2017 Season


Hey Folks- Big day tomorrow as we have two events to choose from-

THE FIRST: If you’re on the mainland hit this!
The annual NEIYA Tune Up Clinic at Steve Lamb’s shop.

Date: Saturday December 9th
Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Arthur C. Lamb Company 85 Jackson St, Canton, MA 02021
Refreshments: Served continuously throughout the day

We have a full day of activities. Well worth the drive. And you might even learn something…

Clinics start right off at 10:30 AM

10:30 – Bob Haag – wielding his trusty dial indicator, learn his proven method for chock alignment. Misaligned chocks are slow!

11:15 – Chad Atkins– Sail Trim – Chad will demonstrate what he has learned developing sails for North and the DN Class. We will have a fully rigged boat and a sail hung horizontally so you can really see shape.

12 Noon – Lunch Rumors of Venison stew, the Lamb’s famous chili and hot dogs

12:30 – James “T” Thieler– What better guy to discuss “plank stiffness” then our own “T” ? He will discuss and demonstrate what your plank should look like and the benefits.

1:15 – TBD Runner profile benefits. Steve will tackle questions we have all had. 18” of flat? More? Less? Why?

2:00 – Eben Whitcomb – Safety and Race Rules- really something we can’t talkabout enough, and a good refresher for everyone.

All Ice boaters are Welcome to this Clinic Racers, Cruisers, Voyeurs and Vagabond.


In addition we welcome any newcomers trying to get into ice boating and onto the ice this season.

THE SECOND: If you’re out on LI Don’t miss this! There is a rumor that Steve Duhamel will be making an appearance….

Early Season Cobwebs

Not mentioning any names but word has it that someone did a lap or two out in MN with this setup- look closely, you’ll see the issue…. All good, I’m sure nobody out there gave him a hard time!

GWC Update

Sounds like they have PERFECT Ice and just enough breeze to sail at the GWC out in MN.

They don’t keep score at this one but it sounds like they got a lot of races in- looking forward to hearing how everyone did!

Have a look at these two photos- one is sunrise this morning and the other is Chris Gordon’s entire lunch and complete tool kit. Frankly, the lack of duct tape is baffling.

Have fun out there kids! Send updates….

Great Western Challenge- What We Are Missing!

Thought I’d torture myself and everyone else who is stuck out East this weekend with this photo from the Western Challenge, courtesy of Ron Sherry. Ice looks pretty darn good- I’m sure Atkins and Gordon won’t regret the drive….

Looks awesome! Have a blast, gang. Think of us!

Great Western Challenge, NEIYA On The Way

Hello All-

The NEIYA has an elite, eclectic duo headed to the Great Western Challenge at this very moment.

Two islanders as it happens. First is Chris Gordon (the man from Nantucket) and Chad Atkins (the man from Conanicut Island, or the Planet Zork, depending on who you ask).

They are approaching Chicago, burning up the highway and no doubt having lively discussions on the economy, philosophy, politics, and the books they’ve read recently.

We wish them well out there- sail fast, travel safe and send updates boys!

There is also a contingent from Deep Creek MD on the way, all the best to them as well.

Enjoy the trip and have a hotel breakfast room waffle for all of us stuck back here at work!

Think Ice!

Great Western Challenge Lodging

Hey Folks- If you are headed to the Western Challenge the regatta headquarters and rooms will be here- Book now!

Days Inn Baxter, MN. Iceboater special for king or 2queens @ $92/ nite. 218-829-3080

Great Western Challenge IS ON!!

December 1-3. Load up folks! If you have an empty seat or need a ride email me, t_thieler@yahoo.com and will try to get everyone matched up. Think ICE! Info here: http://iceboating.net/

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840