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Virtual Wrap-up and Meeting

Can anyone guess when, where this was taken and the photographer? Leave a comment.

Greetings from the dark shadow of the Corona epicenter. Our season really didn’t have a typical last hurrah. Concerns and fear overtook our need for ice and speed.

I for one could have traveled but as a person coming from a high-risk area did not feel right about potentially exposing those in nearly pristine areas. It was a matter of personal responsibility. Taking responsibility is something we as iceboaters know and live by.

Now that I have gotten the grim and foreboding out of the way, it’s time to let the sunshine in and make plans to close out our season on a positive note. At this point our best option is virtual. The Zoom platform is pretty easy and I expect even the low tech or Luddites among us will be fine.

Our first Virtual Meetup will be this Friday at 6:00pm. The meeting info including password has been placed in the member forum which is password protected.

Don’t remember the password or want to just get it directly drop me an email

See online Friday,


Maybe The Last Gasps of the Season


Lake Wentwork 3/8/20

We heard from the folks in Maine, the gang that crossed our Northern border to take the Canadian DN nationals. Way to go, T add one more notch. Bill Buchholz drew a good crowd for the Mille 100. If you haven’t read the write up on the CIBS’s site click here. What’s next? Time will tell and it may just be a very long time till we return to the ice.

Keep the faith maybe we will sail Moosehead Lake in Maine again and after that a postseason off ice gathering. More on that in the next few days.

Below is an account of Sundays sail on Lake Wentworth in NH by John Pepper. This is John’s first season and he sails Roger Livingston’s old boat.

Think Ice,



John Pepper and Charlie Silfvenius AKA Charlie S. Lake Wentworth 4/8/20

It was a great day until ice got soft. 6 or 8 boats altogether. Gusts up to 20 at times made for some fast runs.

We had newcomer Marc Stipo and his 13-year-old boys, all summer sailors, show up. Marc took a DN out numerous times and declared ‘I am hooked’. It was too gusty to send the boys out alone on their first rides, but they each got a ride in the sidecar, and want to go again. Hitting 30 mph may have been the clincher.

We had an epic cell phone recovery at the end of the day. Finding a lost phone on a 3100 acre lake was a matter of waiting until wind slowed, starting downwind, and walking upwind, making calls on occasion. Cupped hands over the ears provided direction info. We first heard it from a half-mile away and closed in 100-yard increments. We got lucky. Charlie was the last boat off Wentworth yesterday, maybe for 2020?

John P.


100 Mile Race Is ON – Sat 3/7 Pushaw Lake, ME

The 100 Mile Race has been called ON for tomorrow Saturday 7th on Pushaw Lake. The Lake is a little north of Bangor so get a move on if you are coming from the south.

Additional information, launch site, check-in, sailing instructions etc. will be posted by Bill Buchholz on

All those completing the epic trip will be rewarded with a custom sticker to dress up your boat, car, toolboax etc.

Sail Fast and Sail Long,


Quaboag Continues to Deliver

Bella Langley rips up Quaboag on Friday 2/21

Quaboag delivered one of the only games in town, it had a wonderfully smooth surface. There were a number of boats, multiple boarders, and wings, high tech and low rigs all sailing together. There was a huge range of experienced, new and newer sailors all doing what we love best. It was great to see Bill Converse one of our Sr members on the ice again. Boarders had a heavy presence and were ripping it up throughout the day.

Any info on happenings at Attitash? I have not heard but let me know how it went.

Credit John Stanton Quaboag 2/22/20

As we all know ice conditions change, sometimes rapidly. I sailed last week and until things were checked later in the week I was not sure whether the plate would be sailable again. We have the NEIYA organization the group of dedicated members and non-member ice enthusiasts to thank for finding and spreading the word.

Heros of Quaboag this week are Bob S. who spent several days in on and around Quaboag, the Langley family Brian Langley. After marking the hazards, Brian and his family sailed the less crowded non-weekend ice. Those marks served us all well on Saturday. Let me know how it went.

