Thaw, Refreeze and Sail Next Week

Winter Fest 2/6/22 Ponp’s Pond Andover

This morning I checked my email and texts and answered the usual I want to try iceboating and where is the ice questions. I looked at my phone, as I do each morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see 21 degrees. Well, unfortunately, google or whoever was parting data to me played a mean trick. The real temp was 46. Was I disappointed? Yes, but know that somewhere we sail was indeed 21 or less and even colder overnight. As we know a good overnight below freeze will set up a previously dismal-looking plate of ice.

Just a couple of NH venues to get you thinking. And yes, many other places in CT, MA are in refreeze mode.

The cold is returning and with it multiple opportunities are on the way next week. Trusted ice checkers are out there this weekend and Monday. Remember we are in a transitional period and it takes time to heal and refreeze. With the predicted cold we should be in business early next week. If you do not already check out Maine-specific reporting on the Chickawaukie site.

Andover Winter Fest press – Here

This past Sunday the NEIYA attended the Andover Winter Festival. Peter Boyton and I set up our boats and Paul Zucco had a table with plans and building material examples. We fielded questions and planted the seed of speed in the young and older in the crowd. I may be biased but it looked like kids were more interested in sitting in our boats than checking out the fire and rescue vehicles that were nearby.

The aim of the festival was to get people out and enjoy winter activities.

As iceboaters, we interact with others on or near the ice. Spreading the word and understanding iceboating activities is very important. I had ice safety conversations with the personnel from the Andover Fire Department. They were very interested in our activities and specifically about our concerns for safety.

Thanks to Bob Douglas and the rest of the Andover Conservation & Recreation department for having us back again this year. We look forward to coming back next year and hopefully we will get to put on an actual sailing demo.

Thought of the day. People are afraid of the unknown. Spread the word, be good lake guests and respect other ice users and those that live nearby.

Be patient, be Safe, and Think Ice,


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