Hey Folks-

Good news as we have had reports of sailable ice- Just want to give everyone a general idea of what is going on-
Take all of these reports with a grain of salt as ice is never totally safe as we all know- Take all the usual precautions; Safety lines, ice claws, drill test holes, talk with locals, and work with at least one other person to see if sailing is a good idea.

There is some interesting weather on the way but if we are left with a sailable venue we will make another attempt at holding the Doc Fellows Regatta this weekend- Stay tuned….

With all of that in mind, here we go:

1 Webster Lake in MA was sailed yesterday and no issues were reported, in fact it sounds like a good time was had by all.

2 We have a report of 5″-6″ of ice on Long Pond in Lakeville, MA out on the Cape. I don’t know if it has been sailed or not but it might be worth a second look. Be aware of a pressure ridge separating the north and south parts of the lake.

3 Worden Pond in Wakefield RI was walked and drilled yesterday, we found 3 1/2″ to 6″ thickness and a sailable surface even if a bit bumpy

4 Deep Creek Lake in MD was sailed by the group out there, they reported good sailing through about 2″-3″ of light snow

5 We have heard rumors that Wallenpaupak Lake in eastern PA is frozen and possibly sailable.

If you have details on any of these let me know at or leave a comment here on the website-

Be safe and Think Ice!

3 responses

  1. Nick

    Hey, new NEIYA guy, old boat (DN60)
    Just got my “kit” together and looking for a shakedown opportunity
    If anyone is sailing Connecticut/ Mass ice & could
    Tolerate an enthusiastic newbie I would love to join you?
    Thank in advance

    02/08/2022 at 1:37 pm

    • apis15

      Nick, The weather is nice this week but a little too warm, Surfaces will turn to slush every afternoon. But a cold front is coming Saturday night. Try Banatm Lake on Sunday.

      02/09/2022 at 9:24 am

  2. apis15

    Bantam Lake in Litchfield, CT was sailed by more than 15 sailors on Sunday, Feb 6. Plenty of wind even though only 6 to 8 south was predicted. Everything from 2 Lockley Skimmers to 2 enclosed cockpit skeeters were out on the grade 8 ice. The rain event Thursday and Friday eliminated the previous roughness and exposed a level, glossy ice with random spots of pebbled frozen snow only 1/2 inch deep. Drilled test holes showed greater than the length of the 12 inch drill everywhere. I saw a large bird out on the ice and headed over to see what it was and it turned out to be a Bald Eagle! He flew off as I passed 100 feet away and he thought that was a little too close.
    Fourteen boats were left on the ice as the weather this week looks great after Monday, which is just a light dusting of ice & rain.

    02/07/2022 at 11:40 am