America’s Cup Day 1 Highlights

Hey Folks-

If you had as much trouble finding the America’s Cup on TV last night as I did and were as reluctant to pay the $130 NBC wanted to watch the series live (ouch!) as I was don’t despair, the highlights are on YouTube for free.

Fun to watch the racing and some of the stuff they do seems to apply to our hard-water world.

I won’t spoil the results for you but I will paraphrase Bill Bunting- When he and his brother would match race their two Nites Bill would say “I’m usually first runner-up and he usually comes in next to last….” Always got a kick out of that one. And so it is in match racing!

Click and enjoy here: 36th America’s Cup Day 1 Highlights – YouTube

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  1. apis15

    Hey T, Someone gave me their method for watching the race Live:
    Watch on NBC sports at 10pm if you have that on your cable system. If not try this:
    Watch for free from the website. If you have an HDMI port on your computer connect it to your large screen TV. No commercials!. Hours later NBC sports carries the racing with commercials.

    03/10/2021 at 1:47 pm