The Beloved (Lockley) Skimmer

While we wait for the changing weather to stabilize the remaining ice, read up on John Ziermann’s take on the Lockley skimmer. If you have ever seen John or Rosemary on the ice you surely know they are true Skimmer devotees. John thanks for taking the time to share.

If you want to get back on the ice again be ready for a road trip in the near future. There will be oppotunities for the taking.

The Lockley Skimmer-45 – Points of Interest
Currently, the Lockley Skimmer 45 is dismissed by the cool kids on the playground.
To a beginner or even a seasoned ice boater, the LS-45 can be a simple no-nonsense thrilling way to sail on the ice.
Points of Interest:

  • They DO NOT float – $20 will get you a 500lb+ fishing magnet just in case.
  • Over 5,000 sold, so used ones are available.
  • You can buy one today from the factory.–ice-reports.html
  • Great learning tool for iceboating – simple hand and foot controls.
  • Billy Joel bought one from the late, great ice boater Bob Reeves (a sales rep for Lockley on Long Island).
  • Trailer not needed. Parts are small enough to transport in or on top of your vehicle.
  • No need to buy a single runner for $950, sail $1140, mast $1400. A set of 3 runners can had for <$50.
  • You don’t need 2X2 miles of ice. Just a quarter to a half mile is perfect. No need to wait for big ice.
    Little ponds freeze sooner, stay frozen longer, and with bad weather heal faster.
  • Runner alignment is easy with an alignment adapter plate. Alignment is accomplished for different
    sized skippers on the ice. No need for an expensive dial indicator, laser, or jig to align your runners.
  • Sail with a LS-45 365 days a year (wind permitting) – Sail on ice or land.
  • Sets up in 20 minutes. Simple tools needed for assembly.
  • Low maintenance. No exotic materials used in its construction.
  • A single can of spray paint covers the LS-45 with some paint left over. Be creative with multiple colors.
  • Multiple sail sizes. 45sqft or 50.6sqft available. Make your own sail with luff sleeve construction.
  • Foot steering allows 2 hands for the main sheet.
  • Parts missing, no problem 4mm cables for shrouds, hardware store fasteners, runners are 1/4 or 3/8
    inch plate steel. Runner sharpener plans available. Set of 3 runners can be made for <$50.
  • Body friendly upright seating with comfy suspended sling made out of any material.
  • Easy to modify and innovate.
  • Experienced ice sailors have down sized to LS-45s or have added a LS-45 to their fleet of ice boats just
    for the fun of it. Easy to bring your ice boat and a LS-45 for a newbie to try.
  • Thrifty sailors own LS-45s
  • There are times when LS-45s are sailing when no one else can.
  • Easy to store – all pieces are less than 8′ long.

2 responses

  1. apis15

    Thanks for the link to the new factory. Did you know you can stump Google by typing in “Lockley Skimmer” ? Nice to see they are still making them. It was recently pointed out to me that they do great on high wind days for some reason!

    03/10/2022 at 10:07 am

  2. ronbouchardvermont

    Great, John! The Skimmer was my first ice boat. Wonderful introduction to the sport. Thanks for posting. Ron Bouchard – Shelburne, Vermont

    03/10/2022 at 9:14 am