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Virtual Wrap-up and Meeting

Can anyone guess when, where this was taken and the photographer? Leave a comment.

Greetings from the dark shadow of the Corona epicenter. Our season really didn’t have a typical last hurrah. Concerns and fear overtook our need for ice and speed.

I for one could have traveled but as a person coming from a high-risk area did not feel right about potentially exposing those in nearly pristine areas. It was a matter of personal responsibility. Taking responsibility is something we as iceboaters know and live by.

Now that I have gotten the grim and foreboding out of the way, it’s time to let the sunshine in and make plans to close out our season on a positive note. At this point our best option is virtual. The Zoom platform is pretty easy and I expect even the low tech or Luddites among us will be fine.

Our first Virtual Meetup will be this Friday at 6:00pm. The meeting info including password has been placed in the member forum which is password protected.

Don’t remember the password or want to just get it directly drop me an email

See online Friday,


Maybe The Last Gasps of the Season


Lake Wentwork 3/8/20

We heard from the folks in Maine, the gang that crossed our Northern border to take the Canadian DN nationals. Way to go, T add one more notch. Bill Buchholz drew a good crowd for the Mille 100. If you haven’t read the write up on the CIBS’s site click here. What’s next? Time will tell and it may just be a very long time till we return to the ice.

Keep the faith maybe we will sail Moosehead Lake in Maine again and after that a postseason off ice gathering. More on that in the next few days.

Below is an account of Sundays sail on Lake Wentworth in NH by John Pepper. This is John’s first season and he sails Roger Livingston’s old boat.

Think Ice,



John Pepper and Charlie Silfvenius AKA Charlie S. Lake Wentworth 4/8/20

It was a great day until ice got soft. 6 or 8 boats altogether. Gusts up to 20 at times made for some fast runs.

We had newcomer Marc Stipo and his 13-year-old boys, all summer sailors, show up. Marc took a DN out numerous times and declared ‘I am hooked’. It was too gusty to send the boys out alone on their first rides, but they each got a ride in the sidecar, and want to go again. Hitting 30 mph may have been the clincher.

We had an epic cell phone recovery at the end of the day. Finding a lost phone on a 3100 acre lake was a matter of waiting until wind slowed, starting downwind, and walking upwind, making calls on occasion. Cupped hands over the ears provided direction info. We first heard it from a half-mile away and closed in 100-yard increments. We got lucky. Charlie was the last boat off Wentworth yesterday, maybe for 2020?

John P.


100 Mile Race Is ON – Sat 3/7 Pushaw Lake, ME

The 100 Mile Race has been called ON for tomorrow Saturday 7th on Pushaw Lake. The Lake is a little north of Bangor so get a move on if you are coming from the south.

Additional information, launch site, check-in, sailing instructions etc. will be posted by Bill Buchholz on

All those completing the epic trip will be rewarded with a custom sticker to dress up your boat, car, toolboax etc.

Sail Fast and Sail Long,


Quaboag Continues to Deliver

Bella Langley rips up Quaboag on Friday 2/21

Quaboag delivered one of the only games in town, it had a wonderfully smooth surface. There were a number of boats, multiple boarders, and wings, high tech and low rigs all sailing together. There was a huge range of experienced, new and newer sailors all doing what we love best. It was great to see Bill Converse one of our Sr members on the ice again. Boarders had a heavy presence and were ripping it up throughout the day.

Any info on happenings at Attitash? I have not heard but let me know how it went.

Credit John Stanton Quaboag 2/22/20

As we all know ice conditions change, sometimes rapidly. I sailed last week and until things were checked later in the week I was not sure whether the plate would be sailable again. We have the NEIYA organization the group of dedicated members and non-member ice enthusiasts to thank for finding and spreading the word.

