Buddy Melges – Sail On

Hey Folks- Sad to say another legend has gone over the bar…. Raise a glass and toast a life well lived!

Sail on Buddy- I don’t know how the hell you did it, but you sure as hell did!

One of my favorite “Buddy Moments” was during the 1987 America’s Cup in a Fremantle, Australia.

A reporter was asking him what is was like to drive a highly tuned, thoroughbred racing machine like a 12 Meter…. obviously looking for a response along the lines of “Well you’re on the edge the whole time…. One wrong twitch and it’s disaster, have to be afraid to panic etc….”

Buddy just shrugged his shoulders, grinned ever so slightly and said “Well, it’s like drivin’ a truck.”

The reporter was slack-jawed.


More here….


One response

  1. Dan Fisher

    I interviewed Buddy for Forbes years ago and asked him to rank his favorite sports. First was duck hunting, second was ice boating, third was soft-water sailing.

    05/23/2023 at 8:48 am

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