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During one of our on-ice NEIYA conversations, Karen Binder our secretary mentioned that she recognized and talked to a number of people on ice that were not members or had been members in good standing but for unknown reasons allowed their membership to lapse. Guilt trip warning. If we have helped you find and get on the ice then pay your dues, if we have helped you buy or sell boats or equipment then pay your dues, if you have participated in a NEIYA sanctioned event then please pay your dues. If you enjoy gathering with like-minded ice enthusiasts, then please pay your dues. Thanks for officially joining or renewing. Pay dues here or below

Description Price
2020 Membership $30

NEIYA burgees are available once again. Show your iceboating spirit fly it from your halyard in the pits or your car antenna in the parking lot. They are hand made right here in Guilford CT by the Sail Bag Lady and made to last in a stiff breeze and will be around a long time. They are priced at our cost which is $40.25.  Purchase burgee



At this point, we need a melt and refreeze to happen. Looking like that could happen this week. Bill Buchholz will be keeping a keen eye on Maine and Lee, Charlie and Randy have an eye on the Winnipousaki region others sare watching Champlain. I don’t know where but we will be sailing again soon. Lead the way, we will follow.

Think Ice,

P.S. Have any thoughts drop me a line.

This weekend 2/22 Sailing Opportunities

Photo Credit Jackie Mushinsky Spencer Cable Access – Quaboag Pond 2/16/20

As most of you know and previously reported on the CIBC site the northern parts of New England got more snow so they are out of play. Our search for that Goldilocks plate of ice has not materialized but there are options to feed the need.

Some people are going back to Quaboag today and tomorrow as well. There are a number of known and likely unknown hazzards. If you do not know exactly were they are do your own investigations to get familiar with the safe sailing arounds. Mind the open water it is out there. Note Sunday it will be warmer so tomorrow is the day.

Paul Delnero aka PAD has been sailing, and will be there Saturday, Lake Attitash in Merrimack Massachusetts was scouted and sailed yesterday. Grade 8 white ice of 4-5 in. All Drain holes completely healed. Launch at public boat ramp. Route 110 to Attitash Ave to parking area. This is a small lake but with not many other choices…

Could there be something out of Canada or Western NY? Maybe but reporting what I know for sure at this point.

In the mean time here are some images taken Jackie Mushinsky of Spencer Cable Access.


Sail Fast. Sail Safe during this time of seasonal transition and please be careful,


P.S. if there is anything else to report after today we will post.




Quaboag Feb 16 Recap – Come Back Tomorrow…

There was racing but not the Doc Fellows we will be seeking a more suitable venue for that venerable event. Thanks to Karen Binder for taking on the race committee responsibilities. More on the races later.

Before I go on, as many will only be reading this to know if there will be sailing at Quaboag tomorrow. The answer is yes. Show up, have fun and report back.

I have been to Quaboag on a number of occasions but never noticed that it is literally just down the street from Podunk. I have sailed in some out of the way Podunk lakes and this really is not. Quaboag is an easy 15 minutes off of the Mass Pike or Interstate 84 near Sturbridge MA.

A good crowd of sailors, some arriving early and others trickling in later in the afternoon descended on Quaboag Pond in Brookfield, MA. We had about 30 boats mostly DNs but a number of Whizes or is it just Whiz like fish? Also a handful of J14s and an assortment of other crafts.

The ice was smooth and remained relatively hard throughout the day. The wind was 10mph with some decent gusts that made for some lively sailing. as the day. The wind died down a for a little while but cam back up.

All looks good for another day tomorrow. If you are just coming for the first time mind the open leads to the left of the ramp and set up on the beach to the right. As always inquire about current conditions before you set out and sail slow and heads up till you understand where the issues are.

I will be sitting tomorrow out but see you on the ice somewhere else soon,


P.S. if you took pictures today or tomorrow send them my way so they can be shared.

Sailors Returning to Quaboag & Doc Fellow Called On For Sunday…

Quaboag Pond Super smooth Surface – 2-15-20 Credit Mike Acebo

Seven boats sailed Quaboag today on a very smooth surface. There are a few open leads as well as some other hazards, some are marked. The area is not that large but should be plenty of space for cruising and racing.

Quaboag Pond, Brookfield, MA

We will be running the Doc Fellows with the Skipper’s meeting at 9:30.

Whether you come to race or cruise, come early or late, be sure to check with those who know the existing hazards and sail heads up till you understand where they are.

This has been a tough season and we don’t know how many more opportunities we will have, so load ’em up and see you tomorrow.

Sail Fast,