Heros of Quaboag this week are Bob S. who spent several days in on and around Quaboag, the Langley family Brian Langley. After marking the hazards, Brian and his family sailed the less crowded non-weekend ice. Those marks served us all well on Saturday. Let me know how it went.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cant see the images in your email check our website

During one of our on-ice NEIYA conversations, Karen Binder our secretary mentioned that she recognized and talked to a number of people on ice that were not members or had been members in good standing but for unknown reasons allowed their membership to lapse. Guilt trip warning. If we have helped you find and get on the ice then pay your dues, if we have helped you buy or sell boats or equipment then pay your dues, if you have participated in a NEIYA sanctioned event then please pay your dues. If you enjoy gathering with like-minded ice enthusiasts, then please pay your dues. Thanks for officially joining or renewing. Pay dues here or below

Description Price
2020 Membership $30

NEIYA burgees are available once again. Show your iceboating spirit fly it from your halyard in the pits or your car antenna in the parking lot. They are hand made right here in Guilford CT by the Sail Bag Lady and made to last in a stiff breeze and will be around a long time. They are priced at our cost which is $40.25.  Purchase burgee



At this point, we need a melt and refreeze to happen. Looking like that could happen this week. Bill Buchholz will be keeping a keen eye on Maine and Lee, Charlie and Randy have an eye on the Winnipousaki region others sare watching Champlain. I don’t know where but we will be sailing again soon. Lead the way, we will follow.

Think Ice,

P.S. Have any thoughts drop me a line.

This weekend 2/22 Sailing Opportunities

Photo Credit Jackie Mushinsky Spencer Cable Access – Quaboag Pond 2/16/20

As most of you know and previously reported on the CIBC site the northern parts of New England got more snow so they are out of play. Our search for that Goldilocks plate of ice has not materialized but there are options to feed the need.

Some people are going back to Quaboag today and tomorrow as well. There are a number of known and likely unknown hazzards. If you do not know exactly were they are do your own investigations to get familiar with the safe sailing arounds. Mind the open water it is out there. Note Sunday it will be warmer so tomorrow is the day.

Paul Delnero aka PAD has been sailing, and will be there Saturday, Lake Attitash in Merrimack Massachusetts was scouted and sailed yesterday. Grade 8 white ice of 4-5 in. All Drain holes completely healed. Launch at public boat ramp. Route 110 to Attitash Ave to parking area. This is a small lake but with not many other choices…

Could there be something out of Canada or Western NY? Maybe but reporting what I know for sure at this point.

In the mean time here are some images taken Jackie Mushinsky of Spencer Cable Access.


Sail Fast. Sail Safe during this time of seasonal transition and please be careful,


P.S. if there is anything else to report after today we will post.




Quaboag Feb 16 Recap – Come Back Tomorrow…

There was racing but not the Doc Fellows we will be seeking a more suitable venue for that venerable event. Thanks to Karen Binder for taking on the race committee responsibilities. More on the races later.

Before I go on, as many will only be reading this to know if there will be sailing at Quaboag tomorrow. The answer is yes. Show up, have fun and report back.

I have been to Quaboag on a number of occasions but never noticed that it is literally just down the street from Podunk. I have sailed in some out of the way Podunk lakes and this really is not. Quaboag is an easy 15 minutes off of the Mass Pike or Interstate 84 near Sturbridge MA.

A good crowd of sailors, some arriving early and others trickling in later in the afternoon descended on Quaboag Pond in Brookfield, MA. We had about 30 boats mostly DNs but a number of Whizes or is it just Whiz like fish? Also a handful of J14s and an assortment of other crafts.

The ice was smooth and remained relatively hard throughout the day. The wind was 10mph with some decent gusts that made for some lively sailing. as the day. The wind died down a for a little while but cam back up.

All looks good for another day tomorrow. If you are just coming for the first time mind the open leads to the left of the ramp and set up on the beach to the right. As always inquire about current conditions before you set out and sail slow and heads up till you understand where the issues are.

I will be sitting tomorrow out but see you on the ice somewhere else soon,


P.S. if you took pictures today or tomorrow send them my way so they can be shared.

Sailors Returning to Quaboag & Doc Fellow Called On For Sunday…

Quaboag Pond Super smooth Surface – 2-15-20 Credit Mike Acebo

Seven boats sailed Quaboag today on a very smooth surface. There are a few open leads as well as some other hazards, some are marked. The area is not that large but should be plenty of space for cruising and racing.

Quaboag Pond, Brookfield, MA

We will be running the Doc Fellows with the Skipper’s meeting at 9:30.

