2018 Season

Sail On….

Sad news in the iceboat fleet as we have lost an enthusiastic newcomer to the fleet as Peter McGowan has passed away.

Most of us didn’t get to know Pete well enough in the few seasons he was able to sail the hard water but it was hard to miss his eagerness to learn and get faster- Right from the start his sheer joy at ripping around the lake at iceboat speeds reminded us all of how psyched we all were when we first got into the sport.

He did his first North American DN Champs at Charlevoix, MI awhile back and was moved enough to write the following article:

Learn a bit more about the man and memorial services here. Sail on Peter!

Missing- DN Runners

Attention all- we are looking for a set of DN runners that we think may have been left at the World Champs last winter.

Best intel we have is that there were two insert side runners and a plate runner for the bow. They were in a tan/brown canvas runner bag, possibly labeled DN 5666.

If you’ve seen them please contact T at 401 258 6230.

Many thanks and Think Ice!

Howie Dietz, Fair Winds….

Sad news from LI as Howie Dietz has passed. Some nice thoughts and memories have been coming in from the LI sailors;

“Howie was a welcome fixture for my entire iceboating life. Ralph, I am smiling remembering you, Howie, and company, sitting in the back row “peanut gallery” laughing your asses off and being generally entertained watching me try to run a meeting! LOL. I look forward to reading more memories from the rest of you.”

“Very sorry to hear about Howie. Sympathies to his family. Smooth ice, fair winds and sharp runners, you will be missed by all your iceboating friends..Doug”

“Very sad news indeed but very glad to have had him for a friend- Always a genuine pleasure to hang out with as you all know, We will miss him and the undiluted sense of fun he always brought to the ice and our meetings.”

Details on services below:

Alexander-Rothwell Funeral Home,

6447 Route 25A, Wading River, NY
Visitation Tuesday 6/4/19, 2-4 and 7-9 pm. Funeral service at the funeral home on Wednesday 6/5/19, followed by burial at Calverton National Cemetery.
Obituary was in Sunday’s Newsday 6/2/19.

Fair winds….

A Standout….

In a fleet full of unique sailors with amazing stories, this gentlemen stands out. Read here:

May 2019 Runner Tracks – DN North America Newsletter Available!

Check it out folks- another great issue complete with a history of DN sailing in Poland. Very cool stuff no matter what kind of craft lights you up! Available online or in actual glossy paper. Click and enjoy!


DN World Champs- Won In A Loaner Boat!

Hey Folks-

You may have heard that due to a shipping snafu several Polish sailors had to borrow gear to compete at the DN Gold Cup this year. In a class where sailors spend hours customizing, refining, and practicing with very specific gear this is a big bummer…

The good news is several sailors from the midwest were able to cobble together enough spare gear to assemble a few complete boats that these guys could race. Not the perfect situation but better than nothing!

Of course Poland’s Michał Burczyński sailed one of these borrowed boats and was able get it going well enough to take the top prize, in convincing fashion no less.

Just goes to show that the most important piece of gear on any boat is the nut that holds the tiller!

Read all about it in Michal’s words here….



Saw this on the CIBC site. Videos like this make us all pray that December gets here soon….

Take a look and enjoy!