NEIYA 2022 Fall Swap, Lunch & Meeting Recap

Photo Credits Mike Acebo
Blue Streak patiently awaits her return to a frozen plate in the near future – All photo Credits Mike Acebo unless otherwise noted. Thanks, Mike!

Some 75 seasoned and would-be iceboaters gathered once again for new Engaland ice Yacht Association’s annual gathering which includes a swap meet, lunch, and annual meeting. There was equipment galore for any vintage craft. From state-of-the-art to vintage wooden spars as well as blades. There are a couple complete boats for any level of sailing and plenty of parts in the Classified section. Find your new to you iceboat and bring it to the Lamb Tune-up 11/26 (more below and to follow). We will be sure your are well on your way to sailing when the ice comes in.

The hit of the lot was VC Jay’s recent acquisition Blue Streak which was well preserved in a barn near Squam Lake but had not felt ice under her runners in many years. The Blue Streak and many other vintage classics will be hitting the ice again next year. More on the Vintage Returns Event to follow. Think about it while you’re sipping coffee from your NEIYA Vintage mug. Don’t have one? There are a few more mugs left over and available to current members at the Lamb Tune-Up on 11/26

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Thanks to all those in the lot working hard to pass gear on to the next pilot. Henry is selling a complete competitive DN with just enough carbon fiber to eliminate equipment excuses on the course. It will be on the classified section soon and I bet it will be available at the Tune-Up for pick. Don’t forget Steve Duhamel of has most anything you need to get your program up to speed. I still have two masts for sale. One CSI mast suitable for someone 200# or over and the other a stiffer one made at Hall Spars. Several people were looking at them. Now’s the time to work a deal. You know how to reach out to me.

The Long Island Gang and one New England (CT) transplant. – Thanks for making the annual journey. See you on Bantam and beyond.

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2023 Membership $30
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2022 Lunch & Meeting Thompson Speedway Golf Course, Thompson, CT

Shortly after herding everyone (almost) inside lunch was served followed by our usual agenda. Commodore John Stanton kicked things off with thank yous all around. Thanks to all those that helped make it happen including VC Jay, Secretary Karen, and Treasurer Bob and Henry Tompson Speedway inside connection. Special thanks to those that came early offering parts. Steve, Paul, Jeff, and everyone else dragging parts to sell. Thanks for your continued support, we can’t do it without you guys!

We all had a chance to say farewell to long time DNer and friend Jack Erickson. Jack sheet in and sail on black ice towards the horizon.

The meeting continued with reports from our Secretary, Treasurer and Race Chair “T”. His 2022 report was brief as we were not able to get any races completed but will surely have better luck this coming season. “T” also outlined the planned races which will include starts for older non gran-prix boats. So don’t have intimidated by the abundant display or carbon fiber as there is plenty of competition at every level. So make it a point to participate this coming season.

Official notice of the Vintage Returns event was announced followed by the event genesis and overview by Jay. More on this next week. The meeting next morphed into a round table discussion about Vintage Ice Yachts. Thanks to our panelists included Bill Buchholz, Charlie Silfvenius (aka Charlie S), George Neyssen and all others that participated in a lively and informative discussion on how to return an vintage craft to the ice.

Discussions continued regarding the already in place coordinating with vintage boat owners and area representatives from all over New England, Long Island NY, the majestic Hudson, and the Jersey Shore home of many classics.

The stage is set for a grand event that might even bring Jack Frost and Rocket back together again. The welcome mat is on the ice for any vintage craft. I know diesel prices are high but maybe some Mid-Western boats can come east to play?

The meeting was adjourned and people returned to the lot for another couple more hours of ice and boat talk.

Upcoming – Lamb Off-Ice Tune-up Sat, Nov 26th

Steve and Linda Lamb have once again graciously invited us back to the Arthur C Lamb shop for an Off-Ice Tune-up event The Off Ice Tune-up is back and scheduled for Saturday, November 26th.

If you have any interest in iceboating this is the place to be on the 26th. The Iceboating welcome mat is out. Come on down.

Date: Saturday, November 26th
Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Arthur C. Lamb Company Refreshments: Served continuously throughout the day
Google Directions:

We have a full schedule of events but want to focus on the new iceboaters and Vintage crafts for looking to participate in next years event.. Struggling to figure it all out? Let us help you get your boat on the ice for the first time or first in a long time.

Calling all Newbies here is your chance to have even the questions you didn’t know to ask answered. Bring your boats down to be surveyed by a collective of easily 1000 years of iceboating experience. I have spoken to several of you personally at the swap meet and along the way so don’t procrastinate. Make it happen this season.

Other happenings during the day will be

  • Demonstrating plank construction techniques
  • Right of Way Rules
  • Racing for the beginner because going fast is always measured against someone else.
  • Runner chock alignment techniques
  • Runner Care
  • Ice checking Round Table Discussion

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2023 Membership $30
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Thanks to all those who attended it was a great gathering. It would not have been a success without you. Perhaps my wearing shorts set up the warm days that followed but we all know it will get cold soon enough. Predictions are for a La Niña cycle which means be ready to roll, even faster than usual as chaotic weather will follow fast. So get ready for the 2022-23 season and stay tuned for first ice coming to a northern pond somewhere. See you at Steve Lamb’s shop on the 26th.

Think Ice & Sail Fast,

John Stanton

Commodore, NEIYA

P.S. For those who might have missed the NOAA La Niña hyperlink Also some informative coverage from the European site –

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