Ice Options For Wednesday!

Hey Folks, good news is there is sailable ice up north if you can take Wednesday off-

Option one is Umbagog Lake in NH- Local knowledge tells us the surface is re-frozen snow and is ice-boat-able. Launch from the Umbagog Public Boat Launch in Errol.

Option Two is Moosehead Lake in Maine- Launch and sail out of Kelly’s Landing In Greenville Junction. Miles and miles of sailable ice, it was cruised extensively by the Mainiacs today…. Call ahead, rooms may still be available at Kelley’s Landing.

Ice on both lakes is refrozen snow, some snow machine tracks, maybe a 5 out of ten but hey, it’s almost April, how picky are you gonna be?

Tomorrow looks like a good day at both places- as always use caution and never sail alone!

Think Ice and Sail Safe

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    Spent the day sailing on Pleasant Lake in New London, New Hampshire-180 miles from Newport, Rhode Island. The whole lake is smooth and good with just one area of naughtiness, but that area is small. Almost hit 50 mph with a wing and skis! Had to back off. …..courage failure.😀 W

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    03/29/2022 at 7:31 pm