Sacandaga Comes Through

Unfortunately, the timing and conditions did not allow us to hold the NEIYA Vintage Returns event this weekend. With all our planing fresh in minds Jay Whitehair and I could not pass up the opportunity to see what the Hudson River and NJ guys brought to Sacandaga.

Conditions on Sacandaga were the best that any of us could find and we were lucky to be on the ice at all. The rest of the NEIYA gang found sailable conditions on Damariscotta in Maine.

There was a great collection of stern steerers, and plenty of front steering craft all out to play. Spirits were high and the hospitality and shared interest in iceboats ruled the day.

Don’t put your boats away just yet we are monitoring several locations for next week and hope to get in our Vintage event plus a bit of racing. Remember racing is not just for DNs and the iceboat rivalry between NJ and the Hudson is over a century old.

Think Ice,


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  1. Betsey

    Did a quick run from Albany as my friend Cherie told me about the boats which I always wanted to see (I am a sailor on water, a motorcyclist and motorcycle safety instructor too!) Sorry that I couldn’t see you in action but I loved looking at the boats. Albany isn’t too far away from Sacandaga or Poughkeepsie/Athens or wherever but I do hope to catch up with you again. Sadly, the season may be waning but who knows. Thanks for spending time with me, answering questions and letting me look at your boats!

    02/12/2023 at 3:47 pm