2016 Season

Bantam Lake, 12-23-2016

Looks like Bantam delivered as well- Joe Roesler sends the photo of this bad-boy….

Stay tuned to the Wiggio and LRIYBC ice reporting pages for info!

Quaboag 12-23-2016

Awesome early Christmas on Quaboag yesterday as eight DN’s (six modern, two vintage) and a batwing spent the day tearing it up on 4″-5″ of grade 9 ice. No hazards found, only a few ice fishermen off to the side. One of them caught a 7 lb largemouth bass- not a bad day for those guys either!

The one and only Jeff Kent was out doing recon and coaching the group. Good breeze all day, rigs bent, we must have done ten races. Not bad….

Great sailing, hopefully that plate will survive the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, hope everyone has a great one and will see everyone as soon as possible out on the ice as soon as the festivities are out of the way!

Think ICE….

Seeding Lake Ronkonkoma

The LI gang have been at it again- The seeding of Lake Ronkonkoma is complete….

Not sure if it’s produced ice out there yet but Quaboag Pond in Brookfield, MA was certainly in good shape- plenty of boats cruising and racing yesterday, will see what the weather brings over the next few days but stay tuned, I’m sure there will be sailing somewhere- maybe even a regatta before the year is out!

In the meantime happy holidays and Think ICE!

James “T” Thieler

Thunder Bay Anyone?

For those of us who got out on Quabog or Plymouth the bug has bit all over again…. This warm weather ain’t helping but if you are really jones-ing you can head to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Only about a 26 hour trip each way but man does that ice look worth it!

Thanks to Mike Madge for sending the photo- Boat looks great Mike!

Getting cold soon, our turn is coming…. Stay tuned!

Web Cams!!

New Post on the CIBC Site- see below or click here: https://iceboat.me/

DN GC / NA Shirts and Swag Available

Big news from the IDNIYRA:

We are happy to announce that we’ve opened a DN North American store through Cafe Press where you can buy DN branded gear. Our first offerings are a sweatshirt and long sleeved shirt with the 2017 Worlds logo on the pocket area in either gray or white.

Click the link and take a look at the big announcement on the IDNIYRA website:

LRIBYC 1st Club Meeting 2017


TUESDAY, JAN. 3, 2017

Great refreshments. Great conversation. Great atmosphere.
7:00 pm the fun starts at Weeks Yacht Yard in Patchogue.
View attachment for directions.


So many places to choose. All we need are the ice reports.
We need to keep in contact.

Club Membership STILL only $15.

Membership will put you on the “ICEALERT!” email communication system.

Like any organization, LRIBYC needs money to function at all levels:
– Maintain club website
– Promote iceboat sailing and increase new membership
– Establish and maintain yearly functions (swap meet, monthly meetings, etc.)
– Maintain the materials needed for yearly competitions and events
– Maintain “end of year” honor, achievement, and competition awards
(memberships after 01/03/17 not eligible)

– Maintain the safety equipment brought to each club sponsored event
– Support postal fees needed for club communications
– MOST IMPORTANT – funding for various projects selected by

STILL, club membership of $15 will entitle your participationin all of the club events and functions, the inclusion of the automatic
“ICEALERT!” email communication system, and voting privileges at all
club meetings and functions during the year. Your vote and voice
determines where your sport is going. For more information pertaining
to how your club dues are specifically used, please see your treasurer
John Ziermann.

Returning members please fill out the 1st page if there have been any

changes to your membership info.

For NEW members, please fill out both sides of the attached document so
that we can add your information to our list of members and place you on
the automatic “ICEALERT!” email communication system.

“ICEALERT!”, will instantly provided you with the latest ice reports for
the upcoming season, weekend, or day, and will allow you to instantly
communicate with all of our club members. Think of it, a universe of
events, hospitality, technical expertise, assistance, and fellowship
instantly at you finger tips through the use of “ICEALERT!”.

Knowing when and where to sail is so important, so don’t miss out on

Please create a check “Pay To The Order of” LRIBYC and send to:
E. NORTHPORT, NY, 11731-1205

Important Dates:

Wed. January 4, 2017 – 1st day of membership privileges
Tues. February 7, 2017 – Club Meeting
Tues. March 7, 2017 – Club Meeting

The club board members, with the approval of the club membership, shall at
all times have the absolute right to suspend, for a definite or indefinite
amount of time, the membership privileges of any member whom the club
membership finds has violated any rule, regulation or policy of the Club
or whose behavior is abusive or disruptive to the operation of the Club.

Thank you …. THINK ICE! ……. Thank you for your support.

John Ziermann DN-5426/Gambit/LS45/Treasurer



Hello All- Joe Meade checks in from upstate NY….


