Sailing This Weekend

Greetings all in season I do not typically get in my car in the morning and see the dashboard temp at 54 degrees on February 10th. The rodent from Pennsylvania really got it wrong this time or maybe he knows something we don’t. Wait and see is the answer.

We had thirteen people on our call last night and reporting from all around our region is not great. There is still ice but there are issues in most places with the exception of what our friends are sailing in Maine. There is however some hope for Graet Sacandage lake Broadabin, NY just west of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga Lake. We have eyes headed to both lakes. If Sacandaga pans out we will be calling the Vintage.

I know this is not much notice but with the disappointing season, we need to make whatever we can out of it.

As to New England sailing it is Maine all the way so keep an eye on Bill’s reports on

We have some hopeful reports from Champlain that could be good for next weekend.

Next update sometime after noon today.

Think Ice,


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