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Bantam Update

Bantam has grade 8 ice with some powder drifts here and there. Fun to hit at 50 mph, and more spectacular to watch.

Sail safe!


Last Chance

Its a good/last chance to sail before the nor’easter arrives on Saturday and ruins the party. Webster and Massabesic have been sailed by numerous club members.

Hope to see you on the ice later today.



Ice Report for Central MA

I didn’t get back to quaboag since sunday it should be good with all the cold weather we had,last weekend to sail before the lions club derby jan 29.i spent the past two days marking holes in the ice, north pond is a big trap, south pond has not been checked. middle pond has many hazards that i
have been marking. this is on webster. even with the cold weather we still open water.

bob s

Ice report

Massabesic in NH was sailed yesterday. In some areas it was 8. A few pressure ridges and some sections a little rougher but very good plates in a lot of zones.

Remember no ice is 100% safe, dont sail alone.