The Season is Just Getting Started

Seen at an I95 rest stop bringing ICE to a lake near you. Yes, the diesel generator was running on the trailer.

As the seasoned know patience and perseverance are the marks of an iceboater. While the last couple of weeks have been a challenge, the season is far from over. And as I said to a veteran of many seasons Eben Whitcomb just yesterday “We will sail”.

We have all been following Karen’s team NEIYA’s travels and triumphs. Congratulations Karen! I think that Karen, T and other intrepid NEIYA racers have brought ice back while traveling the OH and PA Turnpikes east.

Temperatures have been falling and there are reports coming in from Maine, NH etc that things are looking good for the near future. We of course have some

With our sailing theaters setting up to sail I would like to try something new. We will have a group call at 6:30 PM tomorrow (Thursday). All active members are welcome to call in to discuss current conditions and plan the days ahead or any other iceboating topic. We will have some of our seasoned ice checkers and others on hand. Watch your email later today for the call-in information. If you do not receive the invite email check your spam folder and if it really didn’t come email me at Remember if you are not a member in good standing you will not receive the invite.

Think Ice,


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