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It’s on! Annual Meeting, Swap & Lunch Saturday 11/5/16

NEIYA Swap 032 a

All NEIYA members, iceboaters and anyone with any interest in iceboating,

The fall meeting and swap meet has been scheduled for November 5, and once again will be at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 17 Willow St, Westborough, MA  01581.

Swap meet starts at 9AM in the parking lot, lunch at meeting starts at noon in the hall. There will be great door prizes

Put it on your calendars folks! Start digging out all the gear you want to sell or trade and start making a list of anything you’d like to bring up at the meeting.

Please pay your dues and lunch online today. Don’t worry you do not have to have PayPal, any credit/debit card will do. Lunch is a club subsidized $10 this year. Yes, the same low price as last year! Our treasurer Bob Haag would appreciate online payment or at least let him know ( you’re coming for an accurate head count. There will be plenty of Swedish meatballs.

Description Price
2017 Membership $30
2017 Membership and Lunch $40
2017 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $50
Lunch Only $10

If you have any extra gear be sure to list it in the classified section and drag it to the swap meet. Your old gear will make someone very happy.

Stay tuned for more info-  Looking forward to seeing everyone-  Be there or be square!

Think Ice and see at the Meeting

Black Ice Fanatic Seeking Black Top…


Hello All-

Joachim Roesler is looking for some info about local landsailing-  read on, this might work out well for someone-  take a look at the attached photo!  If you have any info for him, give him a shout-  his contact info is at the bottom- Think Ice!

He writes:   I was wondering if you could put the word out for some help with a land sailing question.

Recently I have scouted and found a very nice old airfield near Boston, SouthField in Rockland, MA. The main runway would be very suitable for some land sailing (see attached pic of my hybrid ride).

However, I have not yet been able to identify who controls that old airfield, or whom I would have to ask for permission.

Do you think anyone in our ice sailing audience would know or could help with that? I’m offering free rides, if it works out.


Joachim P. Roesler
New Canaan, CT

IDNIYRA – New Site – New Way to Join

DN North America

Hey Folks-

The DN Class Membership page has been updated-  if you are interested in joining, renewing, or supporting the class it is now easier than ever!   See it here.
The class now offers two levels of membership, Regular and Sustaining, on the Membership page.

The Regular membership remains at the bargain price $25 per year. You now have the option to pay conveniently through Paypal for one, two or three years.

The Sustaining membership is $35 per year and for those who  want to give a little bit extra to help support  promotional, regatta, and basic class expenses. Again, you have the option to pay for one, two, or three years.

There’s also a Donation button on the Membership page for anyone who would like to give an amount of their choice to help insure the future of DN racing.

If you’d rather mail a check, please contact Executive Secretary Deb Whitehorse +1-608-347-3513
See the whole new DN Class Website here:

Think Ice,


Classic (very) iceboating designs

John Mandryk, who has a house at Deep Creek Lake in MD, is going to try to build an old style Dutch ice yacht.  And the term “old style” really applies here as this will be similar to the oldest iceboats we know of, going back to the late 1500’s!

Take a look at the attachments and have a look at his emails on the subject-  if you think you can lend a hand or offer him some advice or an atta-boy give him a shout-
Here is an email of his:

Thanks for you interest in my quest for learning about the “Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht”

I tell my friends, that after two years of retirement, I have had only three “bad days”:  Two were on the golf course (so what else is new?) and one was watching my friends sail their DN’s on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, where I have a Lake House.  My problem is that at age 67, I have had one hip replaced and one that should be replaced.  And when I move,  it is like the Tin Man in the Wizard of OZ. So sailing a DN or its equivalent is pretty much out of the question.

So I embarked on a search to find a Hard Water vessel that might accommodate my needs. I fell down a rabbit hole of endless myriads of Google Searches and finally discovered the “Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht”, or as they are called in the Netherlands: old Dutch ijsschuiten.

So here are my objectives.

1.  Find pictures, line drawings, etc. and categorize these examples into convenient “Types”.
Note:   I have displayed these on Pinterest for anyone interested to observe and to make comments, corrections, etc.
They can be searched by using the search words:
Type I    iJsschuiten
Type II   iJsschuiten
Type III  iJsschuiten
Type IV  iJsschuiten
Type V   iJsschuitne
Type VI  iJsschuiten

2.  I intend to learn about the historical, traditional  Dutch “soft water” craft and will hopefully make some connection between them and these ice yachts: For example what boats from history were influential on the design of the ice yachts. Can we make some general observations.  I have been coached on this by Bert Van Baar a Boat builder in the Netherlands, and Cees van der Rest of Vaartips Nederland, and Maartin de Groot of the Netherlands.

