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Doc on Sunday?

So it sounds like there might be some options for sailing this weekend, but it all depends on what happens with the snow today. I’ve heard positive things about Mempremagog, South Twin and the indefatigable Dammriscotta might be back in play. Team Maine is going to be out looking and Dave is going to try to hold the Maine State champs on Saturday.

If anyone finds a regatta level piece of ice on Saturday, tell me and I will call the Doc Fellows on there for Sunday. I know it will be a late call but we are up against it here.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA regatta chair

Canadians Called OFF

Hold your horses. The Canadians have reviewed their call and changed their minds. No regatta this weekend.

Sounds like you might be able to sail Missisquoi Bay Saturday but it will be fairly rough and there is a fair amount of snow in the forecast for Sunday.

Easterns Postponed. Canadians?

The 2017 Eastern Regional Championship is postponed until further notice due to snow and possible drifting. In better news our good neighbors to the north have 3 locations that are being evaluated for the Canadian Regional Championship to be announced hopefully before 2pm friday. Pack your passports and lets get ready to go Fast and Turn left!!

These Sites are:
Trenton, Ont
Phillipsburg, Que.

Best, Chad Atkins
DN US 4487
Eastern Regional Commodore

Easterns Hopefully

Don’t schedule anything for the weekend just yet. Our Eastern region rear commodore Chad Atkins is hopping to pull off a miracle and find some ice to host the Eastern Regional Championships this weekend. The weather is going to make it hard but keep the faith.


No Go on Montreal

Things didn’t pan out as we hoped north of the border. One spot had hard snow drifts and the other only had 2.75 to 3 inches of ice so unfortunately our border run plans are dashed.

Next time.

It sounds like the Maine guys might have some ice but as far as I know there is nothing in Vermont or New Hampshire.


Eastern Regional Champs NOR

NOTICE OF RACEEastern Lakes Regional DN Championship Regatta
February 11-12 2017
North American Eastern Region

Organizing Authority
International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association
North American Eastern Region

1. Rules:

All races will be governed by the Racing Rules of the National Iceboat Authority; the By-Laws of the IDNIYRA, and Official Specifications of the DN Ice Yacht; the Notice of Race, including any amendments to the Notice of Race, (except as any of these are altered by the sailing instructions) and the Sailing Instructions. The Sailing Instructions can be modified at the Skippers Meeting and by a notice posted on the official notice board.

Sail number does not need to match fuselage number or skippers registered IDNIYRA number but does need to be unique to each skippers sail (no duplicates on course)

-Skipper still needs to be a current member of IDNIYRA in good standing

Nine race per fleet – 3 race minimum in the Gold Fleet will constitute the regatta. Fleets – Gold and possible Silver Fleet/ Plate Runner Division/Rookie Division, Volunteer split for fleets if needed. Discard race after 6 races sailed.

2. Eligibility:

All DN class yachts meeting the requirements of the Official Specifications and whose skippers meet the requirements of the By-Laws of the IDNIYRA as stated in the section IDNIYRA Regattas are eligible to enter and race in the championship.

3. Site Information and Postings:

A. The primary site is within the North American Eastern Region
B. Site and Headquarters Information will be determined by the regatta organizer.
C. Official regatta information, updates and accommodations:,

4. Entry and Fee:
Register in the pits saturday morning
$30 registration fee

5. Schedule of Events:
•Sat 9:15-10am on ice registration
•Sat 10am Skippers Meeting
•Sat 11am First start
•Sunday 10:00am First start. No race will start after 3PM

6. Sailing instructions

Official Sailing Instructions will be provided at registration.

7. Prizes

We are trying to locate any and all trophies for this event.

8. Proof of Insurance

Proof of personal or race liability insurance ($300,000 minimum)

Chad Atkins
DN US 4487
Eastern Region Rear Commodore

Montreal anyone?

It sounds like our French speaking neighbors to the north might have some ice. The have walked it and are planning on sailing it tomorrow. So who would be interested in a casual regatta in Montreal on Saturday? Maybe the Montreal West Island Challenge?

