Madison Checking In

What a difference a little time makes Nice to No go overnight. But most of us already know the delicate natural balance between sailing and not sailing on any given lake.

Most of the New England Crew is hunkered down under one roof waiting for word from the race committee. Scouts are out looking and we will know soon. in the meantime all our equipment is packed up ready for the move. We will know by noon what our next venue will be.

Unlike those of us in waiting mode there has been consistent sailing in Maine at Damariscotta ( and other locations. There has been some sailing in NH, MA, and CT as well as reports from Budd Lake and stern steerers putting on the Hudson in Athens NY. For last-minute and small groups of sailing keep an eye on the Forum section.

We have been invited back to attend the Andover MA winter festival on Pomps Pond and display and hopefully demo ice boats Sunday, February 6th. Peter Boynton and others will be there. Drop by if you are nearby.

Think Ice and don’t forget to report what you see.


P.S. More news to come and be sure to ring in on ice conditions

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  1. Charles Blitzer

    Massabesic is very good, just a skim of snow on good ice with no pressure ridges.4 boats out today

    01/26/2022 at 7:21 pm