2018 Season

November 2nd – NEIYA Meeting, Swap & Lunch


Don’t forget our Annual Meeting and Swap Meet first Saturday of November. Please pay your dues and lunch online. And dig out your old gear and post for sale. People will appreciate the preview online!

The NEIYA Annual Meeting Swap Meet, and Luncheon is Saturday, November 2, 2019, in Hudson MA. Remember the new venue, same as last year. Parking lot activities generally begin around 10 am with lunch at noon. The full schedule of activities will be released in a couple weeks.

Hudson-Concord Elks Hall
99 Park Street, Hudson, MA 01749


Van Rossem Crushes It In Germany

Another Canadian raising hell in Europe is Kingston, Ontario DNer Peter Van Rossem. He’s been campaigning in his Shark 24 pretty hard and it’s been paying off-

A win at the North American champs was impressive enough but he followed that up with a second at the World Champs in Germany.

Well done Peter and crew! If he is going as fast this winter as he was last summer he will be a force to be reckoned with on the ice….

Check results here:
Shark NA Champs

Shark World Champs
World Championship SHARK24 2019 in R�bel-M�ritz – powered by http://www.raceoffice.org

Out Of Place….

…But great to see! Dave Ross (DN KC 5202) is over is Lisbon, Portugal doing a little travelling. Of course he wandered out of the 80 degree heat and into the local Maritime Museum and what does he see?

A very nice model of an old stern steerer. Portugal is not exactly a mecca of iceboating activity but very cool to see that they included the model at the museum. One wonders what kind of reactions it gets every day. And who had the idea to feature it in the first place!

As Dave says, “The cult is very far flung.”

Thanks Dave!

Think Ice!

Skeeter Build- The Latest

Dan Hearn still working furiously on the new Skeeter….
Click and catch up!


LI Cross Training….

Scott Valentine and the gang on LI are getting into the apparent wind zone… Not a frozen lake but in a pinch a parking lot will do! Will be watching out for these guys when it gets cold…

Not long until the Swap Meet, early Ice and Western Challenge…. mark your calendars!

Anyone Near Gull Lake, MI?

I believe there has been quite a bit of iceboating done on Michigan’s Gull Lake over the years, and this weekend there is a cool soft water event going on;

A regatta for Vintage Star Boats. Sounds like a great event, full of vintage boats and some of the true legends of the Star world, including my old college buddy Arnis Baltins crewing for Lars Grael. Pretty good bet there will be some hard-water sailors in the fleet….

The boats will be on display Friday for all of us aficionados to gawk at. And you never know who you will bump into on the dock!

Click the link and take a look…..

Think ICE!!

Shop Envy…..

…Take a look at these photos and you will have it. This is the secret lab of the one and only Bill Bucholz, hidden away in a secret location in the Maine Midcoast region (Camden).

It has everything an iceboater could ever want. Heat, ceiling high enough to step a mast indoors, benches, light, every tool you could ever need, a thousand clamps, cool pictures, and for style points a stained-glass window depicting an iceboat. Wow.

Look at the pictures and have a drool! And when you’re done get yourself into your own shop and start working on your gear- there’s a nip in the air….

Think ICE!