A quick email – So much to catch up on.

The workshop / swap meet was a success – we had about 25 people and discussed alignment, sharpening, types of runners, and downwind sailing. I think everyone had a good time.

There has been iceboating in both the Midwest and Maine last weekend. I went out to the Great Western Challenge on business/pleasure trip but unfortunately the weather did not want to cooperate. We had a lake with beautiful ice but no wind on Saturday, and with a pending snowstorm coming, we threw in the towel on Saturday. We did sail for a while on Friday in smaller numbers and it was great to get back in the boat! The sailors from the east met on Plymouth Pond last Sunday in Maine to kick off the season as well.

Now, on to business – with the cold temps coming next week there is a slight possibility that we could have ice before Christmas. Sharpen your runners and keep your fingers crossed!!!

Let us know what you see out your window and reply to us all! Remember – scout with a friend. No Ice is safe.

Joe Meade


Hey Folks- More news from the Midwest, the latest issue of Runner Tracks is up and as always is full of great content- check it out here:

And a little further down on the front page is the latest on the DN World and NA champs- check it out and make this the year!


As always, Think ICE!


More from the LI gang…. This could be a party not to be missed…..


“The Icing Of The Lake”

As we look at the temps dropping ever so close, the ICE GODS are looking at us.
That’s right, are the faithful giving up ….
Are the Ice GODS going to turn their backs on us, ye of little faith?
Are we to dream of what might be or are we going to hear the sound of
a sharp set of cleats walking across a surface of hard black ice?


Maybe we should bring BLOCKS of ice instead of cubes.

Don’t forget Sunday, Dec. 18, 2016 1 PM @ NYS access rampoff of Victory Dr. (see map attached)

The event you can’t afford to miss.

“The Icing Of The Lake” an offering to the “Ice Gods” at Lake Ronkonkoma.
A “show” you won’t want to miss.
Special guest “QUEEN OF THE ICE”.

We are going to start the season with a BIG BANG!

No kidding, look at the picture. We are really going to do it.

John Ziermann DN-5426/Gambit/LS-45


Bantam Lake Skim….

This from the LRIBYC guys- if you aren’t on their email list you should be!
Not sure what the lake looks like now but this is encouraging….


For those of you that missed our LRIBYC swap meet thinking that the season
has not started….


From the the desk of David Danielson …. thank you so much!

Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2016 8:06 AM
Subject: Bantam fly-by

8 degrees @ 6 AM…skim ice everywhere…it’s a start!

Season Opener At Plymouth Pond!!

Hello All-

Plymouth Pond is everything you look for in an early season ice fix- it’s up north, up high, away from the ocean, kind of small and really shallow! So it freezes early- usually….

It delivered last weekend! Sunday was the day, thanks to the Maine gang for this report on the day- click the link for Bill Bucholz’s report and more photos. And scroll down to see a great shot of the best book on iceboating ever written…

Not sure if the pond was snowed out but we can hope for the best and wait for some good reports- Think ICE! T


Western Challenge News…..

Looks like the gang out west may have some sailing this weekend after all- This was on iceboating.net. Hope you guys get some sailing in this weekend! T

“The site is the small bay of Long Lake on 371 north of Brainerd. Directly East of Gull Lake and visible from Hwy 371. There is a public launch and a wayside rest there. The bay is 1.2 miles across with low shorelines. The ice is smooth, uniform thickness and should be great. If you are the first to arrive please remember the buddy system and be careful as this is new ice as of a few days ago.

We will follow up with hotel recomendations or post them here if you would likew to help.

The time is 11:40 AM, for some reason the time on the post is not correct.


JD US4691

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230


Here is the latest update (about 3:30PM Wednesday) from iceboating.net

Lake Christina

We have heard from our Ice checkers. Currently we do not have sailable conditions. We have high wind with limitted visability and very cold temperatures on the way. We are looking for an alternative sites and postponing our decision until noon on Thursday. We understand that this makes sailing impossible for those traveling from far but its all we have at this time. This has been a tough one.

Western Challenge News

Hey Folks-
Check iceboating.net for latest bulletin on Western Challenge- Not great news for those of us from afar….. Stay tuned- Think ICE!

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230

DN World Champs and North American Champs Registration Is OPEN!

Hey Gang- the DN Worlds are back in North America this season to be followed by the NA champs- Western Region hosting, but you know it could take place anywhere…..
Sign up here!

In the meantime we are receiving some good intel from out west re ice for Western Challenge…. Keep fingers crossed-

Think ICE! T


Hello All-

We are trying to locate a missing DN mast, last seen at the Western Challenge a few years ago. It was the one near Lacrosse, WI. It was WICKED cold!