Whether you come to race or cruise, come early or late, be sure to check with those who know the existing hazards and sail heads up till you understand where they are.

This has been a tough season and we don’t know how many more opportunities we will have, so load ’em up and see you tomorrow.

Sail Fast,





Valentine’s Weekend Ice Status We Know What We Know But…

Sailor’s Valentine from Capt. Jared Wentworth Tracy (1797-1864) to his wife, Mary Hussey Tracy (1809-1891) of Nantucket. Created 1839-1840. Credit Nantucket Historical Association.


Apologies this was supposed to go out last night but your technically inclined Commodore was having issues.

Most of us know what the weather has brought us over the past week and that does not bode well for sailable ice. “I know what I know” but confirmed with our best boots on the ground in VT, ME and NH. and it was a unanimous no sailing. The same reports are coming out of the Montreal area. There is either too much snow or a very undesirable crud like surface keeping us from our beloved ice. Pretty much everything south of there is in various stages of returning to its summer liquid state.

There is one glimmer of hope for the long weekend. Quaboag Pond in Brookfield, MA is going to be checked today or tomorrow after the cold comes through. Maybe just maybe we can sail during this long weekend. Our ace checker Bob S will be confirming Quaboag’s condition and reporting back.

Patience rules the day and since this is Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing how other sailors be they grounded or during long voyages spent their time. Hint, they spent time, thinking about and creating hand crafted Valentines for their loved ones at home. A lesson for us all as the season progresses and we travel further and further from home in search of ice or whales.

From the Nantucket Historical Association
This sailor’s valentine was a gift from Capt. Jared Wentworth Tracy (1797-1864) to his wife, Mary Hussey Tracy (1809-1891). The anchor symbolized Capt. Tracy’s intention to return home and “anchor” at his wife’s side. Tracy was captain of the schooner Harmony of Nantucket on a whaling voyage to the Indian Ocean in 1838-39. The Harmony wrecked on a reef near Caldeira Island in the Mozambique Channel (now Ilha Caldeira, Mozambique) on February 8, 1839. Tracy is reputed to have made this sailor’s valentine while stranded after the wreck. He returned to Nantucket by way of St. Helena in fall 1839. He subsequently retired from the sea and in 1840 set himself up as a shoe maker on island.

Think Thaw and Refreeze,


P.S. Mike Acebo has published pictures from the New England Championships to the cloud on Dropbox. I am sure many of you can use an updated screen saver at work and home If you have a chance thank Mike!

P.P.S. Thanks to all those who supplied the human on available ice. We can not do it without you!

Looking Towards The Weekend

Bucket List Help

At the current moment, there is not much to report. Bill in Maine has a report about Damariscotta on but doesn’t sound immediately promising. I do expect to see something over the next two days and will pass on when we get it.

The above letter was sent to me by Mike Acebo on Long Island, NY. I am reaching out to Joseph to see if we can help him out and encourage others to do the same. While we do not have much to offer at the moment, it would help to set up the communication channels and maybe help someone fulfill his dreams.

On a more serious note, some of you may have received a spam email solicitation that used my name but did not originate from me. Not exactly sure how they pieced the information together but likely scrapped our site for emails. It does not appear as though my email account was ever compromised but the password has been changed as a precaution. Sorry for the inconvenience but unfortunately there are those out there that seek to take advantage. Perhaps we can encourage this individual to go out and check ice, alone, for us.

Think Ice,


Sailing In NH Ahead of the Storm

Lake Sunapee 2/5/20 by Brian Langley

Two groups sailed today on Lake Sunapee and Newfound Lake in New Hampshire and passed on pictures and their first-hand accounts.

Brian Langley Reports from Sunapee

About 10 boats enjoyed sunny clear weather on Sunapee Lake today. Winds were around 8-10 with higher winds later in the day.

