Sailing This Week and Weekend Coming 1/15

J Pepper Quaboag Pond

Known options for the weekend. Where people will be sailing, skating and boarding.

  1. Bantam Lake, Litchfield CT – On the southern end of the New England range
  2. Quaboag Pond, Brookfield, MA – A little north and east
  3. Damariscotta Lake, Jefferson, Maine – Further North and east people have been sailing

There are several places in between like places on Winnipesaukee that are not quite there and further scouting is required. The cold temps coming in could change things fast.

T our race chairman is looking to get some racing in, probably Sunday, but we have to bob and weave around the coming white crud in the forecast. Stay tuned for updates from T. Reach out if you have any thoughts on this.

(N)ice Smiles Guys. A smile we all know comes from sheeting in and going fast. I am very sure there will be many more smiles come tomorrow

Remember, no ice is ever 100% safe sailors MUST make their own decisions as to conditions. Keep the NEIYA Leo mantra top of mine “There is always thin ice someplace”. Check with people who have been out before heading out. Assume there are unknown hazards when you first set out and take it easy at first.

Respect the lot, shoreline, and lake. Pack all trash out and leave the area better than you found it.

Sail Safe and sail heads up.

Think Ice and have fun,

DN US 5023

One response


    Hi John,

    As a newbee I am looking for a little assistance. You helped be get my Gambit, and Doug Sharp just completed my new trailer box

    I think tomorrow will be my first day out on the ice. I am leaning towards Quaboag. I am wondering if there is a time when folks typically gather at the shore and for this lake, is there a place where it normally happens. There appears to be a boat ramp on Quaboag St/Shore Rd. Do you know if this is the spot?

    Thanks very much.

    Eric Silverstein

    01/15/2022 at 10:19 am