Getting Started

What Is An Ice Boat?
An ice boat is basically a hull attached to a perpendicular cross piece called a runner plank. Three skates, or runners, are attached to the boat, one on each end of the plank and one at the forward end of the hull. Add a mast and sail and it’s an iceboat! Ice boats are strictly wind powered and need relatively snow-free ice to sail. They are fast and FUN!

How Do I Get Involved?
We recommend that the novice purchase an inexpensive DN class ice boat (watch the Ice Classifieds section of this website as well as other iceboating sites) as it is a relatively easy boat to transport and sail. Sail or race with the club for a season or two until you feel comfortable with ice boating.

Join the NEIYA and sail or race with the club- this is a good idea as sailing with other people is safer than sailing alone, a great way to learn, and way more fun!

Every iceboater should have at least one copy of “THINK ICE!” by Lloyd Roberts and Warner St. Clair.

This is THE definitive book on DN building, tuning, racing and sailing.  Mainly about DN iceboats but relevant to any type of craft.  Safety, clothing, how to load the car, it’s all in here!   Updated with instructive commentary by many  top-flight iceboat sailors.  Order at

After a year or two in the DN , evaluate your options. You may want to stay in the DN, or move to another fleet. By this time, club members can help you make a decision about whether to build or buy your next boat.

Various American, Canadian, and European ice boat clubs will have a few different classes than what we sail here in New England. Explore what your area has to offer by seeking out a local ice yacht club. See the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club site at for a great breakdown of several classes and much more information on how to get involved.

Feel free to contact “T” Thieler at or anyone else on our contact page for more information, advice and contacts- he will be happy to help you get started!

Look forward to helping out- Think ICE!!