Ice Checking In Progress

Bantam Lake CT

It’s been cold. True ice building cold. The people in Maine were indeed sailing in frigid conditions yesterday ( ice checkers are out this morning at several locations. Stay tuned we will have more info later in the day. Remember even though we are all anxious we are in the early stages of the season and many areas still have snow on top which prevents proper scouting.

With a little luck, we may be sailing this weekend in MA (Quaboag), and a couple other locations are on the scouting list. Of course, Damariscotta in Maine is being sailed now check for details and we will recap tomorrow or Friday.

Be safe when checking and report your findings. Organize your own scouting parties. Report initial findings via our forum and let people know.

See something say something…

Think Ice,


One response

  1. Ken Stafford

    Eddy Pond (in Auburn MA) had 5+ inches of white ice with 1/4 or less on snow this morning. Went out to do a quick test of my new Carbon-fiber reinforced plank (worked really well!). Scared myself a bit with the puffy winds (I measured gusts of 18kts).

    01/12/2022 at 1:18 pm

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