Summer Solstice 2022 — Ice Whispers Begin

Summer Solstice From Space

Happy first day of summer. Happy Solstice. A time we have all cherished from an early age. Schools out, sailing, boating, beaches, fireflies, picnics, canoes, bike rides, surfing, fishing, etc.

I hope everyone is enjoying outdoor summer activities offshore, inshore, on our favorite lakes, or on land. Good luck to all the racers whether on a classic yacht, evening beer can races, around the buoys, or offshore. I am not sure but but likely someone in our crowd is about to finish or has finished the Newport Bermuda Race. Of course, there is always fun to just drop the hook for lunch, fish, or overnight. I will be participating in many of those activities in addition to racing an Ensign on the Hudson and I hope to see a few DNers at the Ensign Nationals under the shadow of the Tappan Zee in August.

As we count down to the first frost, first ice, and first sailable ice the New England Ice Yacht Association enters into our second 50 years of existence. We all (well those that were born before 1960 something) know what the last fifty looked like in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s ’00s, 10’s, and the beginning of the 2020s. The question for all of us is, what will the next 50 years of the NEIYA look like? Something to think about as we soak up the sun and fun of summer.

Over the past few years getting on the ice to cruise or race has become increasingly more difficult. Challenges are hitting us iceboaters from many fronts, conditions have changed, and some of our beloved locations in New England have become unreliable, the ever-increasing commitment of our time on all fronts as well as covid and access and competition with other ice activities. While we hope the worst of covid has passed, it has left damage in it’s wake. The greatest, collateral damage is the end of our social gathering innocence. Some of which lingers in the back of our minds whenever we travel.

With the above in mind and a desire to kick off our next fifty years of New England iceboating with plenty of momentum, I want to hear from all involved. There will be a series of calls and gatherings of minds over the next few months. All are welcome to participate and some of you may feel a little arm twisting and herding to be sure you do. Please make an effort to attend when asked.

Think Ice and Sail Fast in any craft you’re steering,

John Stanton

Commodore NEIYA


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  1. Daniel Guido

    thanks for all you do John

    06/21/2022 at 8:34 pm