NEIYA Racing

Hello All-

Just wanted to remind everyone that the NEIYA is planning to have a full slate of regattas this season. With a little luck we may even be able to squeeze in one or two from the 2021 season before the year is out.

As usual we will welcome volunteers as well as competitors, so if anyone is interested in keeping score or waving start and finish flags please let us know.

Racing will be open to any class of boat that can produce three or more competitors on the day- Going around the marks isn’t just for DNs ! Would love to see other types of boats mixing it up on the course.

On the subject of DNs, don’t forget that we will be running a regatta within a regatta for the skipper with the best result in the oldest, less than cutting edge boat. The award for this class will be decided by the Regatta Chairman and whoever he feels like conferring with and has no firm guidelines. Giving out this award drew quite a few boats out at our last few events, skippered by people who normally would not have gone racing. A good time was had by all and some good contests were had by the older boats in the fleet. So if you have an older boat with plate runners, aluminum or wood mast, ratty old sail, whatever, don’t worry about it- come on out and go racing!

Get familiar with the racing rules for iceboats and be sure to have (and be able to prove) that you have the proper insurance and come join the fun.

We are hearing rumors of ice coming in up north- if we know of anything sailable for the weekend we will try to get a race together. If you hear of anything sailable be sure to sing out and let us all know about it!

Think Ice,

T. Thieler
NEIYA Regatta Chair
DN US 5224

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  1. John Hughes

    “…an older boat with plate runners, aluminum or wood mast, ratty old sail, whatever,.. ” I think that T was looking at a picture of my boat when he wrote this. Did anyone else get the same feeling?

    12/16/2021 at 5:35 pm