2018 Season

2018 IDNIYRA Eastern Lakes Championships Update


Here is your mid week update. As reports are coming in I am leaning towards having the 2018 IDNIYRA Easterns Saturday and Sunday (Dec 15-16) On Great pond in Belgrade, ME. There is a possibility that southern Champlain could be in play but it has not been scouted yet. I will be waving the entry fee but you will absolutely need a hard copy of your $300,000 liability insurance and be a member of IDNIYRA (idniyra.org)

I hope to make the final call as early on Friday afternoon possible. If you can only make one of the days I am ok with that for this event,  please let me know when registering and show up early enough to help the process as I will be sailing as well.  If there are any volunteers that would like to help us run races that would be very much appreciated. Looking forward to some more great racing this weekend!

All official race announcements and updates will be posted will be posted here at https://neiya.org. Stay tuned for updates.

Best, Chad
IDNIYRA Eastern Rear Commodore

2018 New England Championships Are In The Books

Photo by Matt Knowles

New England DN Championship 2018 Results

Pushaw Lake, Orono, ME


Wind 5-12 mph

Grade 5-6 ice surface

Regatta Chairman Steve Madden

Skipper                                 R1      R2      R3      R4      R5      R6      TO      Total

James “T” Thieler US5224     1         1        1        1         1         1*       1          5

Eric Anderson US5193           3         2        2        3         2         3*       3          12

Steve Madden US4512          3$       3         3        2        3*         2       3          13

Chris Miller US5415               2        11*      4        4         4          6       11         20

Eben Whitcomb US4775        8*       6         5        6         5         4        8          26

Matt Knowles US5606            4        4         6        8         8*        7        8          29

Jay Whitehair US3947         DNF*    5         7        5         6         8       DNF      31

Dave Fortier US4690              9*       7        8        7          7         5        9          34

Guy Polybank US4619           5         8       10      10        8$       10*     10        41

Chris Mayer US4596              6        10      11*      9         9         9$      11         43

R. Gluckman US5805             7        9        9        11       12       12*      12        48

Karen Binder US                   10       12       12*     11$     10       11       12        54

John Hayes US4869             11        14*     12$    13       11       12$     14        59

Peter McGowan US8           DNS*    13      13       12      13        9        DNS     60

$=scored race. number shown is average for all your actual races including throw out race

*=throw out race (TO)

DNF=did not finish

DNS=did not start

Race 2 was scored by bystander

Thanks to all the scorers

Steve Madden

Coming UP – 2018 IDNIYRA Eastern’s Notice for Next Saturday December 15th


Now that a good sized group of us have had time to get out the last few weeks and stretch those neck muscles it is time to try and get the 2018 IDNIYRA Eastern’s off.  This is an early warning to be ready to go as the call will be made Friday 12/14 by 4pm. Things are locking up all over Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, as always there is some unsettled weather headed this way so we will have to prep equipment and be ready for the call if we can find a suitable venue. If you have Ice please let me know! Contact Chad directly or post to NEIYA ice reports email.
This will be the last attempt for the 2018 Eastern’s with the following weeks holiday schedule. Please make sure you are a member of IDNIYRA, have a proper registered sail # and bring a copy of your $300,000 liability insurance coverage, more info at idniyra.org. If you have any questions regarding any of this feel free to send me a note.
If you are not on the NEIYA ice reports email list please email John Stanton john@neiya.org for invite.
Think Ice!
Best, Chad Atkins
US 4487
IDNIYRA Eastern Rear Commodore

NE champs ON today

Hey Folks- NE champs on for today- Pushaw Lake is the place. Launch at Gould’s Landing in Orono ME. There are a few pressure rushes between the launch and the racing area so don’t leave launch without talking w people who have been out- but racing area is good!! First start at 1030 or so- Apologies for not posting here last night- will be more consistent in the future!

NE Champs ON!

As of right now the 2018 DN NEW ENGLAND CHAMPS are ON for Saturday December 8 at Pushaw Lake bear Bangor ME. Stay tuned to this site for details !

NE Champs Are ON

As of right now the 2018 DN EASTERNS are ON for Saturday December 8 at Pushaw Lake bear Bangor ME. Stay tuned to this site for details !


Hey Folks-

Get your gear together! Regatta Chairman Steve Madden is at it already. We may just get the regatta slate for 2018 filled after all!

Looking at holding 2018 NE’S Saturday 12/8 on Pushaw lake in Maine.

Will make final call later today pending other ice reports including Pushaw. About 80% sure at this time it will be Pushaw.

Stay tuned to this site for updates and instructions. Get your stuff together!