“Year of the Vintage” planning continues…

Charles Silfvenius with his 19’ early 1900’s stern steerer “Cyclone”. Wolfboro bay. NH
Drone photo courtesy Ebben Whitehair

As we continue in the planning stage of our 2023 “Year of the Vintage” regatta I wanted to share this wonderful article by Paul Goodwin about the origination of the Blue Streak 60 class which eventually became the DN 60 in the 1950’s. It’s an excellent starting place for us jump back into our history. I assure you more articles will follow soon.

Click here for the link: https://idniyra.org/old/articles/blue_streak60.htm

The main focus of this years special regatta is to bring out the old wood! There are no requirements or class limits to worry about rather, we just want to see as many old boats as possible show up for all to enjoy. There will be plenty of hands to get boats up and running so this is the event to dig it out from deep storage, load it onto a trailer and see if we can make it go. Big speed isn’t the focus this round… showing up is. Support, good company, a pot-luck meal or two, a few prizes and a ton of laughs will meet you at the ramp and it is a family friendly venue. If your old kit moves on runners, has a sail, and you consider it vintage please join us and bring it along. Encourage your friends to do the same. This is THE event to get out the old wood. If you don’t have a vintage boat bring something more modern for a good view of the old boats at speed. Stay tuned with the NEIYA… more to come!

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