and really, really fast guys available anywhere will take us through
rig tune, shifting gears, and sail trim.


Think Ice,


Best Known Ice Coming From CIBC In Maine

With record cold being reported from the NOAA Gray/Portland, ME Office this week it is not surprising that ice is setting up. Bill from CIBC has issued a report on Plymouth Pond in Plymouth Maine. Check in on for Details.

Nothing coming in for VT nor NH at this time. There is ice but nothing sailable.

Remember it’s early-season so be careful. We do not have a thick base and conditions will change from moment to moment.

More info next week.

Side note, a blue jacket ended up in one of the boxes I brought home from the annual meeting a couple weeks ago let me know if its your.










Think Ice,




Looking Forward To 2020 & Over My Shoulder

Nothing like the first real cold and snow flurries to jolt one into iceboat mode. My work colleges do not quite understand, they never do, so I showed them the Thunder Bay video from earlier in the week. Unfortunatly their minds are on deliveries south and cruising in the Caribbean. But we know better and look forward to first ice.

Today’s note is two-fold looking forward and looking a little back.

Looking forward
In less than a month Steve Lamb will once again host the annual off ice tune-up clinic. Mark your calendar’s Saturday, December 14th, Arthur C. Lamb Co., Canton, MA. The timing should be perfect for securing last-minute tune-up tips and propel us into full iceboat mode. Rick Bishop will be getting the full agenda out in a few days.

Looking Back
This year’s Annual Meeting and swap meet was very well attended. We successfully filled a bigger parking lot at our new (second year) venue in Hudson NY. Two boat legends changed hands, Hal Chamberlain and Roger Livingston’s boats have new caretakers. Good luck gentlemen. Sail Fast and make their former owners proud.

Lunch began shortly after the swap meet hoard were herded into the meeting room. We left the usual abstaining crowd in the lot. Maybe they had more fun out there but the real show featured chicken, Swedish meatballs, the usual sides and boat talk. But it was not as much about the food as the crowd of people all gathered together to talk mostly about iceboating past and future. Mixed well amongst the NEIYA veterans was six brand new members eager to join in.

Commodore T kicked off the meeting with his usual style and grace and believe it or not the jokes were clean.

The next part of the meeting was fun, prizes and safety-related. Yours truly raffled off safety items that Landfall ( shameless plug) helped bring to our meeting. Safety tip of the day, carry a whistle. Be sure that it does not have a pea that can clog or freeze up making it worthless. Jay Whitehair was up next with his VT first responder ice bucket challenge. Jay talked about the effects of Hypothermia and what you should do and how to safely help someone else. Jay, thanks for the good tips for all the potential swimmers out there.

The required business portion of the meeting rolled along smoothly and we tried to make it as painless as possible especially for those that are new, just having lunch, or easily distracted.

T talked about local racing this past season which was a little challenging but last year’s New Englands did happen late last year up in Maine. The same may occur this year. Get ready to roll on a moment’s notice as December may just deliver a good plate for race and cruising.

While conditions for racing did not materialize Charlie Silvanus was able to pull off the Hard Way for the second year in a row. Bill Buchholz presented signed certificates of completion. Kate Marrone will be putting the Hardway recap on the web in the next week or so. So read the details there and get ready for the next attempt. Could there be a Winni Spring Fling in 2020? It’s been way way too long so let’s hope so and stay tuned.

Eben Whitcomb representing the nominating commitee put forth the recommended slate for the 2020 season. Some well known and some new blood was proposed.

Commodore: John Stanton
Vice Commodore: Jay Whitehair
Secretary: Karen Binder
Treasurer: Bob Haag

The slate was presented and no additional candidates were nominated from the floor. Motions to accept nominations and vote were put forward electing the slate.

