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DCL Ice Report #11

2021 – 2022 Ice Sailing Season

DCL Ice boat FUN!,

Ice Sailing knows no bounds!

WOW! All of our combined wishing and praying finally paid off! We now have had three great days on the DCL ice this season.

Saturday dawned warm and too windy… but six sailors showed up and rigged in preparation for predicted great sailing on Sunday.

Sunday, as predicted, started out cold with really good ice… however, it was under 2” of unpredicted snow. 11 DN total rigged and the fun began… sort of…

The predicted 10 mph wind decided to sleep in and we spent the morning introducing several new sailors to Twice as Nice Sailing, On the Ice!

Joni Palmer, like always, went all out and had a fire pit going, food and drinks. Several others showed up with food and drink as well, Jacob Feisley, Tom Johnson, David and Karen Meehan, Ed and Beth Halley, Sue Wolffe and… Cheryl Shafer with HOT brownies… the IceMan could smell them all the way out on the Lake!!! Thanks everyone! We all had a great lunch and even greater camaraderie with our sailing friends! Wonderful!!

Mother nature made a big yawn and finally got up at lunch time. With the wind now on, everyone had a blast! Our new inductees into the pleasures of ice sailing got some great fast sailing in, after a morning of getting familiar with the DN it worked out just fantastic!

Tom Wolffe brought Scott Hollander, Jill Bennett brought Alex and Lisa Pline all had several runs and came in smiling!

Austin Latimer brought his Dad, John with their DN. They bought it two years ago and were finally ready to make it go… and boy did they! Same for Mark Haraway and Colin. Colin gave up a day of flying, or so he thought, until he and Austin started flying around the lake on their DNs!!!! Welcome to the clan guys!

Jake Nill and his family, Sarah, Brice, Bodie and Colby came out. They had spent Saturday out in the wind and soft ice practicing with their skates and hockey sticks and did again Sunday. Brice and Bodie sailed and came in claiming to have been thrilled to the edge of being terrified… but came down on the side of WOW! FUN!!!

Christy Barowich, Gail and Eric Von Eckartsberg, and David Klueter stopped by to watch the action too.

We had very few breakdowns, thankfully, but the I interesting one was Ed Halley way out in the middle of the lake watching his mast hound bolt go drifting down into the snow… followed by his mast and sail….. Ever reliable Quoc Tran was out on his snowmobile and he came by and towed Ed in. Ed got another bolt and was soon out blasting around with Greg Shafer, Dave McVeigh, Ralph Kemp and the rest of us. Ralph said… well, I will be able to say “I tried it” but he left saying “I’m hooked!”

David Tuel, IceMan, Jacob F. and Tom J. spent lots of time in the slot doing short windward, leeward “races”… What a great time and what great conditions! See our tracks picture.

Bruce Spinnenweber worked with David Meehan and got him up to speed… he and Karen were all smiles!

At the end of the day tired and happy we were all very thankful for Rob Pumphrey’s extra trailer… Hahaha.. all three trailers are now full to bursting!

So much fun was had, a few dedicated Iceboaters left their boats rigged for Monday and Tuesday sailing… taking full advantage of the great, rare and fervently wished for conditions.

Next weekend is also another possible good day…stay tuned… Be There!

See everyone on the DCL ice!



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