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Winni Report

We walked about 200 yards out from the launch at Ellacoya- ice at least 14” thick with some thin spots right at the launch.

Drain holes were seen around the areas where people were ice fishing, I think they were fishing holes that turned to drain holes. Some of them looked big enough to cause an issue…. Hoping that they will lock up with cold temps and clear skies tonight.

Beyond that the surface isn’t bad- no snow and mostly smooth grey ice. We have certainly sailed on much worse! Call it a 6-7 out of ten.

We will sail, scout and hopefully scratch race out of Ellacoya State park tomorrow AM.

Stay tuned to this site for details!

Weekend Regatta Info-

OK Folks- The weather is going to make things interesting but you never know, we may just get lucky-

So the current plan is to scratch race Saturday, do the New England Champs on Sunday, and try to get the President’s Day Regatta done on Monday.

Winnipesaukee will be the place, launching out of Ellacoya State Park, just off Lake Shore Rd in Gilford, NH.

As ever, have an intimate knowledge of the Ice Yacht Racing Rules and be aware of the differences between them and regular soft water right of way rules. Click here for all: Rules & Safety – DN North America (

Three or more boats of any class will have their own start, and a Vintage/Classic Award will be presented to the skipper with the best result in the most dated DN. The regatta chairman and a hand-picked secret cabal will decide the winner on the day, based on criteria far too esoteric to go into here…. So if you have an older DN don’t hesitate to come to the regatta!

All racers will also have to show proof of $300,000 liability insurance (usually tacked on to one’s homeowner’s policy).

If anyone wants to volunteer to help run races or keep score let me know at 401 258 6230. We can use all the help we can get…

It sounds like there is plenty of room on the lake so whether you want to race or cruise load up and come on out!

Lodging will be an issue due to the long weekend and February break from school so start looking now- Apologies for not being able to get a hotel with a group rate or anything- That said there will be rooms in the area somewhere….

Stay tuned to this site for details and Think Ice- And don’t leave your slush/angle runners at home, you might need them….

T Thieler DN US 5224


Hey Folks-

We are getting some encouraging reports about Winnipesaukee- Encouraging enough that we are calling a regatta or two on for the weekend-

The weather is interesting as ever but with a little luck we will get one in on Saturday/Sunday and the President’s Day Regatta in on Monday.

So far we are thinking of launching out of Ellacoya State Park but that isn’t written in stone- stay tuned….

Load ’em up! And don’t forget if you have an older boat you could be a contender for the Vintage/Classic trophy- The racing will not be limited to DN class iceboats- Three or more of any class will get a start.

Stay tuned to this site for details!

T. Thieler DN US 5224

NEIYA Secretary Gets Some Ink

Hey Folks- Looks like we have ice on Bantam Lake in CT and several other places- Fingers crossed that we can get a regatta in this weekend-
Stay tuned for news on all that-

In the meantime take a look at this article about Silver Fleet champ and NEIYA Secretary Karen Binder and her big week in Illinois:

Bristol woman is a fast-rising ice boating star | – News, Opinion, Things to Do in the East Bay

Bristol woman is a fast-rising ice boating star

Bristol resident Karen Binder is rapidly climbing the ranks in the high-speed, high-stakes, male-dominated sport…

Deep Creek MD In Play?

DCL Ice Report #11

2021 – 2022 Ice Sailing Season

DCL Ice boat FUN!,

Ice Sailing knows no bounds!

WOW! All of our combined wishing and praying finally paid off! We now have had three great days on the DCL ice this season.

Saturday dawned warm and too windy… but six sailors showed up and rigged in preparation for predicted great sailing on Sunday.

Sunday, as predicted, started out cold with really good ice… however, it was under 2” of unpredicted snow. 11 DN total rigged and the fun began… sort of…

The predicted 10 mph wind decided to sleep in and we spent the morning introducing several new sailors to Twice as Nice Sailing, On the Ice!

Joni Palmer, like always, went all out and had a fire pit going, food and drinks. Several others showed up with food and drink as well, Jacob Feisley, Tom Johnson, David and Karen Meehan, Ed and Beth Halley, Sue Wolffe and… Cheryl Shafer with HOT brownies… the IceMan could smell them all the way out on the Lake!!! Thanks everyone! We all had a great lunch and even greater camaraderie with our sailing friends! Wonderful!!

Mother nature made a big yawn and finally got up at lunch time. With the wind now on, everyone had a blast! Our new inductees into the pleasures of ice sailing got some great fast sailing in, after a morning of getting familiar with the DN it worked out just fantastic!

