2021 Swap & Meeting Recap

2021 Swap Meet Thompson Speedway Golf (All photo Credits Milo Fleming)

The day was on the warmer side and sunny. Perfect to roam the parking lot, talk to new and old friends, pick up equipment and check out items for sale. Next up our annual luncheon and annual meeting.

This year’s meeting was dedicated to one of NEIYA’s founding members Leo Healy who passed away earlier this year. Rob Healy one of Leo’s sons came to represent the Healy family. The meeting kicked off with a brief discussion of how many ice days were had by the membership. In spite of difficult times three members, Bill Buchholz, T, and Karen Binder, got in 30 or so days. Not bad for any year and particularly under the ever-present cloud of covid. Shows one what a little perseverance and determination will get you.

The usual business portion of the meeting followed, Secretary’s and Treasure’s reports were entered into the record followed by the election of officers. Voted into office for the 2021-22 season are John Stanton for Commodore, Jay Whitehair for vice Commodore, Karen Binder as Secretary, and Bob Haag as Treasurer. In addition “T” Thieler and Bill Buchholz agreed to serve as our Race and Cruising Chairs for another year.

In addition to announcing the nominating committee recommended slate to the membership Eben Whitcomb reminded everyone that the NEIYA is a volunteer organization and we need active volunteers to get things done at all levels. This plea was also echoed by many in the room. Be sure to answer the call when it comes.

T had an easy time giving a racing recap as all races were postponed and if we do not get them in by the end of the year, canceled for the season. T then gave an overview of the racing that will likely take place and as everyone except newbies knows everything is condition dependent.

For the third year in a row the Hardway was successfully completed. Charles Silfvenius and assisted by Bill Buchholz gave a recap of the event and outlined next year’s tentative plans. The event would not have happened without Charlie’s watchful eye and guidance. In addition to the Hardway, the Spring Frolic may return as well. We would all love to see a major ice event return to Winni.

Up next Chad Atkins IDNIYA Eastern Rear Commodore gave an update on the upcoming DN events as well as the background and results of the recent IDNIYRA equipment ballot proposals. The international and North American events are in flux due to covid restrictions.

In the new business portion of the meeting Commodore Stanton made two proposals relating to the Hardway. The first recognized the Hardway as an official NEIYA event which it has never been even though it was organized and administered by the NEIYA. The second proposal, change the name of the Hardway to the Leo Healy Memorial Hardway in honor of its founder Leo Healy. Both proposals passed by a unanimous vote.

Coming up next
Off Ice tune ups. At this time we are working on dates and exact locations. One will be in Stamford CT for sure.
MA Boston Area Location / Date TBD
NH Sunapee area Location / Date TBD
Southern CT @ Landfall Stamford, CT Date TBD

I am looking forward to a great season. Think Ice Everyone,

John Stanton
Commodore, New England Ice Yacht Association

P.S. Several new or newer people are looking for boats if you have something that someone else might need please list it on the classifieds or reach out to me or one of the other officers.

P.P.S. Below are an assortment of pictures taken by one of our rising stars Milo Fleming

NEIYA People

Swap Meet Boats

Swap meet stuff. Which as we know always associated with people.

Talking about where we have been and discussing plans for the upcoming season and beyond.

3 responses

  1. jdfisher@ptcconnect.net

    There was some informal discussion at the meeting about organizing a “group buy” for dry suits. Is there anyone following up on this? If not, I would like to volunteer to pursue this with suppliers. I would require some club support to help put out and inquiry to solicit a list of interested parties (beside myself). If there is no interest I will pursue just one dry suit.


    John Fisher (DN 5653)

    10/27/2021 at 8:39 am

    • Charlie

      I’m game

      10/27/2021 at 9:13 am

    • Commodore John Stanton

      John, thanks for following up. As I mentioned in the meeting I need someone to shepherd this effort. Please reach out to me directly john@neiya.org and we can roll forward.

      10/27/2021 at 9:20 am