2015 season

Gather up your gear the time is near


Just a couple of weeks till our annual event. Soon we will be counting down the days…

Please pay your dues and lunch online today. Don’t worry you do not have to have PayPal, any credit/debit card will do.

Lunch is a club subsidized $10 this year. Yes, half off from last year! Our treasurer Bob Haag would appreciate online payment or at least let him know (treasurer@neiya.org) you’re coming for an accurate head count. There will be plenty of Swedish meatballs.

Description Price
2016 Membership $30
2016 Membership and Lunch $40
2016 Membership for one & Lunch x2 $50
Lunch Only $10
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If you have any extra gear be sure to list it in the classified section and drag it to the swap meet. Your old gear will make someone very happy.

Think Ice and see at the Meeting,

John Stanton
DN 5023
NEIYA Vice Commodore


Here we see CT DN sailor Eben Whitcomb doing a little research on his new CSI rig- comparing and contrasting with his trusty (and well tanned) older one.

What did he find out? One very interesting thing was that the new rig is slight-CLASSIFIED! TOP SECRET INFORMATION DELETED!

Looks like I’ve already revealed too much. Suffice it to say that Eben should be going well this season- If you want to know more you might be able to get some details out of him at the NEIYA swap meet, coming up soon on November 7! Be there or be square- details below-

Think Ice!!


This just in from small craft and DN enthusiast Ed Thieler down in MD- He found this little DN-like beauty down in NJ recently. His report here:

“As you know NJ has a long and proud ice yachting heritage. I found this one on display at the tuckerton baymen’s museum.

Note the cockpit cover – those Jersey guys put covers on many of their small boats, especially sneakboxes and melon seeds, primarily to keep out snow, leaves, and varmints when the boats are not in use.

Note the hinge – you can sit in the cockpit with feet covered and just your head and shoulders out – this is exactly how they hunt from a sneakbox – set out your decoys, pull it up on the marsh shore, sit in it, shotgun in hand, and call in the ducks. the earliest sneakboxes even had the daggerboard trunk off center, on the cockpit side, for more room to sit.

Except for the garish patriotic paint job – no ‘camo’ here – i wonder if an iceboat was ever used that way?”

Think Ice! From MD

Ed Thieler
Easton, MD


Scott Valentine checks in with the second phase of the LI training regimen…. Sounds like he has been wearing his new spikes indoors and out and has them fully broken in-

“After spending summer months of training inside the house (wife still doesn’t forgive me for all those dimples in the floor) and at the same time, training outside (the lawn looks great from aerating it), it is time to move outside.
The training now moves to a very large concrete parking lot at a secret training location with ocean views.”

Scott Valentine
DN 4925


Richard Gluckman has acquired a pile of gear from Jane Pegel- All very nice stuff and I think all for sale- See the classified ad section on this site for more info or email Richard directly at rgluckman

In the meantime compare the cool “exploded” view of all the DN gear with that shown on the back of Pink Floyd’s 1969 masterpiece, UMMAGUMMA.

Bring back any slightly distorted memories for anyone?

Thanks Richard and Think Ice!

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230


First of all, only one month (more or less) until the NEIYA meeting and swap meet on November 7- Register and pay up by clicking the links below- Don’t miss it!

2016 Membership – $30
2016 Membership and Lunch – $40
2016 Membership for one & Lunch x2 – $50
Meeting Lunch Only – $10

Second of all there is only two months to the Great Western Challenge, the big season opener for DNs and Ice Optis out in Minnesota! December 4-6, exact location to be determined but most likely out in the boonies. This is a great way to kick off the season- Big country out there and every road trip for the rest of the year seems short in comparison… I know several NEIYA sailors planning to head out- the more the better so put it on the calendar!

Think Ice, it’s gettin’ chilly out there…

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230


Scott Valentine checks in to show us what’s doing out on LI…

Just to let you know how we do training on Long Island. The first photo is part one, which you must do for several days before moving to part 2. You will notice it is important to wear your special custom fat feet track spikes. It’s tough on the floors in the house, but they are great for aerating the lawn! Stay tuned….

Scott Valentine
DN 4925