Tom Wolffe brought Scott Hollander, Jill Bennett brought Alex and Lisa Pline all had several runs and came in smiling!

Austin Latimer brought his Dad, John with their DN. They bought it two years ago and were finally ready to make it go… and boy did they! Same for Mark Haraway and Colin. Colin gave up a day of flying, or so he thought, until he and Austin started flying around the lake on their DNs!!!! Welcome to the clan guys!

Jake Nill and his family, Sarah, Brice, Bodie and Colby came out. They had spent Saturday out in the wind and soft ice practicing with their skates and hockey sticks and did again Sunday. Brice and Bodie sailed and came in claiming to have been thrilled to the edge of being terrified… but came down on the side of WOW! FUN!!!

Christy Barowich, Gail and Eric Von Eckartsberg, and David Klueter stopped by to watch the action too.

We had very few breakdowns, thankfully, but the I interesting one was Ed Halley way out in the middle of the lake watching his mast hound bolt go drifting down into the snow… followed by his mast and sail….. Ever reliable Quoc Tran was out on his snowmobile and he came by and towed Ed in. Ed got another bolt and was soon out blasting around with Greg Shafer, Dave McVeigh, Ralph Kemp and the rest of us. Ralph said… well, I will be able to say “I tried it” but he left saying “I’m hooked!”

David Tuel, IceMan, Jacob F. and Tom J. spent lots of time in the slot doing short windward, leeward “races”… What a great time and what great conditions! See our tracks picture.

Bruce Spinnenweber worked with David Meehan and got him up to speed… he and Karen were all smiles!

At the end of the day tired and happy we were all very thankful for Rob Pumphrey’s extra trailer… Hahaha.. all three trailers are now full to bursting!

So much fun was had, a few dedicated Iceboaters left their boats rigged for Monday and Tuesday sailing… taking full advantage of the great, rare and fervently wished for conditions.

Next weekend is also another possible good day…stay tuned… Be There!

See everyone on the DCL ice!



US 5576


We have this report on Bantam Lake, CT as of Monday morning, February 14;

“17 boats on the ice, I’m the first here, measured 1.5” of light fluffy snow 50 yds off the pits. 11 degrees, blowing 15 with gust upper 20s. The sailing will be quick, the snow on the ice is of no concern. Tomorrow: winds 9 – 20, temps 11 – 27. You can’t sail it if you are not here!”

As always be safe and have fun!

2022 DN National Champs Photos And Video

Hey Folks-

While we are waiting for some good conditions please take a look at these photos and video from the 2022 DN National Champs regatta.

Do some recon! See what people are using and how their boats are set up, how they are sailing them, and what seems to be working.

Sean Heavey and Gretchen Dorian did an amazing job schlepping out onto the ice to capture the action- please support them by purchasing a few photos for yourself or someone you care about!

Click the links here to take a look:

Sean Heavey:
Video- Chris Gordon and John Curtis are heavily featured, great footage from WI and IL- Good stuff!
2022 DN US Nationals on Vimeo

Sean R Heavey | 2022 DN US Nationals

Gretchen Dorian:
2022 DN US Nationals – gretchen dorian


Hey Folks, Looks like one of those weekends where a regatta just isn’t in the cards- Warm temps, snow on the way, Valentine’s Day and Superbowl all combining for a Perfect Storm of regatta prevention….

Good news is we have reports of good ice at Quaboag, Webster and who knows where else- If you have sailable ice let me know at and I’ll do my best to get it on the website.

We will be keeping an eye on the weather as the week goes on- with a little luck we have some cold nights on the way which should tighten things up-

Have faith and Think Ice!



Hey Folks-

Good news as we have had reports of sailable ice- Just want to give everyone a general idea of what is going on-
Take all of these reports with a grain of salt as ice is never totally safe as we all know- Take all the usual precautions; Safety lines, ice claws, drill test holes, talk with locals, and work with at least one other person to see if sailing is a good idea.

There is some interesting weather on the way but if we are left with a sailable venue we will make another attempt at holding the Doc Fellows Regatta this weekend- Stay tuned….

With all of that in mind, here we go:

1 Webster Lake in MA was sailed yesterday and no issues were reported, in fact it sounds like a good time was had by all.

2 We have a report of 5″-6″ of ice on Long Pond in Lakeville, MA out on the Cape. I don’t know if it has been sailed or not but it might be worth a second look. Be aware of a pressure ridge separating the north and south parts of the lake.

