1. PURPOSE – The purpose of the Association will be to serve
and promote the sport of ice yacht sailing, ice yacht racing, and to sponsor
annual regattas each year.

2. MEMBERSHIP – Privileges are to sail in the sponsored regattas,
vote on association affairs, receive all the Association’s communications,
hold office, and participate in other Association affairs.

3. ELECTION AND DUTIES OF OFFICERS – A Commodore, Vice Commodore,
Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual Fall Meeting each
year and shall take office at that time. Terms of the office expire one
year later at the next Annual Fall Meeting. Each shall be nominated and
voted upon in the order named. The candidate receiving the greatest number
of votes shall be considered elected. It shall be the responsibility of
each outgoing officer to update and advise his or her successor as to the
duties of their office, and to turn over all necessary material relating
to these duties.

    • A.


    • – To be chief executive, preside at all meetings,


    • be chairman of the Governing Committee, rule on procedure and jurisdiction,


    • summarize decisions, appoint special committees, authorize payment of bills.

B. Vice Commodore – To officiate in the absence of the Commodore.

C. Secretary – Shall keep all non-financial records of the Association,
handle correspondence, membership applications and inquiries, membership
updates, newsletters, record the votes of all meetings, give notice of
all meetings, keep minutes of all meetings. His records shall be open to
active members at all times. The Secretary will work closely with the Treasurer
to assure the effective operation of their interrelated duties.

D. Treasurer – Receive and collect all moneys due the Association
from any source, pay all bills approved by the Commodore, keep records
of all such collections and disbursements and make an annual report thereof
at the Annual Fall and Spring Meetings of the Association. The treasurer
will work closely with the Secretary to assure the effective operation
of their interrelated duties.

E. Race Committee – The Race Committee shall consist of a Chairman,
appointed by the Commodore, and two members, appointed by the Chairman,
one of whom shall be a member of the Governing Committee. The Committee
shall determine, subject to the Commodore’s approval, the site of the Annual
New England DN Championship Regatta, The Doc Fellows Regatta, and The Big
Boat or Skeeter Regatta, based on ice conditions and the ability to set
a clear 5/10th of a mile course in any direction.

4. GOVERNING COMMITTEE – The Governing Committee consists of five
appointed members plus the officers, acting as a group. Whenever possible,
the Governing Committee should have at least one representative from each
of the New England States. Its powers are to render final decisions on
appeal, sanction or prohibit races in the Annual Regatta, accept or reject
membership applications, and perform other duties mentioned in the by-laws.

The Governing Committee may initiate changes in the by-laws, Official
Specifications, or Racing Rules by proposing such changes to the entire
membership at the Annual Fall Meeting, or by mail to the entire active
membership. Membership vote is required for enactment of all proposed changes.
Otherwise, the Governing Committee may not change or modify any of the
above documents, although it has the power to interpret them.

5. NOMINATING COMMITTEE – The active members of the Governing
Committee shall elect three of their members to serve until the next Annual
Fall Meeting. It shall be their duty to meet from time to time prior to
the Annual Fall Meeting and nominate certain members of the Association
as candidates for the Officers of the Association. The names of the said
candidates shall be submitted to the Secretary and shall be included in
the notice to be mailed notifying all members of the time and place of
the Annual Fall Meeting.

6. MEETINGS AND QUORUM – The Annual Fall Meeting shall be held
at a site to be determined and announced by the Commodore.

A quorum at a meeting is any number present. However if less than twenty
per cent of the then paid membership is present, all actions must be ratified
(unless rejected) by a mail vote of 2/3rds of the responding membership.
In addition, the results of any action requiring a majority of 20% or more
(such as amendments to the By-laws, or changes in the Official Specifications
or Racing Rules) shall be mailed to the entire membership.

All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s’ Rules Of Order.

7. VOTING – A majority of the votes cast shall be determining
on all questions not otherwise stipulated, and the chair (if in a meeting)
shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie. The chair also has the power
to fix a time limit on speakers and discussion of motions.

8. AMENDMENTS AND CHANGES – Amendments to the by-laws proposed
at the Annual Fall Meeting may be made only after approval of the membership
by a mail vote. A two-thirds majority of the votes cast is required.

9. DUES – Dues for all members will be established for the current
season by the Governing Committee and announced at the Annual Fall Meeting.
Dues will be payable to the Treasurer by January 1st. Delinquents will
be dropped from the Roster as of January 2nd.

10. ANNUAL REGATTA – The Association shall hold one or more Annual
Regattas. The site and time to be recommended by the Race Committee and
approved by the Commodore or his or her designate. The Commodore or his
or her designate shall be responsible for its proper management. This power
includes the power to postpone any race if he/she deems it necessary.

11. HEADGEAR – Hard surfaced, suitable, padded headgear (crash
helmet of an approved motorcycle or racing-car driver type) must be worn
while racing in all regattas.

12. DISQUALIFICATION – A yacht may be disqualified by the Race
Committee for violation of any rule of the NEIYA Association or any NIA
racing rule. Protest shall be made and heard according to the NIA procedure.

13. RACING RULES a) The current racing rules of the National
Iceboat Authority (NIA) as amended and interpreted through appeals decisions
shall prevail in all New England Ice Yacht Association Regattas. b) It
shall be a requirement that to participate in any sponsored NEIYA event,
the participant must be a member of the NEIYA in good standing, must sign
the appropriate NEIYA Release Form, and provide the Race Committee with
a “Certificate of Insurance” showing coverage with limits of liability
of no less than $300,000.00 per accident.

Annual Meeting Agenda:

1) Secretary’s Report of minutes of Annual meeting published in last year Newsletter.

2) Treasurer’s Report.

3) Nominating Committee chairman to present their slate for the season.

4) NEIYA Awards presentation for the season.

5) Set the tentative season Racing Schedule

7) New Business