I am proud to be the next NEIYA Commodore and look forward to serving the club and ice boaters en masse. I have spoken personally with many of you and heard what you are saying both positive and areas needing improvement. I’m already working on the weather thing and planning for a solid plate of ice from the big lakes in Maine clear down to the New Jersey shore. Wish I really could make that promise but… I do want to be sure that we communicate as a tight group and will publish where people are sailing on a weekly basis. It’s all about the people. I am committed to making this happen. With Karen’s help as well as Deane Williams who is helping out on the web we will make it so. Our Cruising Chairman Bill Buchholz always plays a key roll in getting the word out for Maine ice and is a fine example of cooperation and sharing ice related information.

We started a tradition a couple years ago with the honoring of Leo Healey, who regrets that he could not make it to this year’s meeting. This year we honored Lloyd Roberts. If you know Lloyd than you know what a fine gentleman and iceboater he is. In a couple words, he wrote the book. Think Ice originally published in 1980 and later updated in 1985 and 1997 (Millenium Edition). Rumor has it that there is a new edition coming out in a year or so but it really is quite up to date. Think Ice is available direcly from The Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club HERE

Lloyd, I appreciate knowing you as a friend and fellow iceboater for the past 20+ years. Sorry for the low audio. I hope you can hear the words of admiration and if you can not know that the NEIYA and all its members hold you in the highest regard. We look forward to sailing with you this season.

On behalf of myself, Jay Whitehair, Karen Binder, and Bob Haag have a great 2020 iceboat season and see you on the ice.

Think Ice,

John Stanton
NEIYA Commodore

P.S. If you have not paid your 2020 dues please do today.

Description Price
2020 Membership $30

More Boat Legends From Hal, Roger Livingston & Tomorrow’s NEIYA Meeting


Just a few more reasons to stop by have been added Bill Buchholz will be bringing Hal Chamberlain’s DN down, Roger Livingston’s boats are looking for a good home and though it’s not an iceboat, there will be a foiling Catamaran for sale. If you’re not already coming to the annual meeting and swap meet here is another good reason to come.

Just spoke to our guy (that’s me) at and there will be some safety related door prize give aways. Not that we need to bribe anyone just one more reason toc come tomorrow.

Don’t forget to pay your 2020 Dues and lunch online for tomorrow.

Description Price
2020 Membership $30
2020 Membership and Lunch $45
2020 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $60
Lunch Only $15



Fred Greis will be bringing Hal Chamberlain’s HICDIC to our swap meet. I saw the boat in Greenport last month complete with stickers from a 1989 trip to Siberia. It is a piece of local iceboating history and a must-see. Hicdic needs to stay in New England and hopefully, someone can make a new home for her

Questions about this craft? Give Fred a call 516-313-7788

Meeting Details below

Please pay online before the meeting. Do it now while your thining of iceboating. Our treasurer Bob Haag will greatful. It’s really easy and I can tell you that some of our more senior members have paid online so the fear of technology is no excuse.

Description Price
2020 Membership $30
2020 Membership and Lunch $45
2020 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $60
Lunch Only $15

Dig out your old gear and post for sale. People can preview online and arrange for pickup. Get something new and get rid of what your not using.

The NEIYA Annual Meeting Swap Meet and Luncheon is Saturday, November 2, 2019, in Hudson MA. Remember the new venue, the same as last year. Parking lot activities generally begin around 10 am with lunch at noon. The full schedule of activities will be released in a couple weeks.

Hudson-Concord Elks Hall
99 Park Street, Hudson, MA 01749

Everyone loved the new venue so we are back again. As you recall there is plenty of parking lot space so bring ice boat stuff to sell or just show off your latest project before it hits the ice? Bring it on down all are welcome.

Come and celebrate last season, and get ready for an even 2019/2020 iceboating season.

Let’s be ready to roll when the “Polar Vortex” comes down for a visit.

If you have not dragged your craft(s) out of storage now’s the time. Get ready. Sort through your gear and consider selling or trading the extras at the swap meet or via our classified section. Help fellow enthusiasts get on the ice and sail fast. Remember what’s old and slow to you is fast and new to someone else.

See you there,


P.S. Question, concerns, want more info, want to try out iceboating, or want to help.