In Memory of Jack Erickson DN3186

Jack Erickson DN3186

It is with a heavy heart that I must share the sad news of Jack Ericskon’s (DN3186) passing. Jack was a longtime NEIYA member and avid DN racer. He competed in countless local, regional, and major DN events over the years.

Jack was one of the original and regular members of the CSI Thursday night gang. Anyone that attended these sessions has more than a few Jack stories. Some publishable others, well not so much but will surely be rehashed and shared offline.

Jack was a “Boat Guy” with a passion for all crafts sitting in or on top of the water. A passion that spread to every vessel he came in contact with.

His van was well-prepped for winter travel with some of the most aggressive snow/ice tires at the regatta launch area. Jack did not like getting stuck!

His dry wit and insistence on precision, precise detail, and unwavering sense of right & wrong (lovingly enforced with a ball pein hammer) will be missed by all.

Next time you’re in the pits or looking down the Prestart Line look hard and you might catch a glimpse of DN3186 out of the corner of your eye.

Please share your memories and pictures of Jack in the comment section or send them directly to me for all to reminisce.

Jack, fair winds, and black ice clear to the horizon.

Think Ice,

John Stanton
Commodore, New England Ice Yacht Association

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  1. Bent M. Gjerløff

    Jack the hammer In Memory of Jack Erickson DN3186
    I will never forget 2007 when I had the luck to meet Jack in Menomonie, being the first Danes to sail DN in USA.
    From the first moment Jack and the Kent Thursday team welcomed us and within second we became a part of the team, including good sailing and fun.
    To years later once again Jack was my lifeline, what at person, Jack gave me the possibility to use one of his DN boat – I only had to bring sails an some runners-
    During my to weeks stay in USA I don’t know how to thanks Nancy and Jack, after one night at Jeff K. I moved to Nancy and Jack where we had some memorable days before starting the truck heading to north Michigan.
    After the sailing I stayed for some days with Nancy and Jack at their beautiful house at the Cape, the best time for me in the States I had been there sailing 2 times on ice and soft water 7 times.
    One things are sure I will miss the friendship with Jack and Nancy, sadly we lost contact some years ago – distance between USA and Europe became the enemy.
    Looking at the stars in heaven in am sure that I can find a star named Jack the hammer – the last word from my site are JACK STAY TUNED we meet again.
    Bent DN D 321
    Bent M. Gjerløff

    10/18/2022 at 9:58 pm

  2. Commodore John Stanton

    official announcement

    10/18/2022 at 9:53 pm

  3. Matt McCauley DN 4762

    We’ll miss you Jack. You were always a welcoming face on the ice and and a fine competitor. Sail Safe!

    10/14/2022 at 7:47 am