3 Worden Pond in Wakefield RI was walked and drilled yesterday, we found 3 1/2″ to 6″ thickness and a sailable surface even if a bit bumpy

4 Deep Creek Lake in MD was sailed by the group out there, they reported good sailing through about 2″-3″ of light snow

5 We have heard rumors that Wallenpaupak Lake in eastern PA is frozen and possibly sailable.

If you have details on any of these let me know at or leave a comment here on the website-

Be safe and Think Ice!

Word on Pond RI

Worden Pond in Wakefield RI was partially walked and drilled today.

The areas checked had between 3 1/2” and 6” of ice that was a mix of snow ice and clear ice. The surface is about a 6 out of ten.

We will take a more thorough look on Monday- stay tuned for details-

Think Ice! T

2022 DN National Championship Photos

Hey Folks- Thought I’d share some photos from the road trip and regatta- Will send links to the professional ones but in the meantime I hope you get a kick out of these-

If you have some good ones from the regatta send them to me and I’ll put them up-

Ed Demerest’s boat getting a new plank in the living room. Where else?

On the road!

Part of the RI Mafia

Sean Healey stoning… Is he happy or angry?

Air Museum in Oshkosh WI- see it if you are out that way!

The launch

Erica Baker and Deb Whitehorse. Try having a regatta without them, I dare you!

Tug and barges going by the hotel near the lake. Felt right at home!

Hotel room…. Runners and laundry

RI Mafia post-regatta

My mother, who presumably still thinks I’m terrific

My father, who presumably only likes to be photographed with champions

Home Sweet Home…. Already thinking about the next one!

2022 Nationals Report

Hey Folks!

The dust has settled, the laundry is done, the van is unloaded, and for the most part the muscle stiffness and soreness has subsided…. Which means it’s time for the write-up!

As it happens so often the weather was making things a challenge- the group that selected the venue certainly had a lot to do. Many thanks to them for making it happen yet again! While they were working behind the scenes the New England group was doing the usual prep- finishing up boat work, packing, trying to bring order to the chaos…. The New England group was made up of Thieler, Binder, Bishop, Whitehair, Anderson, Stanton, Silsby, Demerest, Gordon, new DN sailor Sean Healey, and I must have forgotten one or two- apologies for that, you know who you are.

And off we went, headed for Madison WI- Had a good day or two of sailing out there but then the snow came and put an end to that option so we had a day or two to hang at the AirBnb and take a day trip up to Oshkosh to check out the airplane museum (it should be noted that Karen went to an art museum and an arboretum instead. Go figure.)

Then it was down to Senachawine Lake in Central Illinois, the best game in town! There was a bit of snow on the ice, sticky drifts that made getting up to full speed a challenge- less than perfect but it was a venue! In iceboating, if you wait for perfect you will sail about once every three years. Maybe.

The mini-Qualifier was run in the late afternoon in the fading breeze and was a great race for some, a heartbreaker for others- Julie Price was on fire and a slew of Canadian sailors made the cut into the Gold- Well done to all of them and also to the people running the regatta for getting that one done!

Racing the next day was a whole other matter- the breeze and dense snow drifts were a lot to deal with and made things difficult. Or they presented opportunities to excel, take your pick! In any case it was fast, physical sailing! In conditions like this the boat can’t gain speed easily and has a tendency to hike up, which is slow and annoying. I dealt with this by raising my main halyard about 1/2 inch which makes the mast a little more bendy and forgiving. I also didn’t hesitate to throw my body weight aft and outboard out of tacks and gybes to get the mast to pop out and get the boat going again. Steering with the tiller between the knees also allows two hands to stay on the mainsheet and make more accurate adjustments to the mainsail- a slight, controlled ease in a big puff will allow the leech to open up a bit without letting the mast straighten out. This is critical!

So there was a lot to keep track of during the races- speed, shifts, controlling the boat, all the while looking for lanes through the drifts. They weren’t always obvious but you could usually find a path that wasn’t as bad as the surrounding area. If you could find a clear lane wide enough for all three runners life was good for a few seconds. More often you’d have to let the windward runner go through the drift. Even worse you’d have to let the front and windward runner hit one. Worst case was having to go through one with all three and when this happened it was important to slide aft a bit and ease the sheet an inch to keep the boat on it’s feet and keep the flow attached to the leeward side of the sail as the boat slowed and the apparent wind went aft. As I said, there was a lot to keep track of! If you were able to get in the zone it was a great feeling…. Looking for clear areas to tack and gybe in was a priority as well. In those conditions I think it helps to keep your head up and look for the clear lanes rather than tuck in for less wind resistance. I figure snow drifts are thicker than air so it’s worth it to keep an eye on them!

