Weekend Ice

Hey Folks-

As you may have guessed things aren’t looking too promising for the weekend- Quaboag Pond in MA is a possibility but we are waiting for the latest report later today-

Eagle Lake on Mt. Desert Island in Maine is a possibility but we don’t have a recent report.

Some people are headed to Chatauqua Lake in NW New York State, that may be the only game in town.

If you know of any sailable ice anywhere please let me know at t_thieler@yahoo.com

Stay Tuned! T

One response

  1. Jeff Kester

    Chautauqua in WNY is in poor condition, had just enough snow to ruin it. Expecting a warm weekend, it could shape up for next week.or later, plenty of ice out there.

    03/03/2022 at 9:18 pm