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Bob Reeves: Sail On….

We bid a sad and fond farewell to Bob Reeves-

Mike Acebo shares his memories of the man here:


Hey Gang- time to sign up and / or renew any and all club memberships you have! Obviously you’ll want to start with the NEIYA, then move along to CIBC and on to whichever classes you are interested in… all great organizations and none will break the bank!



And on down the line…

See you all at the meeting this Saturday!

Fair Winds To Olaf Harken

If you’ve ever been on a boat and pulled on a line, chances are it was running through a Harken block.

The Harken line of sailing hardware started with a quest by Olaf and Peter Harken to have efficient blocks for their iceboats. From that simple genesis it expanded into the extraordinary company it is today. The range and quality of the hardware they make is just staggering.

Along the way the brothers had adventures too numerous to mention here but are detailed in a book by Olaf called “Fun Times In Boats, Blocks and Business.” It is an inspiring winter read- get it here:

Olaf passed quietly in his sleep a few days ago- we send our thoughts and condolences to his family, friends, and everyone in the Harken world.

Paul Exner: Elusive EQUINOX of Sailing –

Talk about living the Dream….

Historic IceBoating

Inkwell Inspirations: Historic Winter Sports: Ice Sailing

DN Sailing on Lake Baikal in March 2020 – DN North America

Food for thought if you are looking for some great sailing and a greater adventure! Trust me, I’ve gone on one of these trips… just amazing. And won’t break the bank either! Click and read: