2022 DN National Championship Photos

Hey Folks- Thought I’d share some photos from the road trip and regatta- Will send links to the professional ones but in the meantime I hope you get a kick out of these-

If you have some good ones from the regatta send them to me and I’ll put them up- t_thieler@yahoo.com

Ed Demerest’s boat getting a new plank in the living room. Where else?

On the road!

Part of the RI Mafia

Sean Healey stoning… Is he happy or angry?

Air Museum in Oshkosh WI- see it if you are out that way!

The launch

Erica Baker and Deb Whitehorse. Try having a regatta without them, I dare you!

Tug and barges going by the hotel near the lake. Felt right at home!

Hotel room…. Runners and laundry

RI Mafia post-regatta

My mother, who presumably still thinks I’m terrific

My father, who presumably only likes to be photographed with champions

Home Sweet Home…. Already thinking about the next one!

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