2022 DN National Champs Photos And Video

Hey Folks-

While we are waiting for some good conditions please take a look at these photos and video from the 2022 DN National Champs regatta.

Do some recon! See what people are using and how their boats are set up, how they are sailing them, and what seems to be working.

Sean Heavey and Gretchen Dorian did an amazing job schlepping out onto the ice to capture the action- please support them by purchasing a few photos for yourself or someone you care about!

Click the links here to take a look:

Sean Heavey:
Video- Chris Gordon and John Curtis are heavily featured, great footage from WI and IL- Good stuff!
2022 DN US Nationals on Vimeo

Sean R Heavey | 2022 DN US Nationals

Gretchen Dorian:
2022 DN US Nationals – gretchen dorian

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