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Mystery Boat Needs To Be Identified

While we wait to see what the weather event will do for / to the lakes over the next 24 hours take a moment to read the following email and take a look at the photo. This gentleman is psyched to have this boat and is wondering what exactly it is! I have to say I’m also curious as to what the building was used for.

In any case email me at if you can identify the boat. Winner gets bragging rights!

Here is the email from the new owner:

“I recently became the owner of this boat below and I was wondering if you have any idea how old it is or any other information on it. It has a wooden mast and the boom and sail is visible behind it on the pipes. The cross brace/leg goes in the rear and the steering runner attaches at the front with a large bolt. Any information would be appreciated.


Jim Oxenford”

Soft Water Action….

…Some hard water sailors would say that is a contradiction in terms but nonetheless this is interesting to watch-

It’s the start of the Sydney to Hobart race yesterday (that’s Boxing Day in Australia)- they have a ton of entrants every race but the focus is on the five giant super-maxis that start first- they have big canting keels, big crews, big sails, big foils, BIG budgets, and not one of them can go as fast as a two-hundred dollar CheapSkate!

But check it out anyway. A good way to kill a half an hour before you go into the shop or out on the road to scout ice or better yet, go sailing.

Happy viewing! The five-minute gun is at 25 minutes into the broadast- THINK ICE!!

Dear Santa….

…Please bring us a good cold spell and a bunch of frozen lakes like the one in the picture….

Happy Holidays Everyone! Think ICE….

Christmas Video

I’m sure most of us are doing family things today and if you are, show them this video from Denis Guertin. Maybe it will help them understand why you have a far away look and are a itching to get the holidays done and get back on the ice!

Hope Santa brings us all a deeeeeeep freeze!

NEIYA Tune-Up Clinic!

The annual tune up clinic was held last weekend at Steve Lamb’s shop and was well attended in spite of the fact that there was sailable ice up in Maine! A tough choice for some but a good problem to have….

This author was not in attendance but I’ve been assured that there was quite a few new sailors in attendance and many tips and tricks and stories went around. Very sorry I missed it!

If history is any guide the food was also amazing-

Many thanks as always to Steve and his family for hosting the event and to everyone who participated. Hope everyone will be on the ice and well-prepped when things get cold again!

Happy Holidaze and. THINK ICE!!

Found On Great Pond

Anyone lose a glove and/or a face mask? Contact commodore T at 401 258 6230 to reclaim…

Windless Sunday At Eastern Champs

Dave Fortier had his camera out and sent these shots along from the Easterns- no wind Sunday but nice time gabbing on the ice!