Runner Stoning by Scott Valentine

How to stone your runners

The purpose of stoning your runners is to polish the surface, so the edge of your runner will glide smoother over the ice. In other words, you will be a little fast by reducing friction.

Boride_stonesThe stones, that we use, as does Ron Sherry, are available from Boride Abrasives. You can look them up online. The size is 1/2×1/4×6” long see the picture it shows the grits and the particular stone. If people want to contact me we can make a bulk order and get the cost down to $25 per set.

The “juice” is just windshield washer fluid with 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid added. I keep the stones in the juice. Stone_juice










stone_on_runnnerClamp your runner securely and clean off the edge. Put the stone on the edge of the runner, and go back and forth. One pass is back and forth on the runner 1 time. I usually do 12 passes per grit. Do each grit the same number of passes per side. Then, switch sides and repeat the process. It takes about 5 minutes per runner to complete.

WD40_finishThis little process will speed you up quite a bit. When you are done, I WD40 the runners. Always put your runners with the EDGE SIDE UP. This will keep the moisture off your edge, and easier to inspect your runners.




There is not much magic or mystery to stoning your runners, and you will be faster, with just 15 minutes invested per set of runners.