Hey Folks-

We are getting some encouraging reports about Winnipesaukee- Encouraging enough that we are calling a regatta or two on for the weekend-

The weather is interesting as ever but with a little luck we will get one in on Saturday/Sunday and the President’s Day Regatta in on Monday.

So far we are thinking of launching out of Ellacoya State Park but that isn’t written in stone- stay tuned….

Load ’em up! And don’t forget if you have an older boat you could be a contender for the Vintage/Classic trophy- The racing will not be limited to DN class iceboats- Three or more of any class will get a start.

Stay tuned to this site for details!

T. Thieler DN US 5224

2 responses

  1. Charlie

    No snow cover. Ice is about 6-8” of grey ice over 4 black. Grade 5-6 as of yesterday when I sailed up the east side. Did not sail near the Ellacoya launch. Pressure ridge was building north of Rattlesnake.

    02/17/2022 at 9:50 pm

  2. apis15

    We need more data on ice quality & snow cover at Winni. Please keep us all posted as it evolves after this upcoming warm rain event.

    02/16/2022 at 8:00 pm