This would not be an NEIYA event and we wont know if it is doable till mid day tomorrow, but it could be a fun weekend if it works out. Drive up Friday night, sail Saturday, treat the wife or girlfriend to a night on the town in a city where Trump isn’t president, sleep off the hangover and drive home in time to see the Super Bowl. Whats wrong with that? So if you are interested keep your schedules open and stay tuned.


Headed west

We are headed west. T, Steve Madden and I are headed towards ice (hopefully) somewhere east of Michigan. Stay tuned.


New England Champs Report

Sometimes it all just works. Paul and Bob checked the ice Thursday and gave us the green light, I actually made the right call for once and called it on for Saturday. We got there and the ice was perfect. Some healed drain holes and one healed crack but all with at least 2 inches of fresh ice. Don Brush showed up ready to run races. There was a nice 5 to 8 knot southerly. We had 18 eager racers, many of which were fresh to the scene. It all came together.

The challenging part about racing on Sunday was keeping the speed up between the puffs. Those who were able to connect the dots were able to separate from those who couldn’t. Chad and I were both using his new AP power sail he has developed with Mike Marshall at North Sails. It seems to transition really nicely from having plenty of juice to flattening out enough when the mast bends to be serviceable in the puffs. A really nice sail. We were both using 3/16″ insert runners. Chris Miller seems to have discovered some new gears while out West. He was consistently right there in the top three. He was using a OneD Speed sail I believe. Chad and I finished the day tied with Chris a close third.

Sunday brought warmer temps and a fair bit more wind. I went to set the windward mark with my less than stellar pit runners on but had to turn back as they had next to no grip on the surprisingly hard ice. So I moved my mast step forward a couple holes and stood the rig up to try to get some more weight on the front runner, as I was more worried about control than top end speed. I used the same 3/16″ insert runners but switched to my North ABSS sail.

The breeze was super shifty, but our stellar RC team of Don Brush, John Atkins and Bob Schumacher were up to the task and got in 4 more races in short order. The racing was fast with the breezing getting increasingly squirrelly at the top mark in on the shore. More than once I found my self just barely climbing up to it while others ripped over the top of me. Joe Meade found his wheels and was in the mix at the front all day. But Chad was the king of the day. With solid boat speed and doing a really good job dealing with the random shifts he closed the day with two straight wins to take the weekend. What is even more impressive is that he could barely walk let alone run because of multiple broken toes from his run in with a J70 trailer last week.

A huge thank you to Don, John and Bob for making the races happen. Also to Loretta Rehe for doing the scoring. I text her photos of the score sheet after each race and she compiles the scores from her home in Michigan. I had the final results in my email inbox before I even made it back to the launch site. Very cool.

Sorry to take so long getting this out. I’ve been pushing to get a couple projects out the door before leaving for the worlds. Also check out Dave Fortier’s report on the Chickie site.

Its looking like we will be headed to Madison WI for the worlds, despite a very rainy forecast. Then we will be back here to try again for the Doc Fellows and the Eastern Regionals.

Thanks again to all that made the weekend possible. It was awesome.

Oliver Moore
US 5469



2017 New England Champs Results

2017 New England Championship - January 14, 2017 Lake Champlain Gold fleet

Racing tomorrow at 11

2017 New England Championship – January 14, 2017

Lake Champlain

Gold fleet

New England Champs ON for Tomorrow

We have it on good authority that Lake Champlain South of the bridge is better than it was last weekend. It hasn’t been sailed and fully scouted yet but I am going to gamble a little and try to not repeat last weekend’s issue. We will have a little later than normal start as we will need to scout the race course before starting racing. First start will be at noon.

We will be launching from Champlainside Farm, same as last week. The google map pin is below:,+Bridport,+VT+05734/@43.9988165,-73.3995402,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sMccuen+Slang!3m4!1s0x4ccaa6d14b084705:0x49d1e3a4a075882a!8m2!3d43.9988336!4d-73.3974302

There is limited parking at this access and it definitely got a little crowded last weekend. So we would like to ask those that are planning on sailing but not racing to please use the McCuen Slang Fishing access just a little further north. There is plenty of room for all, it will just make everyone’s lives easier if we spread out the cars a bit. The google maps pin is as follows:,+Addison,+VT+05491/@44.0246812,-73.3960837,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sMccuen+Slang!3m4!1s0x4ccaa11650347d49:0xc723c7bf5aeb11bf!8m2!3d44.0246774!4d-73.393895

Remember to bring your poof of $300k personal liability insurance and please exercise extreme caution when first checking the ice. There is plenty of opportunity for there to be surprise issues we are unaware of.

