Hey Gang- the Maine-iacs have come through again!

Sounds like very good news as Graham Lake is being reported as looking good- Sailors from Maine, RI and CT will be heading that way tomorrow to check it out- Scratch racing will be going on and if the weather stays good we may try to squeeze in the Doc Fellows before the year is out.

We are assured that the launch has plenty of room and the lake is pretty large- Come race, cruise, and get the season started!

Launch area is at the southern end of the lake, just west of the dam on Patriot Rd in Ellsworth, ME. Take Rt 180 to either Eagle or Patriot Rd (different names show up on different sites) and look for parking just west of the dam.

Of course stay clear of the dam as ice will be thin near the current- Also be advised there is a fish hatchery where Green Lake connects to Graham Lake and ice will be thin near there. Avoid this area and of course use caution as no ice is EVER guaranteed safe!

Keep an eye on CIBC and NEIYA sites for details and updates. Hope to see everyone soon!

Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club | Maine ice boat enthusiasts and friends

New England Ice Yacht Association (

From the CIBC site:

Four inches of smooth hard ice, microscopic dusting of snow. Skimmed holes now have 2.25” of ice with a tad more expected by morning. Some of these healed holes have pine branch markers. There is a long semi-healed crack which you need to locate before you can safely sail this lake. Check in before you go out. Excellent forecast, excellent ice. All that’s needed now is excellent company.

On Graham Lake in Ellsworth there is the same plate of ice. It’s been scouted around the perimeter with a few crossings and appears to be in great shape. If there will be DN racing that will be the place; either an NEIYA regatta or scratch racing. As usual this time of year things happen fast. There are two possible launch sites, but the south end near the dam (gulp) is the best launch. There was a little water seeping up around the edge, but the plate is fine. A short plank will be helpful. Be sure you access this site from Rt.180. If you wind up on the wrong side of the dam you’ll need to drive around.

The forecast looks pretty good for a nice stretch if we can dodge a few white bullets midweek.

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