A Cold Momentum Moves Over Our Lakes

Off Ellacoya 1/2/2020

Last night 16 NEIYA members huddled on the phone and there was an air of anticipation. The simple reason, is it’s getting cold, real cold. Not that I need to remind anyone has been talking about the temperature drop for a week. My standard response was “isn’t it wonderful?”

Like many things in nature, there is the power of momentum and tipping points. This season’s momentum has been in a slower build and we are only approaching the tipping (ice) point now. I can say that we are behind the momentum curve and looking to cross the tipping point.

Randy Rice reported on Winnipausakee up in the center harbor area. There is skatable ice but the whole center of the lake is open and likely. Lets see what the weekend brings. There are similar open center issues around NH

Bill Buchholz reported that Jordan Bay on Sebago Lake has skimmed over and was hovering around two inches of ice. With the cold since last night we could be in business. Jordan Bay has given us miles of black ice in the past let’s hope this pans out. We should hear word from scouts by tomorrow afternoon and will report back here on the conditions.

Bob S is keeping a watchful eye on Quaboag but nothing at the moment. More after the weekend.

I am sure that tonight’s cold will bring a usable plate. Take the long way home tomorrow. Run by your favorite local lake pond and have a look. Let us know what you find no matter the size. Maybe just a few people get out but let people know. We have our eye on the next few weeks to pull off the “Vintage Return” event and get in some local racing and cruising.

Next update Saturday Afternoon.

Be ready to roll when we cross the tipping point and Think Ice,


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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry I didn’t make the call. Wentworth not good as of Thursday. Several areas you could step through top layer into slush. Surface variable from hard ice spots to snow ice. Wolfeboro bay showed whitecaps just as you get out a bit.

    02/04/2023 at 9:50 am