Vintage Returns On Hold For a Week

Greetings all. Sorry for the false start and stop but we all know how hard this year has been. Due to uncertain conditions on Sacandaga and the lateness of the call we will push the event out another week. We have eyes watching a few locations on Champlain and believe it will improve over the week.

The western side of Sacandaga is being scouted and the initial reports are positive. Scouting parties come from the ranks of stern steerers, DNs and other classes. Not sure what the final conclusion will be but keep this lake in mind if you want to sail this weekend.

This has indeed been a tough year and we have had trouble with most of our standard lakes and ponds. I am placing the blam on la niña traviesa.

More info on sailing and racing later today.

Think Ice and regañar a la niña for putting us through all this,


P.S. Let me know if you have any ice info

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