Ice was bumpy and rough on the lake. Combo of snow ice, windblown ice, and some refrozen windblown funky ice, that almost looked like open water? The lake is locked up solid. We found areas where the ice was glass. and other areas of smooth gray ice. There is one pressure ridge right from the river at the beach, all the way to the far shoreline. We managed to find a crossing and marked it with a cone I had brought out with me. Ice was a better grade of smooth gray running down the narrows to the island. We sailed up to the northern part of the lake where we found one pretty nasty pressure ridge with open water on the other side. We decided it could not be crossed. We sailed along the ridge down towards the mouth of Sunapee harbor to see if we could find a spot to cross and head up to George’s mills. But the ridge ran 90 degrees to the other and we could not safely go any further.

We did find a beautiful glass section up by the mouth to the bay and we all enjoyed sailing that glass-smooth plate for awhile. We headed back by late afternoon to make it through the narrows and the island. We all safely crossed at our return cone marking.
The wind had picked up nicely off the beach, and we all enjoyed some fast runs late in the day before breaking down at the beach.

Brian Langley

Next up, the report from Newfound Lake near Bridgewater, NH

Jay Whitehair and I sailed Newfound Lake today.

The ice was AWESOME with smooth expanses of gray ice and even some black ice in places. The wind was perfect (10mph or so). Beware the huge open lead at the north end of the lake. Also some wet pressure ridges and assorted other hazards, but all in all great ice from Wellington State Park north. The south end of the lake is only suitable for ice fishing.

Mark Friedman

Guys thanks for sharing your day with everyone. hopefully, we will get on either of these venues when the front passes. There was also activity on Winnipesaukee.

Stay tuned and keep your runners sharp and your powder dry,


P.S. Please remember to share your experience and pictures with those who could not make it on to the ice.

People Sailing Sunapee Tomorrow Wednesday 2/5/20

Lake Sunapee from Mt Sunapee

Bob S., Ron Buzzel and others will be sailing Sunapee tomorrow Wednesday 2/5/20.

Predictions look favorable with temperatures below freezing all day with winds @ 8 to 9 mph. Come on out, as there is weather coming in towards the end of the week and who knows how this will effect our ice.

Launching from the State Park

Have fun if you can get out of work.



Winni Hardway Off For Now

by leespiller

After a fairly epic bike ride the length of the lake today and consultation with several of the wise ones we’ve decided not to try a Hardway on Wednesday. The ice is fairly thin right now especially considering there is little if any open water and there are many hazards large and small. Every day the pressure ridges are different and new ones pop up. The ice from 3 Mile Isl. to Center Harbor is very very rough, and blocked by one of the biggest pressure ridges we encountered.
Our feeling is Wednesday might be a great sailing day from Wolfeboro, and there will be boats sailing, but none of us familiar with the lake on a daily basis and making this call feel like now is the time for a Hardway.
We are hoping to do a 3rd Hardway in 3 years so stay tuned.


Winnipesaukee: The Hardway Potentially This Wednesday

Lake Winnipesaukee The Hardway – End to End

On Monday Lee and Karin and perhaps others will be riding bikes on the ice from Center Harbor to Wolfeboro to scout for a potential Hardway on Wednesday. Wednesday the last day before snow. We know the ice is very rough out from Center Harbor for quite a ways. We will further check the pressure ridges which are changing daily. After consulting with Charlie Sylvanius and a further check on the weather we will make a call Monday night or Tuesday morning. Stay tuned.

Lee Spiller
Posted on  by 

P.S Get ready to travel as there is only a small window to get this completed.

Growing the Herd

Andover MA Winterfest 2020, Pomp’s Pond

I have three items on this update. Our participation in a local MA Winter event, an upcoming event at the NH Boat Museum in Wolfeboro and a review of ice etiquette.

A couple months ago the NEIYA was asked to participate in the Andover MA Winterfest. The purpose of the festival was to promote winter outdoor activities. How could I say no? Local iceboaters Frank Morse and Peter Boynton agreed to bring boats down and sail if the conditions allowed. Since I was not driving home from MT and had fled Winni before the torrential rains came Saturday night I was able to attend as well. The crowds began to build a little after 10am and the winter demonstrations began. There were talks and demos on ice fishing, harvesting ice, winter hiking and geocaching, ice rescue drills by the local fire department and talk about ice boats of course. I spoke about the history of iceboating, safety, and cruising and racing today. We were well received and there were many questions from the audience. There were a couple interested people both from the audience and the firefighters. I am hoping one or two of the families in the audience comes out on the ice real soon. We agreed to come back next year and perhaps schedule a local demo day when conditions allow.