See you there

Oliver Moore
NEIYA Regatta Chair
US 5469

Saturday Still an Option

Rumor has it south of the bridge on Champlain is still hanging in there. The breeze forecast for the weekend is looking pretty light so if I get a solid report tomorrow of definitely good ice I will call the New Englands on for Saturday to give us two days to try to get the racing in. So don’t make plans.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Subdude

New England Champs This Weekend

Shocker of all shockers, the weather is not making my job easy. The New England Championships are scheduled to be raced this weekend and we are going to do what we can to make that happen. But if you haven’t noticed its really stupidly warm out there right now. Totally not cool. It is supposed to get cold again Friday night so there is a good chance that plenty of places will have good ice but we won’t have a chance to scout it until Saturday. So it is looking like we be trying to pull the same move as last weekend. We will make our best guess on Friday and meet there for scouting and hopefully scratch racing. If it is good enough for a regatta we will call the racing on for Sunday.

That is not a definite but it is what I am currently thinking. So keep the weekend free.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA Regatta Guy

Two out of three

We had a beautiful plate of ice and a game bunch of racers. Drawing from all the New England states. We even had some New Jerseys. But we had absolutely no wind. Meatloaf might try to convince you that two out of three aint bad but don’t believe him.

We will try again.

Photo credit goes to Matt Knowles, who is figuring out how to make these things go fast in very short order.

We did have a great round of scratch racing late in the afternoon on Saturday. I probably should have called the regatta on for Saturday but what are you going to do

There is apparently some confusion about insurance. You need to have $300,000 worth of liability insurance coverage in order to race. Most homeowners or renters policies have an option for this. You need to bring proof of this coverage with you when you come to race. Those be the rules.

I apologize for the tardiness of this wrap up report, I am currently working on my time generator to make sure I have more time per day than everyone else. I am currently still working on the same 24 hours as everyone else but I have had some promising results.

Next week we will en devour to race the New England Championships. So stay tuned. Keeps those runners sharp and send in your ice reports.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA "Regatta" Chair

Doc Fellows ON for tomorrow

We will race the 2017 Don "Doc" Fellows regatta tomorrow, January 8th, on lake Champlain south of the Champlain bridge.

Access is from the Champlainside farm access the following Google pin has been getting people there.

901-1063 Lake St

Take a right on Champlain side road immediately after the farm house. Use caution as the hill is icy.

First race will be at 11. Remember to bring your proof of liability insurance.

Sharpen those runners and get on your horse.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA regatta chair.

Saturday sailing

Report from sunapee is there are still open leads.

Leavitts beach was sailed today and was decent.

Lake Champlain shouth of the bridge was sailed and sounds good.

We will be doing some scratch racing on Champlain tomorrow.

Oliver Moore

Sailing this weekend

There is sailing to be had in the Northeast. No need to drive to Wisconsin like some others in our club’s leadership might lead you to believe. Everything has wet out and refrozen nicely.

The Vacationlanders will be sailing Damariscotta tomorrow and through the weekend.

The north end of Winnipesaukee accessed from Leavitt park was kitewinged today out to Three Mile island. It was open water beyond the island, but should be sailable this weekend.

There are promising reports from Lake Sunapee and it sounds like there will be a contingent there tomorrow scouting and hopefully sailing.

Finally Lake Champlain south of the Lake Champlain bridge looks good after a preliminary scouting walk. They are planing on scouting and hopefully sailing there on Saturday.

The issue is the wind forecast. Saturday is looking bleak as a high pressure system moves through the area. But Sunday looks promising. So here is what we are going to do. We are going to scout and potentially scratch race on Saturday and then sail the Doc Fellows on Sunday. I will make a call on the Doc Fellows venue by 4pm on Saturday depending on who finds the best ice.

I will head to either Winnipesaukee or Sunapee on Saturday depending on what happens tomorrow. I will let people know tomorrow night where.

Where ever you sail this weekend be very careful, the ice has gone through a lot of weather the last month so there will be plenty of hazards. Scout carefully and please don’t sail alone.