This writer had a good first day, and a decent second one. Bad news is I wasn’t keeping track of the scores and didn’t realize I was tied with another boat going into the final race and I didn’t cover him while I was ahead. A classic mistake, and a lesson learned! Congrats Ron Sherry on a good win! JR Francis took third.

In the Silver Fleet Karen Binder put on a clinic with six bullets in six races- they say consistency pays and that kind of consistency certainly does! Plan on an article telling how she did it but in the meantime know that she has been working on her gear (namely a new plank from Jeff Kent) and has a gym routine that would impress an NFL coach. Sean Healey had a great regatta debut with an 8th in Silver, with Stanton and Demerest putting in solid midfield performances. Well done to all the NE skippers!

The other big story is about the Canadian Invasion. The groups from Kingston and Montreal have really been putting in the time and effort individually and as teams- they have managed to grow their fleets, refine their gear, and most importantly practice together and share what they learn with each other, before and during the event. It is amazing how far both groups have come in the last few years, with three boats in the top ten. Not too shabby! Congrats to Curtis (4th), Lagravier (5th), and Van Rossem (7th), and Mabboux missing out on 10th by only two points. We’d love to read an article about all that, guys! (hint, hint….)

Many thanks to everyone who made this happen- Getting a regatta like this pulled off is a massive undertaking and involves a small army- I know I’ll miss a few names but major thanks go out to Deb Whitehorse, Erica Baker, Dan Heaney, Bill Coberly, Fred Stritt, Mercedes Auger, Sean Heavey, Gretchen Dorian, all the national and regional commodores, all the ice scouts, and all the competitors too! Really an amazing group!!

Stay tuned for photos and more sailing- this season is far from over, remember we sailed in April last year!

Think Ice! T Thieler, DN US 5224

Sailwave results for 2022 DN U.S. NATIONALS at 2022 (

Part of the fleet:

Ron Sherry Interview

Hey Folks- Good interview with Ron Sherry here, talking with Mike Madge about his big win at the Nationals-

They cover a lot of ground and whether you race or cruise you’ll learn something!

Thanks to Mike and congratulations to Ron- Listen well! T

Ron Sherry – Back up to Full Speed in the DN Ice Yacht – YouTube


Ron Sherry – Back up to Full Speed in the DN Ice Yacht

NEIYA Goes West

The regatta has been called on and an optimistic group of NEIYA sailors are headed west- the ones I can think of are Demerest, Silsby, Binder, Healy (newbie!), Kent, Zeiger (German but we will claim him for our own), Whitehair, Bishop, Stanton, Thieler, Anderson, and Gordon is already out there. Im sure I’m missing a few.
Here’s hoping we get some good weather- the ice looks really good at the moment!

Regatta prep- Ed Demerest’s boat getting a new plank. Note insert runners for weights….

The dash….

The view from the luxury cabin in the back….

2022 U.S. Nationals Called ON for Lake Monona: Launch, Lodging, Info – DN North America

And here we go!
Stay tuned to the IDNIYRA site for details

Making It Happen

Most of you have probably met Deb Whitehorse at some point, and no doubt you’ve read her posts and websites. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things organized and on track which, when dealing with a bunch of iceboaters, has to be a real challenge more often than not!

She recently received some very-well deserved accolades from WI TV, be sure to see it here:

Oh, Baby, It’s Cold Outside >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News (

Many thanks for all you do for us Deb! We hope you’ll remember all of us now that you’re famous….


The weather isn’t making it easy on the site selection gang but we have faith…. Stay tuned to IDNIYRA home page for info-

Also it isn’t too late to register if you want to give it a go! Think ICE…

2022 U.S. Nationals Update #2 Jan 20 – DN North America (

2022 U.S. Nationals – DN North America

If you haven’t yet be sure to sign up for the DN National Champs!

The clock is ticking down, first race in three days and change….

Be sure to read the web page and get signed up before registration closes!


Well, we all get an “A” for effort on this one… About fifteen boats showed up for the first NEIYA event of 2022, in fact the first one since 2020. Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson, ME was the place.

We had everything we needed- great ice (thanks to Bill and the Maine gang for scouting it and telling us about it), a great launch area (thanks to the folks at Camp Wavus), and plenty of competitors, from grizzled vets to total newbies (Let’s welcome Luke Ralph and his buddy Jonathon to the cult- uh, I mean club).

The missing ingredient was wind. Light and shifty all day, never settled down enough to get a full race in. Three were started, one completed but not enough to get a regatta in the books so we will give it another shot after the DN Nationals. Stay tuned to this site for details!

