Quaboag Saturday

Good day on Quaboag Pond today- The ice was rough in places but stayed solid into the afternoon, when the breeze faded out anyway-

There was all manner of craft; a Lockley Skimmer, a Pocket Skeeter, a Gambit, several DNs of all vintages, and probably more.

Lots of miles were racked up and at least ten DNs went around the marks during the course of the day- A few ice fishermen from Worcester were thrown in a DN and the after a few runs up and down the lake one stated “I’m buying one TONIGHT!” We hope he follows through!

It might be possible to squeeze in a few runs in the morning if anyone wants to try, although the forecast doesn’t look great.

As always stay clear of the eastern side of the lake- Where the creek comes in east of the launch is to be avoided as the ice is thin or non-existent…. Use caution and never sail alone!

Stay tuned…. Rain is on the way, could be the wet-out we need to have some big spring ice….

Think Ice!! T

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