Updates from the Officers:

Yesterday, Black ice was mailed to all current members of NEIYA. Ed did a great job of editing the newsletter, and the printing, binding and mailing were done where I work at Marketing Solutions.

This was a weird year for iceboating, both in the USA and in Europe. The weather was considerably warmer then in years past and I don’t think there was any safe iceboating in CT,RI or MA.

On the racing front, we successfully held the Doc Fellows and New England’s, as well as the Eastern’s. Thanks to Jim “T” Theiler and Eben Whitcomb for that. Unfortunately we did not get an official cruising event completed You can thank mother nature for that one.

We completed the NEIYA Banners, they will be on display at the next Meeting. Thank Peter B for spearheading that one.

There are Burgees for sale, See Eben Whitcomb if you want one. You can find his contact info in this months Black Ice.

We have also written a new NEIYA iceboating handout. There will be copies available at the fall meeting to hand out to people that are interested in iceboating. Ed A did the layout for this.

As many of you know, at the last NEIYA meeting, We formed a committee to review the NEIYA bylaws. This was done because we have not updated the bylaws since they were originally written in the 1970’s, and we are having a hard time conducting business in strict accordance with the bylaw changes. The committee is actively reviewing them and suggesting changes. The next step is for the NEIYA governing committee to review these changes and offer suggestions. It is anticipated that revised bylaws will be brought to a vote at the next meeting in the fall of 2012

In addition to the bylaw review, The treasurer has filed the paperwork for federal 403B nonprofit status which we really need for legitimate tax purposes. This should be in place by the fall meeting.

We have also changed the location of the annual fall meeting. The previous location has proved to be too costly and would have required us to raise the cost of the event again, which the officers did not feel was appropriate in these difficult times. There will be more info coming on the location change this summer.

Sail Fast,

Eric Anderson

Commodore NEIYA

An Ice Mia Copa

Mia Copa Mia Copa Mia Copa

Yours truly pulled played the  funeral march too soon.  My disappointment with the season got the better of me.

Good sailing continues on both ends of Lake Sunapee in NH as well as the previously reported Damariscotta Lake in Maine.   Call the hotline (508) 481-1011 and get on the road.

Keep thinking ice and keep the fat lady at bay.  There is more sailing somewhere.

Sorry Web Guy

P.S. I’m on the road to Main in six hours.

Headin’ Home… Pt #2

….Where was I? Oh yeah. so we are tired, sore, more or less broke, and way behind on every to-do list we have. Balance that against the mental snapshots of flying arounf the top mark neck-and-neck with some of the top DN sailors in the world, breeze cranking, boatspeed around 60+mph or more, rigs bent so far they are almost horizontal at the base…. ripping upwind at 50+ with the boat glued down on the ice and hauling ass…. blazing downwind fully wicked-up, on the edge of a major spinout while going so fast the passing scenery looks like stop-action photography… looking ahead to see the two lead boats fly around the leeward mark side-by side in the setting sun….

Hell yes, it’s worth it.

Team RI out.

Headin’ Home…. Pt 1

Award ceremony yesterday afternoon at regatta HQ. Well done, all trophies handed out and as a bonus two pretty sweet items were raffled off; a North F-01 sail and a Composite Concepts front runner. The drawing was certainly fixed as the runner was won by Hal Bowman’s wife (who doesn’t sail or even own a boat) and Deb Whitehorse won the sail (I don’t think she owns a DN either). Obviously somebody rigged it but until we have proof we’ll let the so-called winners keep the booty. Hal has already started calculating how many nice dinners it’ll take until he gets his paws on his wife’s sweet new runner….

Good times indeed. Dinner for a group of about 20 at the Republic Steakhouse and back to the hotel where, in a surprising development, a bunch of sailors (who may or may not have been from Toledo) were holding court at the bar. I’ll spare ya’ll the gory details but pranks were pranked, jokes were joked, stories were told, chops were busted, and a great time was had by all.

Bedtime was late and wake-up call was earlyyyy… hit the highway at 4AM with a full tank of gas, snow and sleet coming down, a vicious crosswind, and Chad’s nearly lifeless body in the passenger seat. Tied up in traffic near Chicago for awhile but clicking off the miles ever since.

DN NA Update Day 2- That’s a Wrap

So we hit the ice today- wind had shifted about 180 degrees and faded right out- the crazy survival conditions of yesterday were gone; sailing well today was gonna be about finesse.

I was nervous as there was a big gap between me and the top three sailors but a bunch of people were within a few points behind me; hard to gain a spot overall but easy to lose one or more. What the hell, go out and race and see what happens.

Used pretty much the same setup as yesterday in the breeze but with thin insert runners and a North ABSS (medium flat) sail. Got munched off the line by Matt Struble (this guy could outsprint Carl Lewis) but tacked away and sailed to the right in clear breeze. A puff and a left shift saw me looking good on the right and I rounded the top mark in about 5th or 6th.

Picked off a boat or two as the race went on and the breeze faded. Actually managed to pass Matt on a downwind leg (If you’ve ever seen him sail downwind you’d be impressed by this feat! To be fair he got stuck in a hole but still…) and by the finish had weaseled my way into third. And the race was black-flagged because the lead boat hadn’t made the time limit. DANG! Ah well, it was one of the better light air races of my DN career so I’ll take it even if it doesn’t count.

So another wait while the breeze faded to nothing and the snow started. Used the time to shoot the breeze with Jan Gougon- he’s been racing DN’s for a long time and is a wealth of information and knowledge- chatting with him is always educational and entertaining!

While we all wondered what the weather was going to do Mother Nature threw a new one at us: A crack appeared in the ice up near the top mark. It was growing wider and since there was open water on the downwind side of the course the call was made to get the hell in before the whole plate- with us on it- drifted out into Green Bay.

And the regatta is a wrap- with snow on the way and the plate kinda sketchy this one is in the books- yesterday’s results stand. Time to party like rock stars and head home tomorrow.

Cheers! T

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840


DN NA Update

If you’ve been following these reports you know it was honkin’ this AM. The comittee did a great job of delaying until the breeze faded out just enough to race this afternoon- All of the sudden it went from hurry-up-and-wait to GET ON THE LINE!! Three Gold and three silver races before the sun got low…. Not bad! Committee did a great job banging them out.

Wild and woolly!! Fast ice and plenty of breeze saw fast boat speeds and a few spinouts and a few broken rigs- And a lot of grins and whootin’ and hollerin’! It was a day for your flattest sail and your heaviest runners… For the North Sail gang that means the MS-1 and 1/4″ inserts.

New England is being represented well- Eben Whitcomb and Oliver Moore sailed their way into the Gold Fleet. Eben insists that we treat him better now but the hazing has yet to begin. As for Oliver we treat him like dirt all the time so no change there.

Chad has had some good races, including a 5th in the last one that has him all fired up. He has definitely found a setup that is working for him- Yours truly has an 8, 6, 4. And I’m psyched about it! I think Ron Sherry is in the lead and Matt Struble and John Dennis are hot on his heels.

Today was the kind of sailing day that keeps you coming back for more of this nutty-ness. Amazing. If you’re home reading this you’re missing a good one!

Will see what happens tomorrow, snow in the forecast but with three races done this regatta is in the books. Time to stone runners and get cleaned up- Stay tuned…

PS Sorry the pics aren’t better- I shot them with my phone.

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840



Wind still honkin’… postponed until 11AM. Time to put the feet on the dash, crank the heat and grab a little shuteye…. windows are cracked and the Deep Tracks channel is on the satellite radio- great old Hendrix tune called “Belly-Button Window” is playing. Look it up, it’s cool.

Team RI standing by