Charlie Silfvenius our Hardway Chairman will be dong an iceboat demo at winter festivals in Wolfeboro February 16th and 22nd. More details to come. I am sure Charlie could use a hand or extra tongue or two to talk up iceboating to the crowds. More details to follow shortly.

Looking back we had a great one, two, three four or more days on Winnipesaukee. Over the course of the week we had 25 boats on Wednesday, 30+ on Thursday, 40+ on Friday and 25+ on Saturday. With all the coming and going I estimate we had between 60 and 70 unique boats sail over the four days. That is a pretty great gathering and the largest I have seen in some time. With all those boats running around courtesy and caution is a must.

A couple thoughts in no particular order

  • Sail heads up and in control
  • Be aware of other ice users
    • Skaters
    • Kites They move pretty quickly and their kites if on the ground may have thin line stretched out from the kite. Stay Clear of it our blades are sharp
    • Kite Wings
    • Ice Boards they are fast so aware
    • Motorcycles fast and may not be traveling in a direction that one would expect from a wind-powered craft. Give them room
    • Snowmobiles same as motorcycles but a little bigger so easier to see.
    • Walkers
    • Ice fishermen and their Tip-ups. Stay well clear and if you do accidentally run one over stop and offer to replace (pay) if it is damaged
    • Anything else out there

If we are sailing near public launch areas we have to share. Sail heads up and with courtesy.

Looking ahead we have people out checking Winni today, there are many eyes on Bantam in Litchfield CT, there is news that Jordan Bay on Sebago might come it (watch for news), there is positive progress on Sunapee and a few other choices. The weather that came through is presenting some new possibilities so if you know something let us know via and or post to the forum.

Sail Fast & Sail Heads Up,


P.S. I like all of us are eager to hear more about the NAs and sailing on Peck Lake. There will be more to come from our the latest North American Champion and others that attended.

Wow, What a Day on Winni!

I came upon this ice formation near the leeward mark and it best describes yesterday (Friday 1/25) perfectly. 40 sailors gathered at the intersection of ice and Ice and Fun.

Blessed by ice


Sailors came from all over New England, Long Island NY, The Jersey Shore, and Andre’ Baby brought six Canadians down on his coattails two from far away Hamilton This almost invalidated thier participation in the Common Sense regatta but as we know ice draws us to the extreme. We were thrilled to host the MIT iceboating team with their four Buchholz build DNs. They were thrilled to take their first spin on an iceboat. Remember your first iceboat sail? Those smiles should remind you. We look forward to sailing with the MIT team again soon.

MIT Iceboating Team

The day started out with some light breeze as shown on the NEIYA burgee at the top of my mast (yes we reordered let me know if you want one). This a gave everyone a chance to familiarize themselves with the ice conditions. The wind speeds increased at about noon and the real fun began.

The NA orphans and many others gathered around the leeward mark and ran numerous scratch races to complete the Small Sky (common sense) Regatta. Racing continued till about 3:00 and we followed the dying breeze back into the pits.

Some views from the pit. We had a couple pro photographers out there shooting who promised to send us their pics so more to come. If you have some favorite shots send them my way.

We have a front moving in today and it could prep us for some great sailing in February. Winni again? We will see…

The NA’s in Montana are still going on with one more day of races. In the Gold Fleet, Chad and T are still first and second follow by Ron Sherry. Bill Bucholz is currently in 8th place with an impressive 2nd place yesterday in the Silver fleet. Wishing the NEIYA and all competitors the best of luck on this final day of competition and a smooth ride home. Preliminary results here

That’s all for now as the ice is calling…

See you on the ice,


P.S. If you are not receiving posts in your email box please let me know.


Today and Tomorrow on Winni

Nature delivered the ice. Invites have gone out for days and today they came. Ellacoya was packed. Packed with 30 iceboats. Sailors came from all over New England, New Jersey, Long Island NY and four boats from Canada. People hit the ice but were unrewarded, the ice was smooth and fast and th wind never came up. As most of us know the next best thing to iceboating is talking about iceboating and of course, that is what we did. Remember not all iceboating stories happen on the ice.

