Let’s Get out and Sail

The scent of urgency is in the air. While is over a month away, and we typically sail after March 21st, this year’s La Niña has presented some challenging conditions. Even those who racked up a large number of sailing days have noted the difference in ice structure across all our region.

We have all been blasted with sensationalized weather news on a daily basis which really offers very little understanding and contributes to panicked behavior. There is a whole lot more going on behind our recurring El Nino and La Ñina patterns. I vound this and other Severe Weather Europe articles very interesting and im sure many of you will as well. https://www.severe-weather.eu/global-weather/sudden-stratospheric-warming-polar-vortex-collapse-effect-forecast-february-march-united-states-europe-fa/

Regardless of weather sensationalism or geek-level weather coverage, we still have ice and we will be out iceboating this weekend and in the remaining days of winter. We have miles of cruising to be done, laps to turn, and the “Vintage Returns” event to hold. We are currently looking at a few options in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and maybe Vermont. Sorry people looks lke MA is out as well as CT which hardly started and RI never had a chance this year. Information on where there might be sailing for the weekend will be published tomorrow night after our weekly open ice call at 6:30 PM. The Ice call is your chance to hear it first and give you more time to reach out to friends and plan.

No matter what the ice does or doesn’t do, we will be putting on an all are welcome spring gathering. The when and where details will follow in a few weeks.

Think Ice,


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