Get Out and Go Iceboating

At this point, you have heard people are sailing, seen the pictures, sailed on or stomped on, or wish you had sailed on the various plates of ice scattered around the New England Region. Well, they are true. Sailing always starts with a desire to sail and efforts made to go out and evaluate and test conditions. Sometimes those searches payout sometimes not. Remember to thank those that scouted the areas long before everyone else sets up. I know I will be leaving people out but here is a good start for what is on our top locals today. Bob Strzelewicz aka Bob S. in the Webster / Quabaug Area, Bill Buchholz ( for well pretty much the entire state of Maine and I am just going to say many including myself for Bantam. While there is nothing yet in New Hampshire our team is beginning to venture out.

Many of us are suffering from Ice Deprivation Psychosis or IDS. We have sailed so little this season so are ready to hit the ice as soon as something appears. Use caution and do not go on just rumors but listen to people that have actually been on the ice. When you arrive check with those that have been out. Below is where we know people have scouted and are currently sailing.

Top locations at the moment

  • Bantam Lake – Bantam, CT
  • Webster Lake – Webster, MA
  • Dammarascota Lake – Jefferson, ME

Others locations are currently being looked at and will be reported if sailable.

There will be not organized racing this weekend. However, I am sure that cones will be set up for some spirited practicing. Primary date and location to be determined by tomorrow.

A few grizzled veterans including myself and T (James Thieler) and others have extended offers for newbies to get out and try iceboating this weekend. Can we convert a few of our soft water sailing friends to the Hard Side? Consider inviting an interested out for a ride this weekend.

Sail Fast and adhere to local and state Covid distancing regulations.

Think Ice,


3 responses

  1. Bill Maltby

    Thought you guys would appreciate this one


    Bill Maltby

    03/05/2021 at 9:28 am

  2. Mark Norton

    Could someone with knowledge leave us the best launch area loacation for Webster Lake in MA, Thx

    03/04/2021 at 9:35 pm

  3. Susan Kochinskas

    Love this. I’m hoping for my maiden voyage in my new (to me) DN this Saturday on Lake Monomonac in Rindge, NH. I walked across the main part of the lake yesterday. Lots of ice but looking very bumpy. Excited/terrified!

    Thanks for all the posts. s.

    Susan Kochinskas 802-289-9179 (c) 603-899-2809


    03/04/2021 at 7:05 pm