Many in the crowd are NA orphans and in their honor, the NEIYA will hold the Small Sky (Common Sense) regatta in Ellacoya tomorrow. The wind forecast is favorable and with the current conditions, it will be fast. Remember races are open to any class that can put three boats on the line. Not racing? There is plenty of cruising space to wind up the fun meter.

See you on the ice tomorrow,


P.S. How about Chad and T currently in 1st and 2nd place in MT NA’s with racing tomorrow. Way to go boys and huge kudos to Karen for earning her way into the Gold Fleet. All three of their ears must have been ringing today. I will let T and Karen elaborate further over the next few days.

Set up on Winni Ellacoya Park

Setting up and ready to go out. Where are you? Come on up we will sail today and tomorrow and till the snow comes.

Questions drop me a note

Think Ellacoya,



Big Ice on Winni! Cruising and Racing on Miles of Ice…


Spread the word. There is big ice on Winnipasauki launching from Ellacoya State Park.

The area has been skated and sailed with a consistent 4 – 5 inches (3.6 to 10.2 cm) over the areas that were checked. As you can see there is a nice smooth milky surface with some black ice. This is a big plate of ice and there are pressure ridges present and forming, cracks and other hazards lurking. Heads up out there. Talk to people who have been out and buddy up.

We are expecting sailors from the southern iceboat reaches of NJ, Long Island, and CT and to our Northern neighbors who have expressed a strong interest in making the drive south. Bienvenue et nous nous réjouissons de partager notre glace.

A team will be on the ice tomorrow late morning to do a deeper check. We expect to be sailing this plate for the next few days or at least till the snow comes in and makes a mess of things on Saturday.


Come out and play there is a racing event in the works likely Thursday and I know lots of cruisers, boards and skaters. Big ice for all to enjoy.

Additional information on lodging and evening refreshments and dining TBD.

Please leave a comment below if you intend on coming or leave a note in the forum section for more general questions.

Think Big Ice and see you there,


P.S. If you are new or interested in the short of iceboating Thursday would be a good time to come.



Winter Fest Andover, MA Sunday January 26th

The NEIYA was asked to participate in the Andover Massachusetts  Winter Fest and they gave us top billing!

NEIYA locals Peter Boynton and Frank Morse have volunteered to bring a couple boats and hopefully a sailing demo on Pomps Pond. It’s kinda small and hopefully, the boats can get on the ice. Peter and Frank will act as ambassadors and look forward to welcoming new iceboaters into the fold.

If your interested in the sport of ice boating, in the area or just want to hang out with other winter enthusiasts do drop in on Sunday, January 26th, 10-2pm Pomps Pond, 147 Abbot St, Andover, MA.

Put it on your calendar rain or shine,

Think Ice,



It’s Out There But Needs Scouting

Things are looking promising we have had a couple preliminary reports in from New Hampshire but they both need a closer look.

Charlie S reports on Wentworth, Nice resurface of lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro, NH.
Smooth grey ice top grade 6-7. All drain holes solid with 4+ inches of clear. Most ice 6+. That’s as deep as my drill goes. No shell ice. Just need wind.

VC Jay Whitehair sent in the picture of Lake Mascoma but has not set foot on it yet. A resident on the lake described “it looks like glass”.
Excellent public access with ample parking at the Shaker bridge. Stay away from the bridge area for the thin ice due to current. Before recent weather, there was plenty of ice thickness. It needs to be reassessed but should be awesome. New surface.

Treasurer Bob Haag reports that Bantam in Litchfield, CT took a major hit from yesterday’s weather and needs some sustained low temps to bring it back into play

There are additional reports of developing conditions at Sunapee and a couple nights of cold still needed. Like the others additional scouting must be done.

Anyone want to buddy up and check these prospects? Leave comments on this post or drop a not on the Forum at the top menu. Find someone to scout with DO NOT go out alone. If we want to sail this weekend the ice has to be checked.