Keep the reports coming.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Chairman

Doc Fellows this weekend

The Don "Doc" Fellows regatta is scheduled to be held this weekend. Given the weather this week it doesn’t look like we will be able to identify possible venues until Thursday. So if it happens it will be a late call. Keep the reports coming in and your fingers crossed.

Stay Tuned.

Oliver Moore
US 5469
NEIYA Regatta Chair

Bermuda the hard way

The proper way to get to Bermuda is in a 747. Instead I am going to be getting there on the fine yacht August West. It sounds like it’s going to be a rough one. Wish us luck. We are going to need it.

Oliver Moore
US 5469

Newfound lake updates

Ice hazzards:
The lake has not been thoroughly scouted but there are a few know issues. Between Mayhew island and the eastern Shore is open water. Hug the Western Shore when leaving the launch harbor. There is also a working seam on the west side of Mayhew. I marked an open spot with a branch but if you stick the Western Shore you are fine.

There are some small pressure ridges on the large part of the lake but they are avoidable and crossable with care.

Launching site:
86-130 Shore Dr

There is also a secondary public launch with more park a little further up the western Shore on West Shore road

Manor Estates Dr


We are staying at the Pilgrim Inn and cottages in Plymouth NH.
(603) 536-1319

There is also an econolodge accross the street.
(603) 536-2330

Plymouth is a 25 minute drive from the lake. There are some pricier b and b options on the lake for those so inclined.

New England’s on Newfound Lake

The New england championships are ON for Newfound lake in Bristol New Hampshire. We have a good sized race course with no known issues. Seven inches of grade 7 to 8 hard snow ice. Launching will be from the Bristol town beach on Shore road at the very southern tip of the lake. Skippers meeting will be at 10 sharp at the launch site. There is some open water between one of the island and the Shore on the way to the main part of the lake that is easily avoidable but make sure to to not leave the pits without being briefed.

There is tons of ice for cruising and racing alike so let’s have a good spring event. If any other club members beyond the DN class wish to race we are happy to run an open division on the race course.

We are also looking for a volunteer to keep score. They will be rewarded heavily with praise and adulation.

Giddy up!

Oliver Moore
NEIYA Regatta chair
US 5469

Weekend Update

There are lots of options for sailing this weekend. Melvin bay was sailed today. There are significant holes so be careful. Leavitt’s beach was also sailed and sounds very good but again there are some open spots so use caution. Squam is sailable but bumpy.

I will leave the Maine report to team Chickie. I am sure they will be posting something soon:

Inner Mallets bay was also sailed today and the ice is good. There is access from the public ramp. Outer Mallets maybe an option but we need to scout it tomorrow.

Regatta update:

Leavitt’s beach right now looks like our best option. The problem is it is on the smaller side for racing. We are going to scout Mallet’s Bay tomorrow and could call the event on there instead. The other factor is the wind forecast. The breeze for Saturday and Sunday looks better the closer you are to the coast, with a high parked above Burlington. So while Mallet’s might have a bigger plate of ice we may be better off in Leavitt’s because it will have wind that Burlington doesn’t. It’s a tough call. If we do decide to call it for Leavitt’s and 30 boats show up we can always split into two fleets to keep the small course racing safe.

So we will scout Mallets tomorrow and let the forecast get a little more accurate. I will make the final venue call tomorrow afternoon. Plan on racing but stay tuned for a the final location call. Sorry for being a last minute Larry but I want to give us the best chance tohave good racing.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA Regatta Phone Operator
US 5469

New England Champs on for this weekend.

We aren’t sure where exactly yet but we are confident we will be hosting racing somewhere in either Southern New Hampshire or Vermont this weekend. North of the sandbar in Burlington has good reports but no one has sailed it yet. The Winnipesaukee and sunapee zone was wet\slushed out today and is hardening up as we speak. The issue is going to be access. The large volume of rain has pushed up lake levels making the edges dicy.

So we will have multiple teams out scouting all possible locations looking for a suitable venue. We will announce the chosen spot as soon as possible and keep you updated here as things develop.

So stay tuned and send in your reports if you have any. The season is far from over.

Stay ready.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA Regatta dude
US 5469