It’s a CSI 4.1, possibly a two-piece, reportedly painted black.

Owned by Matthais Grouthes-Spork and should have DN G-900 stickers on it somewhere.

If you’ve seen this rig please let me know- trying to locate and return to it’s rightful owner!

Give me a shout at 401 258 6230. Thanks! T

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230

2016 All Tuned-up and Ready to Go


The Tune-Up Clinic was held this past Saturday at Steve Lamb’s shop in Canton, MA. Before I forget, Thanks Steve!

An elite group escaped Thanksgiving Weekend family obligations in order to attend and were rewarded with demos on how to straighten bent runners (by Bob Haag), how to stone runners to perfection (Eben Whitcomb with an assist by yours truly), how to drill holes in a plank (Featuring Steve Lamb and a portable drill press) and how to check runner alignment (as many opinions as there are iceboaters!).

Of course everyone had a ball sharing tips, advice, stories, BS, jokes, and all combinations thereof.  The event was supposed to be over at 3PM but the party went on well after that!

The festivities were fueled as usual by a great spread of food courtesy of Linda Lamb and her sister, not to mention everyone else who brought a dish or pot of something special.  The meatballs were my personal fave-

We will re-evaluate the dates for next year but in the meantime get your boats ready, get packing for the Western Challenge (Now December 9,10, 11) and THINK ICE!!


P.S. Seeing the hydraulic ram straighten out some runners I couldn’t help including the below video. While none of us are likely to ever incur loads like these, it’s still fun to watch.

Western Challenge Update

Western Challenge Regatta has been postponed until December 9, 10, 11. A bummer but so it goes!

More time to prep and pack- Looking forward to this one whenever it takes place-

Stay tuned to this site for details- Think ICE!

Happy Thanksgiving from the NEIYA!


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with friends and family and give thanks for all that you have.

Thanksgiving is a special time for so many reasons. Asside from the everyday it is a time when our warm weather dreams morph into Hard Black Ice. There will be sailing soon…

Looking forward to carving up some ice this season. Not on the centerpiece but around the leeward mark or on a screaming reach with chips a flying.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to get ready. Haul out the gear from the cellar, the back of the garage or hidden about the house. Check out your gear weekend.

Don’t forget our annual off ice tune-up this weekend.

Saturday Nov. 26th | Arthur C. Lamb Co | 85 Jackson St, Canton, MA 02021 | 11:00 – 3:00 pm Details

Safe travels this holiday weekend and be forever Thankful!

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore
DN 5023




Here we see Steve Madden risking life and limb (or maybe just a bruised rear and some embarrassment) testing out the deflection on the latest DN mast from the twisted yet brilliant mind of Jeff Kent.

Happy to say it passed that test, now have to see how it does on the ice at the Western Challenge next weekend…. Best ice in Minnesota, Friday-Sunday, be there or be square! Always a blast and a hell of a road trip.

More talk of masts and all other gear (all all kinds of other stuff) this Saturday at the NEIYA tune up clinic at Steve Lamb’s shop. Look around the website for the place and time.

Look forward to seeing everyone there! Think Ice…. T

2016 Lamb Tune-up Saturday November 26th

The 2016 Tune-up session is this weekend. Don’t miss out.

Date: Saturday November 26th
Time: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Arthur C. Lamb Company Refreshments: Served continuously throughout the day

Planned sessions include.

  1. Runner Stoning aka after grind care – presented by Eben Whitcomb
  2. Why We Race and You Should Too – presneted by James “T” Thieler
  3. Runner Straightening Demo or What To Do After an Incident – presented by Bob Haag / Steve Lamb
  4. Boat Surveys – Have an old boat and want to get it on the ice this season? Give it a once over before sailing.  Have a barn boat? Experts will be standing by to help.

If you reserved Boride stones, they will be waiting for you. If not, there are a limited number of additional sets available.

Looking forward to getting together setting up a few boats and learning a thing or two.

Please note, in order to help focus on learning and knowledge transfer, there will again be no runner grinding this year. If you need help with sharpening ask about options turning the tune-up or reach out and we find a way to get it done before first ice.

Ready your gear the ice is near,

John Stanton
DN 5023



Getting Cold and the Season is Upon Us

Hello All-   Things are beginning to move….  Tune-Up Clinic this Saturday, things cooling off outside, all kinds of chatter and planning for the Western Challenge….
Seems like a good time to ask if anyone has seen the Canadian DN Championship trophy or knows who won it last?
Trying to track it down-  call or email me if you have any info-  Many thanks!
T. Thieler

Canadian Champs Trophy And More