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IDNIYRA Rankings Published

Here it is folks, the latest rankings from the DN class- Take a look, get inspired, see how you did, congratulate those who are in front of you, call and torment those who are behind you…

And look forward to the season…. it’ll be here soon…

2020 International Rank List Published – DN North America

2020 International Rank List Published – DN North America

The 2020 IDNIYRA Rank List has been published. See it here. If you have questions, please email to Deb Whitehors…

Thin Ice….

This is a really interesting piece…. I remember Lloyd Roberts talking about this very subject a few years back. Take a look!

What It’s Like to Literally Skate on Thin Ice

What It’s Like to Literally Skate on Thin Ice

Mårten Ajne skates on thin ice on purpose. How does he stay safe? He’s really good at math.

Eben Goes Transatlantic

Hey Folks-

Most of you know Eben Whitcomb, he’s a former Eastern Region IDNIYRA Commodore, stalwart NEIYA member, Hard Way vet (2X) and has sailed more days on the hard water than he can count. Plus he is just a heck of a nice guy.

But did you know that he is also a highly skilled sailor with thousands and thousands of soft water miles under his belt? It’s true. I’ve been offshore with this guy and I can attest that if you can’t see land, you want him on your boat!

He is currently racking up yet another transatlantic crossing on a boat called CARINA, racing in The Transatlantic Race 2019. The race is organized by the Royal Yacht Squadron, the New York Yacht Club, the Royal Ocean Racing Club and the Storm Trysail Club and has been in progress for a few weeks now.

Looks like most of the fleet is southwest of Ireland right now, making good headway towards the finish. And it looks like they are crushing it! Currently durrently looking like 8th place for line honors and 1st in their class. Due in no small part to Eben’s skills and input!

Turn toward England and yell some encouragement their way as they head for the finish- Good luck down the home stretch Eb! Can’t wait to hear his stories this winter.

Check their progress here:

Go Eben and Think ICE!!

Solstice Behind Us….

Days gettin’ shorter….

Good news for a certain group of people….

Moosehead Lake a few years ago

Memorial Reminder

Hello All-

Just a reminder that there will be a service for Peter McGowan on Saturday, June 22 at 11 a.m. at St Anthony’s Church in Mattapoisett with a celebration of life to follow.

We send our best to all his friends and family.

Sail On….

Sad news in the iceboat fleet as we have lost an enthusiastic newcomer to the fleet as Peter McGowan has passed away.

Most of us didn’t get to know Pete well enough in the few seasons he was able to sail the hard water but it was hard to miss his eagerness to learn and get faster- Right from the start his sheer joy at ripping around the lake at iceboat speeds reminded us all of how psyched we all were when we first got into the sport.

He did his first North American DN Champs at Charlevoix, MI awhile back and was moved enough to write the following article:

Learn a bit more about the man and memorial services here. Sail on Peter!

Missing- DN Runners

Attention all- we are looking for a set of DN runners that we think may have been left at the World Champs last winter.

Best intel we have is that there were two insert side runners and a plate runner for the bow. They were in a tan/brown canvas runner bag, possibly labeled DN 5666.

If you’ve seen them please contact T at 401 258 6230.

Many thanks and Think Ice!