Tomorrow, Sunday January 16, the NEIYA is putting on the Doc Fellows for DN’s on Damariscotta Lake. Launch at Camp Wavus, Rt 213. Drive all the way in, keeping right, and park in front of the lodge. Ice plate will be on your right. It’s that huge expanse of black. Carry down the DN or whatever craft you may have.

Skippers meeting will be at 1030, first start at 1130. Registration will be at the launch- look for the person with the clipboard.

As always three or more of any class will get their own start and a thorough knowledge of the Racing Rules is a necessity. Note that there are some differences with the conventional soft water rules so review them here: Rules & Safety – DN North America (

In addition, each sailor must provide proof of $300,000 personal liability at time of registration. Print a copy and keep it in your toolbox and/or take a picture of it and keep it in your phone.

There will be a Classic/Vintage award given out at the discretion of the Regatta Chairman so don’t hesitate to show up even if your boat is a little less than cutting edge!

For our out of state guests, The Damariscota lake Farm Inn is now open. No restaurant, but check here for accommodations: tracey

That’s tracey “at” The are also on Facebook.
Any questions or suggestions contact T Thieler at 401 258 6230.

Line ’em up!!

T Thieler DN US 5224 NEIYA Regatta Chair

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