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Hello All-

There is an important ballot on the way to all current IDNIYRA members that needs your consideration and your VOTE!

I thought I’d share a few thoughts and get people thinking about how they will vote- When considering how you will vote I urge you to keep the following things in mind;

Will this change make it any easier to build masts or runners?
Will this change provide people who use gear built to the new specs with an advantage (real or merely perceived)?
Will this change make my current gear less competitive or even obsolete?
Will this change keep the cost of staying current from going up?

The four changes to the tech specifications on the ballot are as follows, with my own comments added:

1) Deletion of the existing specification of mast minimum weight;
-It’s been said that a lighter mast will be more responsive to gusts and lulls due to it’s having to overcome less inertia to react. There may be some merit to this- if true then masts built much lighter will have an advantage over the current generation…. To build a lighter mast even tighter controls and more rigorous construction methods will be needed, which could potentially drive costs up. Further, as builders search for the lightest solution there will be inevitable failures….

-Having a minimum weight in place discourages designers and builders from going too far to save that last gram and encourages a reasonably robust spar.

-It is worth noting that many older masts are currently competitive with new ones- The NA’s were won with a 2008 mast and I understand the mast that won the Gold Cup was not brand new by any means. A “next generation” of lighter spars may upset this equilibrium.

2) Deletion of the existing technical specification of minimum mast balance point height;

-Currently the mast has to have a balance point or CG 84″ from the base. Many current spars are built with the CG low enough that corrector weights are needed to address this. While adding these is a nuisance it also helps discourage designers and builders from going overboard with weight reduction and engineering- see above.

3) Amendment of the materials specification of the ‘wood type’ runner body;
-As I understand it this one would remove the requirement to use wood in the runner body- While wood and carbon runners have their issues they are also easily home built and wood is much cheaper and more widely available than carbon or glass in sizes suitable for runner bodies. Runners built only of carbon may potentially be only slightly stiffer than wood and carbon but at a large cost increase. Most runner failures occur at the glue joint between the steel and the body (the glue comes off of the steel) and this would continue to be an issue whether wood is the core material or not.

(4) Amendment of the minimum thickness of insert plate dimensions of the wood type runner with steel insert (insert runner).
-this will allow commonly available steel to be used for minimum insert runners- the steel is something like .0005 thinner than the current minimum- This would not render anything currently in use obsolete but it could potentially make it easier and cheaper to build minimum insert runners

So read the specs and notes in the ballot, vote your conscience, but most importantly VOTE!!!

Stay Tuned and THINK ICE!!

T Thieler, DN US 5224

P.S. If you are an IDNIYRA member in good standing you should have received ballot information via email earlier today with the subject line “Vote now: International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association – IDNIYRA Spring 2020 Technical Specifications Ballot”. If not contact Deb Whitehorse

Summer Projects Underway….

From Scott Valentine out on LI- These guys have the right idea about getting an early start on the iceboat worklist!

“Here we see Vice Commodore Pete checking his rigging and making some adjustments before putting boat away. If you are doing any summer Iceboat projects, take a picture and send it out. If any needs help, advice, parts or just want to talk Iceboating, please let me know

Your Commodore,



Looks like Mike Madge has been made into a celebrity by the gang at Scuttlebutt! Thanks to Mike for getting the loaner together and to Scuttlebutt for presenting so many articles about iceboating-

Here are some videos of Madges loaner boat being put to the test- Note that it is temporarily rigged with a sawed-off Hobie 16 mast as the original spruce rig is being glued together at the moment…. These were shot yesterday and the day before!

Just goes to show that you don’t need a bleeding-edge hi tech boat to have a good day on the ice….

We should all make it a point to cobble together a loaner boat and encourage people to try it-

2020 Canadian Champs Video and Photo

Steven St. Clair sent this drone footage and start line photo from the 2020 Canadian Champs in Belleville, Ontario. What a day; Sun, breeze, great race committee, lots of races…. Can’t ask for much more!

See the video here:

Revisit the regatta report here:

LRIBYC Annual Dinner News

From LI….


The LRIBYC Annual Dinner will be POSTPONED and NOT CANCELED
due to the recent NYS and CDC health guidelines.

We are planning to have the dinner take place sometime in autumn 2020.

Just think of it. What a way to start our new season with a get together
where we can honor the past and project what our future will hold.
Not just a closing but a opening that will jump start our optimism for our

upcoming hard water sailing adventures.

Please be patient, since we have never planned our Annual Dinner for autumn, we
need to figure out what date would be best.

We will be in touch so that we can keep everyone abreast of our plans.

Stay safe and God be with you.


John Ziermann DN5426/Gambit/LS45/Treasurer

Rescue Boat

John Pepper writes in with a good idea…. Plenty of food for thought! Feel free to weight in…..

“Here is another concept for the site.

I am needing to upgrade my trailering capacity for a DN and Whizz. I could use a long Jon boat as a lid. At 16 inches deep, it would only need a shallow box below it to cover the boats. It could be hinged from front or side or both. It would likely need a longer box for the Whizz’s spring board. Not sure of mast storage yet.

In case someone needed a flat bottom boat to pull a stuck craft out of the water, pull a few pins, and it is ready to go.

Has anyone attempted this before? If so, any tips? At 150 pounds, its not a light lid, but counter weights or a winch set up from a pop up camper may offset.



Joerg Bohn sent a few photos from Baikal…. Looks like the weather finally got back to normal….
Just an amazing place to visit and sail- Put it on your list!