After a short hiatus, NEIYA burgees are available once again. Show your iceboating spirit fly it from your halyard in the pits or your car antenna in the parking lot. They are hand made right here in Guilford CT by the Sail Bag Lady and made to last in a stiff breeze and will be around a long time. They are priced at our cost which is $40.25. Click here to purchase online

Let’s communicate about finding, scouting and sailing together. Comments in this post or in the forum. Several newbies have reached out to me in the past several weeks and they just need a little guidence. Eben Whitcomb helped out newbie Spencer Sprecker on Friday at Quaboag and he is sold on ice boating! Looking forward to seeing you out again Spencer.

There is a good crowd planning to head to the mid west for the DN North Anericans at the end of the week so some of the usual suspects will not be sailing locally but there are more iceboaters here than will be traveling so buddy up and have fun.

Think Ice where ever you go,


Ice Is Coming Back To Us

After what was a spring-like weekend temps are coming back to freeze up the Zambonied lakes and ponds. Venues need to be checked thoroughly but reports are coming in of some great potential.

We are keeping an eye on Sunapee in NH.

There were eyes on Bantam in Litchfield CT over the weekend and local wisdom a few cold nights might make it ready to sail. Again this is just a tease, we need some more cold and have it thoroughly checked out.

If you are planning on checking it out please double and triple buddy up. People have been leaving notes in the comments section below as well as the Forum at the top of the page.

Many of us (current count is 10) are planning to head out to the midwest for DN North Americans but I am betting we will have sailing choices closer to home. Be vigilent, scout safely and communicate with the rest of the group. And don’t forget to check in on the guys in Maine

Think Ice,


P.S. Don’t forget to report back on your scouting activities.

Looking for Ice This Weekend…

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Lots of ice has set up over the past couple of days but conditions are challenging. We were on Quabag before Christmas recent weather puts it in the unsafe till proven otherwise status.

New Hampshire has a number of rumors and people have skated including Otter pond, Squam and Winnipesaukee off Leavitts Beach and Wentworth. Sunapee though sailed yesterday is not considered safe now by those who were there a little over 24hrs ago. There have also been reports of ice on Sebago and Mallets Bay in VT has reports of decent ice.

T is trying to find the best option for the remaining unsailed regattas from 2019. His call will be made later in the day. Remember just about anyone can get on the course and if your not racing they can always use scorers or just sail outside of the course.

With so many new plates coming in all at once it is hard to say where the best and safest conditions are. Remember there is safety in numbers. We need further information from people on the ice. Buddy up scout and sail with extreme caution. There have been a lot of pretty ice pictures from skaters (some sail too) floating around on social and the web but we need a little higher confidence level.

I believe there are good sailing venues out there but things just need to be checked and please share so that we can spread the word.

Thinking about checking out ice leads and following the skaters? Buddy up. Don’t have a buddy post a comment below. Report back your findings via comment below or You will be rewarded when others come out to sail with you.

Sail Fast and Sail Safe,


Boxing Day Sailing Tomorrow Lake Sunapee NH

Scouting Sunapee

Miss out on anything today? Didn’t get what you had hoped for? Well, dig way down to the bottom of your sticking for a super present. Jay and locals have been keeping an eye on Sunapee off of the State Beach and reports that there is solid black ice all the way across to the far shore with a surface of about a 9!

The rest of the lake has not been scouted so be very cautious if you venture into the larger body but plenty of space without wandering off.

Launching is from the state beach with carry on access from the parking lot to the pit area. People will congregate around 10 am.

Come to cruise come to tune up whatever just come. There will be cones for those looking to hone their skills.

Before setting foot on the ice seek out local recent knowledge. Remember the season is young.


Sail fast and safe,


Recent Cold Continues to Deliver…

Last night’s cold has brought us more options.

Charlie S. has just gotten off of Lake Wentworth in NH and reports that the ice is a solid grade 5 to 6 but much rougher near shore. Launch areas are near the state beach off of Rt 109 near Wolfesbor Center, NH.

While Wentworth has ice it needs further scouting. Bring an experienced scouting team or assemble with locals. This is a notice of what was found not a general invitation to sail.

Be safe people,