Of course the breeze did come up as the sun was setting and a few boats were able to spend some time ripping it up before packing it in and heading home. Plenty of socializing and catching up was done during the slow patches. A few new potential sailors came out and took their first rides as well, we hope they will follow up and get involved!

We will see what the crazy weather has done to the ice- Hope it is still intact as the surface was really nice, easily an 8 or so- As an aside I looked at the weather radar Sunday afternoon and saw that the system that was on the way stretched from Nassau, Bahamas to Ottowa, Canada and back down to Nashville, Tennessee. Pretty impressive!

Thanks to all who showed up and kept the hope alive- And to all the folks who tried out the older boats and would like to get involved feel free to email me at

Think Ice!!


Tomorrow, Sunday January 16, the NEIYA is putting on the Doc Fellows for DN’s on Damariscotta Lake. Launch at Camp Wavus, Rt 213. Drive all the way in, keeping right, and park in front of the lodge. Ice plate will be on your right. It’s that huge expanse of black. Carry down the DN or whatever craft you may have.

Skippers meeting will be at 1030, first start at 1130. Registration will be at the launch- look for the person with the clipboard.

As always three or more of any class will get their own start and a thorough knowledge of the Racing Rules is a necessity. Note that there are some differences with the conventional soft water rules so review them here: Rules & Safety – DN North America (

In addition, each sailor must provide proof of $300,000 personal liability at time of registration. Print a copy and keep it in your toolbox and/or take a picture of it and keep it in your phone.

There will be a Classic/Vintage award given out at the discretion of the Regatta Chairman so don’t hesitate to show up even if your boat is a little less than cutting edge!

For our out of state guests, The Damariscota lake Farm Inn is now open. No restaurant, but check here for accommodations: tracey

That’s tracey “at” The are also on Facebook.
Any questions or suggestions contact T Thieler at 401 258 6230.

Line ’em up!!

T Thieler DN US 5224 NEIYA Regatta Chair

Doc Fellows Regatta Is ON!

OK Folks, we are gonna give it a go- Doc Fellows Regatta will be run this Sunday January 16 on Damariscotta Lake, launching in Jefferson, ME.

Apologies for the short notice but in iceboating you have to just roll with these things at times…

In any case plan on being up there Sunday AM- Stay tuned to this site for a formal announcement and details-

Keep in mind any class that shows up with three or more boats will have their own start and also there will be an award for the best finish in the oldest boat….

Think Ice and look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!

Best, T

1993 DN World Champs Video / Article

Hey Folks- We are still hoping to get some sailing in even though the weather picture is looking interesting…. Sunday will be the day if we can make it happen. Stay tuned to this site for details.

While you are waiting take a look at this video from and featuring our own Jeff Kent and many other NE notables, a very cool trip down memory lane! Be sure to read the accompanying article as well. Good stuff. THINK ICE.

1993 Worlds: A Look Back Through Video – DN North America (

1993 Worlds: A Look Back Through Video – DN North America

Here’s a raw, unedited video from the 1993 IDNIYRA World Championship from Andre Baby, the Montreal Iceboating A…

Regatta This Weekend

Hello All-

Just wanted to let everyone know there is a good shot at getting in a regatta this weekend-

There is ice to be had, possibly in several places. When we zero in on the best one we will make an announcement. Could be in MA, ME, or NH….

As always three or more of any class will get their own start and a thorough knowledge of the Racing Rules is a necessity. Note that there are some differences with the conventional soft water rules so review them here: Rules & Safety – DN North America (

In addition, each sailor must provide proof of $300,000 personal liability at time of registration. Print a copy and keep it in your toolbox and/or take a picture of it and keep it in your phone.

There will be a Classic/Vintage award given out at the discretion of the Regatta Chairman so don’t hesitate to show up even if your boat is a little less than cutting edge!

Stay tuned to this site for details- Will make a formal announcement ASAP.

Line ’em up!!

T Thieler DN US 5224 NEIYA Regatta Chair

RI goes West

Seeing as NE was snowed out a few lucky RI sailors skipped town and made a nuisance of ourselves a little further west…. Binder and Thieler sailed with the MI crowd on Walled Lake and Atkins mixed it up w the Madison group In WI.

As far as I know it was all scrub racing in MI and no scores were kept but suffice it to say RI represented well across the board. And of course a good time was had by all.

In Madison scores were kept and Atkins was lit up….

Looking forward to some local ice soon….

Walled Lake, MI

Atkins In WI