Hey Folks- The weather always makes things a challenge but lately that has hit new heights…. Wind, warm, precipitation, and timing all askew for good conditions…

That said, we may have some options- Two lakes in Central New York may in play; Sacondage and Saratoga. We hope to have eyes on the ground tomorrow and will post a report ASAP. IF we do have a regatta it will be the New England champs as it would be great to get that in the books. Also, there will be a Classics award for the person with the best finish in the least modern boat. So come race even if your boat is and old war horse and not a bleeding-edge thoroughbred. Stay tuned to this site for more info.

There may also be a gathering of Vintage Craft up that way… There have been plenty of people busy in the barn all summer and there should be some boats to show off. Always cool to see what they sailed back in the day…. Stay tuned for info on that too!

As if that weren’t enough I heard rumors of Skeeters being moved around. Make of that what you will.

As always, there are hazards and dangerous areas of these lakes- please stay off them until they have been scouted by locals.

Clear your calendars and load up!

T US 5224

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