All Tuned Up

2021 Tune-Up (Credit Steve Lamb 2021)

The lifeblood of any organization is the collective knowledge of its members and their ability to impart wisdom to newcomers.

Thanks to Steve Lamb for his decades-long support of the NEIYA and the sport of iceboating we were once again able to hold the Off-Ice Tune-Up. Special thanks to Linda Lamb and Val for keeping everyone well fed and cheery.

No one left hungry and the venison chili was a huge hit.

The regulars began showing up shortly before the scheduled start time, followed by the first of many newbies with their boats.

Six ice boats and a land sailer were rolled into the shop. The Yankee class Skeeter’s mast was just too tall for the ceiling and was moved to the back lot to be surveyed and set up. Paul Zucco took charge of getting Eddie’s Yankee together for the first time. Eddie, good luck with your new boat and see you on the ice.

The perfect storm began to unfold, requiring a reworking of the agenda. Decades of experience descended on the many new iceboaters needing hands-on help or advice.

As the afternoon progressed, we had just enough time for one presenter. Since a majority of the crowd wanted to talk about runners, T took to the workbench with a set of stones.

Like many of us, I will talk about iceboating to anyone who will listen and there was much talking. Eventually, most of us were talked out and the crowds packed up their boats and headed home. Everyone had dreams of black ice last night.

And now, we wait, all Tuned up and no place to go. Yet…

Think Ice,

New England Ice Yacht, Commodore

P.S. We will have one more off ice gathering Landfall in Stamford, CT – Details soon

One response

  1. Edmund M Good

    Thank you again for organizing, hosting and extending the invitation to attend this gathering. As a newcomer I felt very welcome and enjoyed meeting other hard water sailors.

    The day flew by; there was so much to see and do!

    I would especially like to thank those individuals who were so generous with their knowledge and time helping me to rig my boat . . . it was a pleasure to see that mast go
    up for the first time!

    I look forward to meeting you again, especially on smooth, thick ice : )


    11/21/2021 at 3:54 pm