3.  I am enrolled in a the course “Elements of Design” at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin Maine this summer.  My objective is to make line drawings of the Types that I eventually settle upon. John Brooks of Brooks Boats Designs will be my instructor.

4.  I have some stitch and glue sailboat plan recommendations from Paul Fisher of Selway Fisher in the UK. and Bill Buchholz.  They could be modified to make and ice yacht.  If I can come up with a suitable solution, I could have the vessel completed by February 2018.

5.  Meanwhile I will convert my 8 ” sailing dingy to an old Dutch ijsschuiten for an experimental launch on February 2017. (Note: A club member in the Netherlands did a similar thing)

Note: To accomplish this I will need to:.
1.  Build the “A” frame, and Sails.  I have drawings from Maarten de Groot, Secretary of IJszeilvereniging De Robben, Netherlands that give me great guidance.

2.  I received skates from a 1930’s rear steerer from Bill Bucholz of Apache Ice Boats in Camden, Me.
3.  I was gifted a DN crossbrace to support 200 pounds from my neighbor and DN enthusiast Ray Gauthier of Annapolis,  MD and Deep Creek Lake Maryland.

So this is my evolving story.

Let me know what you think.

John Mandryk
Boalsburg, PA
Deep Creek Lake, Me.

PS.  I have copied everyone who has been mentioned in this email.  It is so amazing how generous people are with their time and talent.  This project is really a compilation of their efforts. I am just the coordinator.

Examples of Type I Traditional Ice Yacht

Possible Plan A for Type I Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht

Possisble Plan B for Type I Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht

Type II. Traditional Dutch Ice Yacht Examples

Possible Plan for Type II Traditional Ice Yacht.

Warren Nethercotte Recognized By Sail Canada

Ripped from the headlines of Scuttlebutt Sailing News and  Sail Canada (Original Sail Canada article). Our Canadian and Nova Friend Warren Nethercotte (KC 3786) has been recognized as a top Sail Canada Volunteer.  Echoing Sail Canada’s write-up, Warren is a tireless traveler, relentless competitor and all around great guy off the ice. In addition to all the contributions mentioned by Sail Canada, he is a pivotal member of the NOVA Ice Boat Club and serves as IDNIYRA Canadian Vice Commodore. When we see Warren sailing in New England, you can be sure that he has driven at least 50% more miles than anyone on and off the ice. As we all know, dedication and miles traveled equals more ice time. Warren congratulations from the New England Ice Yacht Association and see you on the ice in six months time.

scuttlebutt-logo2[1]logo[4](June 10, 2016) – Warren is a tireless contributor to his club, the province of Nova Scotia, Sail Canada, and regattas around the world. A continuously active volunteer at St Margaret Sailing Club, he has been on the club’s Board of Directors for a number of years, only very recently stepping down.

Warren’s leadership has been evident with Sail Canada’s Training & certification Committee – Chair from 2010 – 2013, and continued as a contributing member through 2015.

A leader in the training and development of Sailing Judges, Warren was active with Sail Canada’s Judges Sub-committee for decades. As an International Judge, Warren holds a wealth of knowledge and experience from his many appointments on sailing juries around the world.

Warren finds some time for himself – he is an avid ice-boater in the winter, and enjoys sailing a Soling in the summers. His volunteering touches so many – you will still find him volunteering as a Judge at regattas up and down the Atlantic Seaboard and at local, provincial & national US and Canadian sailing championships!

The St Margaret Sailing Club is a Member Club with Sail Nova Scotia and Sail Canada. A registered CANSail Training Site, SMSC’s Sailing School delivers CANSail dinghy programming for youth and Keelboat training for adults. They run weekend & weeknight racing for their members. Each year SMSC hosts the famous Bay Wind Regatta, and is renowned for hosting class championships at all levels, and the Sail Canada’s Sail East & National Youth Championships.

Think Ice,

P.S. Only ten days till the days start getting shorter!

Thin…With a “K”

IMG_20160604_130800Found while wandering around a boat yard on the banks of the Stony Creek in Branford, CT.

But seriously, the owner should get a refund for the spelling error.

Think Ice people, the Summer Solstice is two weeks away and the days only get longer from there.


Chad Goes North…

While most of us are happy to buy the same sails used by the top of the DN fleet from a few of the usual suspects, one of our own Chad Atkins has been working directly with North Sails. Read all about it in his interview with North.

We’re all looking forward to seeing more development from Chad and North next season.

For a little less eye strain check here.

Links to North Sails and Learn more about the new North Sails designs for the DN Iceboat.