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And They’re Off

Photo and video courtesy Purshaw Lake resident Caryn


I received an email from a local Purshaw Lake resident last night asking about the racing that was going on. She was kind enough to send along a video from her back porch earlier today. This video was shot from about halfway up the lake.


Bill Buchholz the NEIYA’s Cruising Chairman and the President of the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club is the official organizer of the 100-mile Regatta. Further news and results will be published on CIBC’s site https:/ later today.

Stay tuned for the Canadian DN Nationals report from T and Karen. Let’s see how our remaining ice survives the warm weather. Keep the faith for at least one more sail.

Think Ice,


Late Breaking Ice Report From NH


Not in Maine getting ready for the restart of the 100 Miler on Purshaw tomorrow. Jonesing for some ice? This just in from Charlie S. in New Hampshire. A group of sailors will be sailing Lake Wentworth in Wentworth, NH tomorrow. Best put in just up from the State Park toward Rt28 or at the state beach. Its a small lake you will figure it out.

Sail Fast,




Some Odds & Ends From The DN Gold Cup


Below are a few items that T wanted to pass along but somehow didn’t make the 3700+ air miles journey.


2020 DN Gold Cup Site, Orsa Lake, Sweden

And the word of the day was wet…



I am sure we will have more from Osla Lake tomorrow.


This Weekends Gatherings Feb 1st & 2nd

Remember, there are hazards among what looks like good ice. Winnipesaukee scouting image (1/30/20) by veteran, sailor, skater, and scouter Randy Rice.

Ice scouts have been busy all week and come back with some good and some not so good news.

Here is what I know and where you can expect to meet up with fellow iceboaters.

Winds are going to be on the lighter side and increasing through the weekend across our sailing areas but fine for the smoother areas and well one never knows so just show up.

  • The CIBC ( has been sailing Damarascota this week and likely through the weekend. Wind may be an issue so check their site for updates
  • Winnipesaukee has been checked, sailed and skated every day this week. There are good conditions and will play host to the DN New Englands – Launch is Ellacoya State Park, note it may be crowded so use the ramp area for unloading and loading ONLY. Other launch sites are being investigated but not confirmed at this point.
  • Quaboag Pond First-hand reports came in yesterday and it is trashed. Lots of pressure ridges, open leads and generally sub-par ice thickness STAY OFF unless something changes
  • Bantam Lake Has been looked at all week and generally has a good surface but is too not thick enough.
  • Sunapee, waiting on first-hand reports

There is a possibility for the Hardway to run over the weekend more likely Sunday than Saturday. As previously reported this is not a sure thing so please do not be disappointed if those who have been monitoring the ice elect not to lead the event.

See you on the ice,


Wednesday 1/29 Ice Recap

2019 Hardway Trail – Can we do it again this year? Maybe…

With the rain followed by cold, it is a whole new ball game out there. Reported and unreported scouting efforts have been going on since yesterday and will continue.

Here is where we are this is not an exhaustive list:

  • The CIBC ( reports they are sailing Damarascota today and likely through the weekend. Check their site for updates
  • Winnipesaukee was checked yesterday and a bigger scouting party went out this morning – There is a possibility of the Hardway being run, stay tuned. We do not really know at this stage but keep it in mind.
  • Quaboag Pond needs to be checked and there is a committed scout bringing back info for sailing this weekend
  • Bantam Lake smoothed out with the rain and is being checked and has potential for sailing this weekend
  • Sunapee, as reported Monday more cold, is needed and body needs to be checked again – there are eyes on the lake

There may be a few other options out there that have been unreported but what I have to report at the moment.

Remember, the Hardway is only an alert at this stage. More info to come. Our own 2020 DN North American Champion and Race Chair may hold a race as well. Stay tuned for word from T on that.

Looking forward to more ice,


Andover winter fest today

Its going on now. We are setting up boats on shore and talking it up.

Come on out join the fun and promote iceboating.


Historic Day For The NEIYA


2020 DN NA Podium: Thieler, Sherry, and Atkins

I do not want to steal T’s thunder and he will fill in the details on the drive home but thBrie results are official. James “T” Thieler is this year’s DN North American Champion! Multiple World and NA Champion Ron Sherry. Chad Atkins who had been leading the regatta till the final day ended up third. Way to go New England! Congratulations to Karen Binder for earning her way into the Gold Fleet on her first attempt. She is a strong competitor and will have continued success at every attempt. Closet racer took Fifth in the Silver Fleet. Looks like Bill really caught the racing bug and as many know it is terminal. Look for other New England competitors here.  Looking forward to the details from those that were there.

Meanwhile, 2200 miles away 25+ sailors enjoyed a fourth day of sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee. Overnight temperatures hovered around freezing so the plate was softening up but the wind was up making it the fastest of the four days.

Brian’s daughter Bella was out sailing and I’m told she is outgrowing her boat. Good thing her father is a master builder… A couple boats returned to New England Ice with new owners. Returning to the ice were Hal Chamberlain’s Hicdic and Roger LIvingston’s Whiz. Way to keep their memory alive guys.

Heavy rain will put us in shape for next weekend. Stay tuned.

Till we sail,